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William I

Rise of Kingdoms William I

William I

Rarity: Legendary
Britain Britain | The Conqueror
CavalryCavalry | VersatilityVersatility | Attack Attack

This commander is exclusively available for kingdoms over 310 days via the Wheel of Fortune.


  • Legendary Cavalry Commander, the first of its kind to have an AOE damage skill capable of hitting multiple enemies.
  • William is an excellent cavalry leader, power and improvement in each of his ways of fighting this unit and makes them an excellent army to face even the worst enemy.
  • It is excellent if we decide to spend our effort on a great cavalry commander this is an ideal option, despite being exclusive for advanced kingdoms, it is worth preserving our energies for the moment, his quality as an open field commander is one of the best by Rise of Kingdoms.
  • His role as a commander in both the Primary and Secondary game is excellent, he performs as a unique commander in his style thanks to the effectiveness he has in any situation or task that we assign him.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Cavalry Commander, strong and fast.
  • It has a powerful AOE damage active skill.
  • His benefits at all times of battles are ideal for open field, he is a cavalry commander of the most balanced in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his skills.
  • Excellent commander for open field, William I can be placed both primary and secondary.


  • It does not have any healing factor.
  • Although he maintains strong skills and talents, his role for PVE will not be very effective.
  • To be a commander exclusively for PVP does not benefit primarily from attacks on garrisons.

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William I Skills

Skills Description
Hidden Bloodline Deal damage to up to 3 targets in a forward-facing rectangle area. Damage dealt to each target is reduced by 15% for each additional target after the first. Attacked troops’ extra skill damage from buffs cannot take effect, and their march speed is reduced for 3 seconds.


  • Direct Damage Factor: 900/1000/1100/1300/1500
  • March Speed Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Charge of Hastings All cavalry units under his command get their attack increased and march speed increased. While in alliance territory, all troops’ damage is increased.


  • Attack Bonus: 10% / 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 20%
  • Cavalry March Speed Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
  • Damage Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6%/ 8% / 10%
Norman Conquest While on the map, all commanded cavalry units’ attack is increased, and normal attacks have a 10% chance to inflict direct damage to the target. If the target is surrounded, it will take extra damage (Damage Factor: number of surrounding troops x 40). Up to 5 surrounding troops are counted when calculating this extra damage.


  • Cavalry Attack Bonus: 10%/12%/14%/16%/20%.
  • Direct Damage Factor: 600/650/700/750/800
  • Damage Factor (Surrounded): 40/50/60/70/80
Scourge of the North When “Hidden Bloodline” hits a target, this commander’s troops gain extra defense for 3 seconds. When “Hidden Bloodline” hits two or more targets, all this commander’ s troops and nearby allied troops gain 10% increased defense and 50 rage per second for 3 seconds.


  • Defense Bonus: 10%/12%/14%/16%/20%
Judgement Day Enhance Skill: Norman Conquest

Without Expertise: While on the map, all commanded cavalry units’ attack is increased by 20%, and normal attacks have a 10% chance to inflict direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 800). If the target is surrounded, it will take extra damage (Damage Factor: number of surrounding troops x 80). Up to 5 surrounding troops are counted when calculating this extra damage.

With Expertise: While on the map, all commanded cavalry units’ attack is increased by 30%, and normal attacks have a 10% chance to inflict direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 1000). If the target is surrounded, it will take extra damage (Damage Factor: number of surrounding troops x 100). Up to 5 surrounding troops are counted when calculating this extra damage.

William I Talent Trees

william open field build Rise of Kingdoms

Open Field Build

Note: William is an eminent commander thanks to his skills and talent trees, however, the latter are focused only on open field as a primary. We can use him in different ways just by varying a few specific talents, but not enough to disintegrate his functionality as a leader. In this guide, we will only talk about its main and most effective build.

“Hidden Bloodline” its active skill is powerful, it causes great damage in AOE to a maximum of 3 targets in addition to reducing its march speed by 30%, really an excellent skill for open field, it will be one of its main weapons in combat.

“Charge of Hastings” another strong skill that improves each of the cavalry units under the leadership of William I, they gain attack, march speed and when fighting in the territory of the alliance increase their damage even more.

“Norman Conquest” excellent skill for open field, each of these is combining perfectly while William I fight on the map, gains attack, also has direct damage factor that when surrounded in turn increases their damage numbers much more, Awesome!

“Scourge of the North” his 4th skill Provides a powerful defense to his units while using “Hidden Bloodline” even if it affects more than one enemy, William I provide this defensive buff to nearby allies and they gain a 50 rage increase for 3 seconds. His ultimate ability is fierce for combat, the versatility of each of these skills is one of the best in the game, if we mix it with his talents, William will be one of the great fighters in open field leading cavalry.:

Versatility Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Versatility”.

