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Update 1.0.68 “Shifting Sands”

  1. Ark of Osiris and Osiris League

1) Osiris League Season 7 is about to start! Get ready to fight tooth and nail over the Ark of Osiris!

2) The Pioneer event for the new Ark of Osiris game mode “Ark of Osiris: Raging Sands” is starting soon!

As Seth and Iset stir from their slumber, fierce sandstorms blot out the sun over Egypt. After the update goes live, you will have the chance to experience a new Ark of Osiris game mode, where you will need to fight through the sands themselves if you wish to control Egypt.

– Sandstorms: In this new Ark of Osiris map, the map will be covered in a Sandstorm that will obscure your view of enemy forces.

– New Skills: In the new Ark of Osiris, 5 new skills will be added to help you fight your way through the Sandstorm.

– Shu’s Favor: Shu, God of Wind and He Who Rises Up, has seen fit to grant you his blessing. At the start of battle, all troops on both sides will receive Shu’s Favor, increasing their March Speed to help them get to the battlefield more quickly. Some skills that increase March Speed cannot be used while you have Shu’s Favor.

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– Occupation Bonuses and Skill Tweaks: In the new Ark of Osiris, we have added new bonuses for occupying certain buildings and adjusted or removed certain skills.

3) In Ark of Osiris, titled officers, alliance leaders, and garrison captains can now manually remove troops from their garrison.


  1. New Equipment Coming Soon

1) We’ve added legendary leadership equipment, which can be found at the Blacksmith once the game is updated. New blueprints are also coming in future updates.

2) Legendary-quality Random Blueprint Fragment Chests (Gathering) and Random Blueprint Fragment Chests (Leadership) have been added to the VIP Shop.


  1. Improvements and Adjustments to Season of Conquest

1) In the Lost Kingdom, you can now join alliances in other kingdoms and migrate within the Lost Kingdom.

– You can now join any alliance in your camp, regardless of kingdom.

– After the Season ends and the immigration period begins, you can apply to migrate to any kingdom in your current Lost Kingdom. After your application is approved you will be able to immigrate to that kingdom with fewer Passport Pages than you would normally need. More information will be added to the main Season page 7 days before the start of the immigration period.

2) Improved the layout of the main Season of Conquest page.

3) Commander Margaret I will be added to the Legendary Tavern.

4) Optimized the Autarch and Vindicator Taverns:

– The length of the Autarch Tavern and Vindicator Tavern events has been reduced from 3 days to 1 day.

– Adjusted the number of available Commanders in the Autarch Tavern from 2 to 1; In the Autarch Tavern and Vindicator Tavern, the Commander is no longer locked when selected. Before the end of the event, you may freely switch the selected Commander on the list.

– You can change your chosen commander any time before the event ends.

– Adjusted the rewards you can earn through the Autarch and Vindicator Taverns. You can now earn items for your selected commander or other items like resources, Speedups, and more.


  1. Improvements to Immigration

1) Optimized immigration rules for kingdoms that have just entered the Season of Conquest. After entering the Season of Conquest and before beginning its first story, a kingdom can accept up to 150 immigrants per season. After its first story ends, it can accept 500 immigrants. View your in-game mail for more details.

2) When immigrating, resources that exceed the protected resource capacity of your Storehouse will be lost.


  1. Other Optimizations

1) Added the “Engineering” tag to the filters when selecting a commander.

2) Defeated troops and rallied armies on the map will be displayed differently from normal troops in Strategic View.

3) Optimized city teleportation from the Lost Kingdom. When returning from the Lost Kingdom to your original kingdom, you will be placed in Province I (the top left outermost province of the kingdom) if possible.

4) Optimized the display issue and trigger logic of the “Monthly Special Offer” bundle: After the bundle presents, the content available for the month will not change due to your immigration. The optimization will take effect from [UTC 2023/05/01 00:00].


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