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Update 1.0.56 “Easter Eggcitement” Patch Note

Update 1.0.56 “Easter Eggcitement”

  1. Eggstravaganza Events (Will go live within a week after the update)

Easter is upon us with an exciting range of new events:

  • Easter Parade: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Bunny Bonanza: Help the bunnies prepare for their party and rewards!
  • Scavenger Hunt” Want to win big at the Bunny Bonanza? Better collect those Fancy Eggs!
  • Ceroli Assault: Assemble your allies and take on Ceroli’s ultimate battle!
  • Protect the Supplies: Deliver the supplies safely to the village. Protect the property of your citizens!
  • Team Draw: Have fun drawing cards to earn fabulous rewards alongside other governors!

See the event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

  1. Gameplay and Equipment Improvements

Since its introduction, the equipment system has become an important and well-received part of the game. In this update, we’re adding a whole new element to the system, which will change the strength of some equipment depending on which season you are in. We hope you’ll enjoy this new, more fleshed-out system.

  • New Iconic Equipment System

For a period after this update goes live, the Iconic equipment system will become available for kingdoms entering Lost Kingdom Season 1 or later. Governors can turn certain equipment into Iconic equipment by using Iconic Crystals and Gold. Iconic equipment provides buffs to troops’ base attributes, determined by which season of Lost Kingdoms the kingdom is currently in.

  • New Artisan’s Forge Event

The Iconic equipment system is accompanied by the new Artisan’s Forge event. Complete quests to gain rewards, including Iconic Crystals. Iconic Crystals can also be purchased from the Lost Canyon Shop. Rewards for the Crystal Quest event have also been changed; some Speedups have been replaced with Iconic Crystals.

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  1. Lost Kingdom – Desert Conquest Improvements

The Desert Conquest Story has already gone live in some kingdoms. In response to player feedback, we’ve made a number of improvements to Desert Conquest, and with this update, we’ll be making it available in all kingdoms entering Season of Conquest!

  • Desert Conquest Story now available for all kingdoms entering Season of Conquest.
  • Added new buff effects for Level 4 Passes. Troops entering the Sea of Death from a Level 4 Pass will receive huge buffs to March Speed.
  • Increased March Speed of routed troops.
  • Improved map balancing, adjusting the coverage of Holy Sites and Bastions.
  • Reduced difficulty of some Lost Kingdom Chronicles quests.

These improvements will take effect in the new Lost Kingdom – Desert Conquest.

  1. Events Improvements

Champions of Olympia

We’ve added a new map and improved rewards. Enjoy the fight! Changes are as follows:

  • The new Echo Canyon (Night) map is now available! Attack the Firethief when he appears in Echo Canyon to grant buffs to your team.
  • Improved rewards: Equipment Materials Choice Chests can now be exchanged up until the Glorious Gold League.

Protect the Supplies

We’ve designed a new challenge (Armed to the Teeth), adjusted the difficulty level, and increased the Star Level limit from 25 to 30. After reaching 20 stars, you can claim all non-leaderboard rewards.

Heart’s Desire

The Heart’s Desire event will begin when the Legendary Tavern becomes available. Governors will be able to select their 5 preferred Commanders from a selection, and receive specialized chests containing plentiful custom rewards, which can be unlocked using Sovereign Keys.

  1. Other Changes
  • Added a notice for Season of Conquest. When Season 3 “Light Versus Darkness” ends, governors about to enter Season of Conquest will be able to see a preview of Season of Conquest.
  • Added the ability to cancel Ark of Osiris practice matches.
  • Added more Master and Commander achievement quest.
  • The number of troops returned by the Troops Return Scroll in the Relentless Warriors event has been changed. Each Troop Return Scroll now returns 1% of dead troops (minimum 5000).
  • Changed the notice for The Mightiest Governor event. You can now see more custom commander rewards in the notice screen.
  • Changed the method for acquiring the Hidden Lotus theme, It can no longer be acquired from the Victory In Hand event, but instead can be acquired from the new Glory of Battle event.

The Glory of Battle event will only be available for governors creating new characters in kingdoms that launched on 2022/04/09 UTC or later. This change will not affect kingdoms that launched before this date.


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