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Update 1.0.53 “Ode to Stars” Patch Note

Ode to the Stars

  1. Our Christmas Event Series

Christmas is upon us as a deluge of unexpected letters! It’s time to prove that Santa Claus is indeed real!

The reason to be jolly is upon us with an exciting range of new events:

Christmas Letter Saga: Enjoy a return to happier times inspired by the season in a new Christmas-themed story alongside 3 commanders!

Frost Covenant: Complete quests for 7 days to win great rewards!

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Magic Snowman: Decorate and adorable Snowman in exchange for a variety of cool rewards!

Astral Gifts: Collect Christmas stocking to earn Snowballs!

Thief in the Night: Drive out the bandits to capture their treasure!

Team Draw: Have fun drawing cards to earn fabulous rewards alongside other governors!

Race Against Time: Who can eliminate most barbarians in a short period of time?

Christmas Wishes: Send gifts, spread happiness.

Zenith of Power: Gain Power to win a brand-new city theme!

The events will go live within a week of the update. See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

  1. Event Improvements

Osiris League

Seeing as the Osiris League is in full swing, we’ve added “Single Bets” to the “League Bets – Set Bets” event featured in the Osiris League Playoffs semifinals and subsequent matches. Governors may place bets of their choosing across 4 new categories: “Ark Score Leader”, “Occupation Score Leader”, “Provisions Score Leader” and “Total Kills Leader” to win even more Aurics!

Champions of Olympia

We’ve taken careful note of governors’ feedback and shortened the length of each match. We’ve also added a brand-new map and improved the execution of the “Revive” skill. We hope you’ll find them rally exciting!

Here’s a breakdown:

  • We’ve released a new map: “Treasure Hill”!
  • We’ve reduced individual match times from 10 to 7 minutes. Similarly, we’ve also shortened revival times, some skill cooldowns, waiting time to surrender and so on.
  • We’ve improved some skills, particularly the “Revive” skill which can now be cast when 3 troops are al routed.
  1. Other optimizations
  • We’ve improved the shield trigger mechanism so that troops protected by multiple different shields will now always use the best shield.
  • We’ve improved the mail system with a limit of 1,000 messages that can be permanently archived. (Be sure to pass this on to any governors who otherwise may be in danger of losing important messages!)



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