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Update 1.0.55 “Spring Awakening” Patch Note

1.0.55 “Spring Awakening” Patch Note


  1. “Spring Awakening” Events (will go live within a week after the update)

Spring is here, and we’ve got a great roster of events for you to enjoy:

  • Dreams of Spring: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Esmeralda’s Prayer: We never know when the wheel of life will stop turning. Maybe your luck can change?
  • Esmeralda’s Treasures: Try your luck to win some of Esmeralda’s riches.
  • Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short period of time?
  • Zenith of Power: Gain Power to win a brand new city theme!
  • Tempest Clash: Prove yourself a hero on the high seas!

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

  1. Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest Improvements

After receiving feedback, we’ve added specialized Season of Conquest events and improved the system for recycling Crystals. We hope these changes will make Season of Conquest even more enjoyable!

The following changes will be made to Lost Kingdom:

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  • Remaining Crystals will not be converted into Gold at the end of the season, and will instead be converted into Season Coins at a fixed proportion. There is a maximum limit to Season Coins that can be obtained through this system; anything over the limit will be converted into Gold instead.
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of Crystal resource items would not display properly.

After the update, the below changes will be made for all servers beginning Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest (servers, where Lost Kingdom is already underway, will not be affected):

  • Difficulty levels for the new Season of Conquest event “Trial of Kau Karuak” will be unlocked as progress is made in Lost Kingdom. Governors can gain Crystals, Season Coins, and other rewards by taking part in this event.
  • Discounted Legendary Commander Sculptures and Equipment Material Choice Chests (Legendary) will be made available in the Season Shop.
  • Governors can spend Crystals to receive Speedup items in the new Season of Conquest event “Give and Receive”.
  • Complete challenges in the new Season of Conquest event “Crystal Quest” to increase the event level and gain Crystals. You can also unlock extra rewards by purchasing a Quest Treasure bundle.
  • Rewards have been changed for the Season of Conquest event “Eve of the Crusade”. Governors can gain Crystals through this event.
  • Buffs for Crystal technologies have been fine-tuned. Please take note of the new effects once they have come online.
  • Reduced the difficulty of killing Lvl 41-45 Barbarian Patrols, allowing Governors to gain Crystals more easily.
  1. Event Improvements

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the new Tempest Clash and Champions of Olympia game modes. We’ve combined it with data we’ve received, and made the following changes to these events:

Tempest Clash Event Improvements

  1. Galleys’ attack targets can now be chosen manually.
  2. Improved collisions in movement and battle.
  3. Reduced the amount of damage that Armored Ships deal to Supply Ships.
  4. When Galleys deal skill damage to Armored Ships, it will reduce the damage they deal to Supply Ships.
  5. Slightly increased Triremes’ March Speed.
  6. Improved graphics for content such as attack effects, sea wave effects, and buffs.
  7. Fixed a number of display issues.

Champions of Olympia Event Improvements

  1. Adjusted numerical values for the skills Shock and Awe, All-Out, Psychological Warfare, Inspiring Ballad, and Guidance of the Light.
  2. Players who receive titles during battle will receive extra coins as a reward. Slightly increased the weighting for kills when calculating MVP.
  3. Players who have achieved 50 stars or 100 stars in Champion Above will be reset to a higher league in the next season.

Heart’s Desire Event

The Heart’s Desire event will begin when the Legendary Tavern becomes available. Governors will be able to select their five preferred Commanders from a selection and receive specialized chests containing plentiful custom rewards, which can be unlocked using Sovereign Keys.

  1. Other Improvements
  • In response to feedback, we have improved the timings for when Commanders become available. Yi Seong-Gye will become available when a Kingdom enters the offseason before Season 1. Saladin, Genghis Khan, Edward of Woodstock, and Tomyris will become available when a Kingdom enters the offseason before Season 2 (previously 140 days after Kingdom launch).
  • You can now exit a rally directly from the map or on the Armies screen.
  • Ragnar Lodbrok has been added to the Daily Special Offer.
  • Further rewards added to the Osiris League Champions Bundle.
  • Kingdom Maps and Lost Kingdom Maps can now be opened in bulk. (Download the latest version to enable this feature.)
  • Improved prerequisites for the Peace Bringer and Ruthless Sieges achievements.
  • Fixed display issues for the All For One talent.
  • When a burning Alliance Flag with no garrison is attacked, you will not be sent an Alliance mail.
  • Equipping higher-quality equipment will also complete quests regarding equipping lower-quality equipment.
  • A screen adjustment option has been added to Settings.
  • After the update, the Hunt for History event will only begin when your City Hall is at Level 8 or higher.

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