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Update 1.0.67 “Spring Once More”

Greetings Governor,

1. Merrily merrily, we welcome in the year. The Spring Once More event series is about to start. Here are what events you can expect:

1) Blooming Anew: 7 days of questing for great rewards!

2) Wish Upon a Cloud: Fly kites and make wishes for the coming year!

3) Springtime Surplus: Take in the spring breeze and redeem limited-time gifts!

4) No Peak Too High: Take on tough challenges for massive rewards!

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5) Tempest Clash: Prove yourself a hero on the high seas!

6) Arms Training: Challenge Armsmaster Lohar as he gets stronger with each battle! How long can you last?

7) In Search of Wonders: Discover ancient armaments and pave your path to power. (Only open to kingdoms that are in Season 3 or the Season of Conquest at the start of the event)

8) Zenith of Power: Gain Power to win a brand new city theme!

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. Some events will only be available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days.

2. New Season of Conquest Story “Siege of Orléans” Pioneer Event Coming Soon

The enemy is at the gates. If Orléans should fall to the English, the rest of France is soon to follow. The Maid of France is on the march, on her way to deliver Orléans from its peril!

Kingdoms in the Season of Conquest will have the opportunity to take part in a Pioneer event for the new “Siege of Orléans” story! In this story, you’ll be able to try out the new auxiliary commander system, an all-new map, and a special Siege of Orléans campaign!

1) Auxiliary Commanders: Each commander can equip up to 3 extra auxiliary skills from 3 separate auxiliary commanders.

2) Siege of Orléans Campaign: In this story, if your alliance or coalition is occupying the Orléans Guildhall and it is not currently open to contention, you can choose to start the Siege of Orléans campaign. In this campaign, you must defend Orléans by defeating waves of incoming English troops. If all defending troops are defeated or the Orléans Guildhall is captured, the campaign will be failed.

3) Brand New Map: In this new Lost Kingdom map, you will be a warrior of France from one of 6 different regions, helping Joan of Arc defend Orléans from the English, but also fighting each other for control over the city.

3. Improvements to Season of Conquest

1) Museum Improvements

 – Added the ability to upgrade relics. Upgrading a relic will increase the bonuses it provides to its commander.

 – Museum exhibits have been expanded. New commander exhibits and relics will gradually be added.

2) Adjusted the effects of the Aggression, Spiked Armor, Safe Return, Teamwork, and The Great Destroyer strategies in the King of the Nile story.

3) Inter-coalition diplomacy (e.g. forming unions) is now enabled for all Lost Kingdoms in the Season of Conquest.

4) Optimized the rules for Autarch Testimonies and Autarch rewards:

 – Added new Legendary Autarch Testimonies.

 – Legendary Autarch Testimonies can be awarded to any coalition in any camp, not just your own.

 – The number of Legendary Autarch Testimonies you can award depends on the story.

 – Reduced the number of Autarch Testimonies you can award to your own camp’s coalitions from 300 to 240.

 – Your camp no longer needs to control your Crusader Fortress for you to receive an Autarch reward.

4. Armament and State Forum Improvements

1) Added the “transmute” feature: You can now use Transmutation Stones to “transmute” your armaments, which will randomize their attributes.

 – Transmutation Stones can be obtained through the Armament Shop, the Lost Kingdom Crusader Achievements, etc. The updated rewards for Crusader Achievements will only take effect in the newly started Lost Kingdom after the version update.

2) Improved the Travel feature. You can now skip certain animations while traveling.

3) Optimized the display of armaments in your inventory. You can now sort your armaments by date received.

4) Optimized the order in which armament attributes are displayed.

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5. Other Improvements

1) Optimized how your city is teleported after you drop to 0 Wall Durability. In a standard kingdom, your city will be randomly teleported to one of the outer provinces. In the Lost Kingdom, your city will be teleported to your camp or kingdom’s starting province.

2) Optimized the Zenith of Power event:

 – Optimized Zenith of Power visual effects.

 – If you immigrate in the middle of the Zenith of Power event, your leaderboard data will be cleared, but your event quest progress will be kept.

3) Optimized the Daily Special Offer bundle. After purchasing the bundle, you can directly open the treasure in the bundle purchase interface.

4) Optimized Battle Reports:

 – If one of your troop’s battle reports is merged with another troop’s battle report, the data of those two reports will also be merged.

 – Reports of battles between your troops and other governors’ troops will also show kill point data.

5) Added the ability to replace rally troops. With this feature, you can replace your troop in another governor’s rallied army without having to exit the rallied army.

6) Optimized troop dispatch. When dispatching troops, you can now get unit recommendations based on your primary commander’s talents.

7) Optimized the Ark of Osiris event. Previously, if you had severely wounded units in your Hospitals you would be unable to enter the Ark of Osiris battlefield. Now, you will be able to enter, but you will not be able to dispatch or start healing severely wounded units while you are in the Ark of Osiris battlefield.

8) Scouts on the map will no longer block you when selecting a location for alliance buildings or teleporting your city.

9) Added new troop markers to help you mark specific troops.

10Optimized “Highlight Selected Target” in settings: If this feature is enabled, when an enemy troop is selected during marching, it’s avatar will be highlighted.

11Added Legendary engineering and gathering equipment, which can be found at the Blacksmith once the game is updated. New blueprints are also coming soon. Please stay tuned for further game content updates.



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