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Update v1.0.21: Osiris League, New Commanders, Events, Gameplay

We plan to perform an optimization update 1.0.21 on 2019-07-11 06:00 UTC. The servers will be down for an estimated 3 hours during the update. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

The Osiris League is Here!

The strongest alliance will stand triumphant across the land. Join in this unprecedented cross-world war to determine who is the true ruler. A new battle format in which governors can join in and watch the epic battles of their alliance.
Note: you cannot participate in the Osiris League and Ark of Osiris at the same time.

osiris league
Who is gonna be the best?

The Shadow Legion is On the Move!

A legendary force clad in an armor of shadow is coming. Prepare your forces to defend against their onslaught! There are no real victors in this fight; there are only survivors, who may or may not walk away with a permanent city theme.
A new Alliance game mode is now online. Successfully defend against 25 attacks from the Shadow Legion against various alliance members to earn great rewards. Make plans to withstand a fearsome siege!

shadow legion event
From the shadows, I come

Note: The Shadow Legion will only attack kingdoms which have existed for more than 30 days.

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New Commanders Have Arrived!

The vengeful queen Tomyris, the skillful Massagatean ruler, awaits your summons!

tomyris rok

Burning with furious anger, Edward the Black Prince will only answer the call of the strongest rulers!

edward rok

New commanders will become available for summoning in all kingdoms that are more than 120 days old.

More New Features!

New Expedition levels and a new city attack/defense mode online!

new expedition levels
Extra levels! Who doesn’t want that!

Photo wall online! Governors can now upload and share photos in their Governor Profile page!

album photo rok
Share your interesting photos with your fellow governor!

New City Themes!

heliopolis theme

Explore the mystical “Heliopolis” or the magnificent “Gift of the Nile”. Warriors who take on the challenge of the Osiris League Season 1 will have a chance to earn these limited-edition city themes!

Gift of the Nile
Gift of the Nile

New Conquering/Garrison Talents With Broader Use

New Conquering/Garrison Talents
New Conquering/Garrison Talents

Adjustments to Conquering talents:

  • Tear of Blessing: The Number of troops that die when attacking another governor’s city is reduced by 3%, and are instead severely wounded (and can be healed in the Hospital)
  • Meteor Shower: When attacking garrisons, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase to all damage dealt on the next turn by 10%.
  • Entrenched: Increases all damage dealt to garrisons by 1%, and damage taken from garrisons is reduced by 1%.

Adjustments to Garrison Talents:

  • Impregnable, Empty Fortress Strategem, Impenetrable Fortifications, Nowhere to Turn, King’s Guard, Divine Favor Garrison Talents are now effective for all garrison situations.

Other Changes

  • Alliance Leaders can customize their “Welcome to the Alliance” message that will be sent automatically to new members.
welcome mail alliance rise of kingdoms
A new personal way to welcome your beloved alliance member!
  • The Caravan Escort event has been optimized. Participating governors now have a chance at extra rewards.
  • City Editor can now switch between day and night.
  • Optimized multiplayer battles to reduce animation lag.
  • Made adjustments to map icons
  • Optimized notifications for the Mysterious Merchant’s arrival at the Courier Station to be more apparent.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of “Karuak Ceremony”. The boss’s troops deal more damage, but their overall troop levels have been decreased.
  • Fixed an Alliance territory bug in which territory possession would not change after another alliance took control.

We would love to hear what you think about this update!

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

Disclaimer: Screenshots are from the development version of the game, specific skill stats are potentially subject to change.

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