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Update 1.0.66 “Gunning for the Top”

New Alliance Mobilization Event

  1. Governors, get ready for a new way to compete with other alliances! Work together to complete quests and showcase the glory and might of your alliance!
  1. You can be signed up for this event by your alliance. This event is only open to alliances in a Season of Conquest.
  2. You can earn points for your alliance during this event by accepting, completing, and turning in quests. Increasing your alliance’s total points will increase your alliance’s event level and unlock new rewards.
  3. This event is divided into 5 leagues. The first time they take part in this event, all alliances will be placed in the Fearless Bronze league by default. All alliances in the same league will be randomly formed into groups. Based on your ranking within your group, you may be promoted, relegated, or remain in the same league after the competition ends. The higher your league, the greater the rewards.

Note: This is a recurring event. Check the event calendar to stay informed of when it’s starting.

 Formation System Optimization

  1. Travel:
  • Added the ability to travel with Gems: Once you’ve used up all your chances to travel using action points, you can spend Gems to travel up to 200 additional times per day.
  • Added new “Windfalls”: Every time you travel you have a chance to earn Luck. The higher your Luck, the higher your chance of encountering a Windfall when you travel. There is a limit to how much Luck you can earn a day, and your Luck resets every day.
  • Improved the description of the rules for traveling with recommended commanders.
  1. Armaments:
  •  Optimized armament icons: Armament icons now display applicable formations.
  • Optimized the display of armaments in your inventory: Added formation effects to the inventory interface.
  • Optimized armament locking: You can now lock armaments from your inventory.
  • Optimized armament recycling: Recycling an armament now requires authentication with a secondary password.
  • Optimized inscriptions: Added a more detailed rules for inscriptions.

New Season of Conquest Story “Warriors Unbound” Pioneer Event Coming Soon

A dim light emerges from the temple’s halls. Though the sands of time may have eroded their past glory and provenance, the metals and gems contained therein still shine with a brilliant luster. Each of these treasures is a storybook unto itself, but it is the warriors who wielded them that filled their pages. Still, the miracle of victory is never a matter of who holds the most precious artifacts. Rather, it is the belief in miracles, and the will to make them reality, whether consciously or not.

Kingdoms in the midst of Season of Conquest will now have the opportunity to be Pioneers for the new story Warriors Unbound. In this story, you’ll have the chance to use new legendary equipment called “artifacts”, experiment with new commander pairings, and fight for dominance under new map and building rules!

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  • Artifacts: In this story, you will be able to claim one of several new pieces of legendary equipment called “artifacts”. When secondary commander is equipped with an artifact, all of their skill that affect a single unit type will instead affect a different unit type, depending on the artifact.
  • Building Restrictions: In this new story, in the Lost Kingdoms, Alliance Fortress can only be built in areas bordering a Holy Site or Pass (you do not need to capture the Holy Site/Pass).
  • New Map: A new Lost Kingdoms map has been added. Governors from 6 camps will experience the thrill of development and conflict, vie for dominance, and add new, triumphant chapters to the history books.
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