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What Are Zone 1, 2 and 3?

pass in  rok
Passes are the only way to enter new Zones in RoK

What are Zones?

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms, you probably have heard people talking about Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 on the chat. So what are they?

In this article, we will give you the most basic ideas about Zones in the game.

Basically, the Zones in RoK are divided and determined by the mountains.

The only way to expand your Alliance’s territory into the new zones is to capture the “Passes” located between those Mountains. They are the “gates” that allow you to enter the new Zone.

zone 1 rise of kingdomsZone 1

At the beginning of the game, all players start at Zone 1.

Zone 1 locates at the edge of the Kingdom. surrounded by mountains and “Lvl 2. Pass“.

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Zone 1 has the least resource potential, low level Barbarians, Barbarian Forts and resource farming deposits. However, it’s also a great area for new Cities as at the beginning you don’t have enough power to defeat high level Barbarians, as well as don’t have enough load to take all of the resources from high level deposits.

You can Sanctum and Altar are located in Zone 1.

shrine rok

Zone 2

After capturing the Lvl 2. Passes, you will be able to enter the Zone 2.

Zone 2 locates between Zone 1 and Zone 3.

Zone 2 has better resources than Zone 1. You can find Shrines here in Zone 2.

After getting into Zone 2, prepare your Alliance power to start capturing the Lvl 3. Pass later in order to enter the Zone 3.

zone 3 rise of kingdoms

Zone 3

Zone 3 locates at the middle of the map. The resource potential here is very rich.

Players can only find resource deposits as well as Barbarians level 24-25 here.

The Lost Temple also locates at the middle of Zone 3. It is the final target of all players in the game, which leads players to the King’s title and your Alliance to the highest position in the Kingdom.


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