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World of Alliances – New KvK

All alliances will select standalone Season of Conquest Stories so that kingdom member can battle in different Lost Kingdoms.


Registration Rules

  • The alliance leader holds the power to pick a Story and register at the start of this event, which will sign up all alliance members to that Story.
  • The leader must have a level 25 City Hall and the alliance must possess no fewer than 10 members to register for a Story.
  • The leader can withdraw and re-register for another Story during the registration phase, but can no longer do this once the registration phase ends.
  • During the registration phase, joining a new alliance will automatically register governors to the Story the alliance has matched to and leaving the alliance will automatically withdraw your Story registration. Governors won’t be able to register for a Story if they are not in an alliance at the end of the registration phase.

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Registration Phase

  • Kingdoms will have one Season of Conquest registration phase in which to express interest during the event period.
  • If an alliance unsuccessfully attempts registration for the phase, then that alliance must wait until all other alliances in the kingdom have finished their Lost Kingdom events before this alliance can register for subsequent events.

Matchmaking Modes

  • Normal Mode: If you select the same Story as the King, then you will certainly be placed in the same Lost Kingdom.
  • Random Mode: Even if you select the same Story as the King, you may still be placed in different Lost Kingdoms.
  • Regardless of the matchmaking mode selected by the alliance leader, all governors that come from the same kingdom and are matched to the same Lost Kingdom will certainly be allocated to the one faction.

Alliance Management

  • Governors cannot join an alliance which has been matched to a different Lost Kingdom. However, those in their home kingdom can still join alliances that have not yet registered for a Story.
  • Governors who have already embarked on a Lost Kingdom event cannot join an alliance currently involved in the registering or matchmaking process. Governors currently finding a Lost Kingdom match cannot create alliances or transfer leadership.
  • You can view the Lost Kingdom that you have been matched to from the World of Alliances event page or the Kingdoms Overview page.


  • Alliance Events

Once the matchmaking process has completed, governors will then be unable to join an alliance matched to a different Lost Kingdom than you.

Governors should be aware of the potential for alliance events to clash with Story registrations, and strategically plan Ark of Osiris, Osiris League, and other events.

  • Lost Kingdom

During the event period, alliance member who have successfully finished the matchmaking process will only be able to take part in KvK events with other governors also matched to the same Lost Kingdom. Furthermore, Camp Rankings will be displayer instead of Kingdom Rankings during the “Eve of the Crusade” Event.

  • Coalition Capacity

A coalition’s upper limit of alliance members will be expanded, increasing gradually from 5 to 20, during the event.

  • Subsequent Seasons

After the registration phase has concluded, subsequent Season of Conquest will return to the “Kingdom Registration System”. If the are still alliances within a kingdom that have been successfully matched to a Lost Kingdom event that is still ongoing then the next round of Season of Conquest can only begin once all alliances in this kingdom have ended their current Season of Conquest and returned to their home kingdom.

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