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Update 1.0.63 “Wall of Arrow Event”

The latest update of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade will be live on 29th November 2022 at 06:00 UTC. Autarch’s Glory brings the new A Wall of Arrows Event, a new Inscription Shop for the formation mechanics and improvements to Season of Conquest. The formation system will be officially launched once the testing phase is over. The V formation will be unlocked once the kingdom enters the Season of Conquest, bringing more strategic gameplay alongside Armaments and Inscriptions offering more strategic combinations and attribute enhancements.

Wall of Arrow Event

In this event, governors can test out some of the new formations. The event consists of 6 passes with objectives such as

  • Eliminate all enemies
  • Ensure all commanders survive
  • Protect all storehouses

Players will receive a star on completing these objectives and be provided with several trial commanders to use in battle. Except for this, the new Inscription Shop is also being introduced in the latest update, where players can buy non-limited and Autarch-limited items, with the latter being only available to governors with an Autarch Testimony. The game servers will be down for 3 hours during the update, after which players can dive right into the action of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade.

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