Attack Talents

  • armored joints Armored Joints: Reduces all damage taken by 1.5%. William I more strong.
  • unyielding Unyielding: Increases counterattack damage dealt by 1.5%. William will deal more damage to your enemies.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Grants an additional 6 rage every time this commander’s troops are attacked. Good talent.
  • Lord of War Lord of War: When troops led by this commander enter battle, increases attack by (1.5% X Commander Star Level) %. Multiplying the maximum possible star, 6 x 1.5 = 9% Attack for our troops. Excellent!
  • effortless Effortless: During battles, increases all damage dealt by 2.5% every 10 seconds (up to a maximum of 10%). An excellent talent for open field, the durability of William I resistance will be essential to accumulate the maximum possible damage and cause greater impact in battle.

Cavalry Talents

  • Dragon Saber Dragon Saber: Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander by 1.5%. Excellent for leading our Cavalry troops and increasing their damage.
  • Halberd: Cavalry units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to archer units. Our cavalry is strong against archer units, we can say that “if or if” we will overcome many archery commanders; however, some can be strong and we need this talent to maximize our damage to those strong archer commanders.
  • Charge Charge: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to less than 50% strength, increases march speed by 30%. If our cavalry is seriously injured in a battle, we will be on time and can quickly flee from the battle.
  • Galea Galea: Increases health of cavalry units by 3%. Increases the life of our units therefore we will be stronger on the battlefield.
  • Undying Fury Undying Fury: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Our active skill will have less cooldown.
  • Equestrian Excellence Equestrian Excellence: Normal troop attack have a 10% chance to increase march speed by 15% for the next 2 seconds. While we attack our enemy, we will have a chance to increase our march speed, ideal for chasing.
  • Emblazoned Shield Emblazoned Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 12%. Ideal for open field combat, it increases the damage reduction per skill caused by our enemies.
  • disarm Disarm: Normal troop attacks have a 10% chance to reduce enemy attack by 20% for the next 2 seconds. While fighting with one or more enemies we will have a percentage of reducing the normal attack of these, so we will take less damage in combat.
  • Rallying Cry Rallying Cry: Increases all damage dealt by 15% during the first 10 seconds after entering battle. It is a great talent that will improve our attack once we enter combat, the bonus only lasts 10 seconds, but the best way to use it is to enter and exit combat to have at all times 15% extra damage.

In choosing William as the Senior Commander, we must maintain this lineup of talents for his open-field safety.

By having “Versatility” talents we have a commander that can only be focused on a single use within the game, maybe two doing some talent readjustments, but the function is the same, it is simply a commander to fight on the map against any enemy.

It is important to say that if we want to make a talent adjustment to suit each of us, we choose the “Attack” talents as the main talents for this variant, “Versatility” is not a good talent tree for any commander, it has too much variety that does not fit to any specific task within Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Commanders Pairings for William I

Genghis Khan We can say that your best option for open field. GK as a great cavalry commander gives William I a strong direct damage skill that can be generated over and over again by his ultimate, even boosting rage regeneration and buffs on each unit under the leadership of this duo. Excellent duo.
Takeda Shingen Takeda’s absolute improvements are unique in Rise of Kingdoms, each one of these, incredibly enhances the statistics of the cavalry, for open field he is definitely one of the best companions for William I, his resistance, defense and attack will be his main combat weapons.
Saladin Another of the great legendary cavalry in Rise of Kingdoms, it has an excellent skill in DPS, in addition to a great damage-healing reduction against any enemy it faces. The combination of this legendary duo will keep any foe in fear of the might of William-Saladin.
Attila As a great conqueror Attila will be the main commander together with William, we chose this pairing thanks to Attila’s effectiveness in attacking garrisons, one of the best, when combined with the skills of William I. A conquering couple of excellence.

 Recommended Equipment for William I

Equipment Delay Time Stats
Abyssal Visage 40 days Cavalry Attack +8%

Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Attack +3%

Heart of the Saint 72 days Cavalry Defense +13%

Archer Health +6%

Infantry Health +4%

Dark Lord's Blessing 48 days Cavalry Defense +8%

Archer Attack +5%

Iset's Sufferance 32 days Cavalry Attack +3%

Cavalry Health +3%

Gladiator 48 days Cavalry Health +8%

Archer Defense +4%

Cloud Racers 32 days Cavalry Attack +5.5%

Archer Health +2%

Total 272 days Attack + 16.5%

Defense + 21%

Health +11%


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