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Update 1.0.51 “Trick or Treat” Patch Note

 Greetings Governors,

1. “Trick or Treat” Events(Will go live within a week of the update): The sweet smell of pumpkin and candy in the air signifies it is time for a visit to the mysterious “Halloween Park!”

  • Trick or Treat: A raging 7-day Halloween party! Complete quests and get great prizes!
  • Pumpkin Party: Collect pumpkin chests to get great rewards in the “Night of the Pumpkin” event.
  • Night of the Pumpkin: Participate in the event and earn decorative items and festival city themes!
  • Ceroli Assault: Step into the heat of battle and meet the challenge head-on!
  • Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short time?

2Sanxingdui – Hunt for History Event:

  • Eternal Sanxingdui: Complete the quest for a chance to receive an exclusive “Standing Bronze Figurine” decoration from the Sanxingdui Ruins events for free!
  • Relics of the Shu Kingdom: Complete the quest for a chance to receive an exclusive “Bronze Flower and Bird” decoration from the Sanxingdui Ruins events for free!
  • The premium gift pack “Sanxingdui Treasure” is now available! Obtain a Sanxingdui Treasure avatar frame and name plaque with your purchase!
  • See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. 

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3“Champions of Olympia” Improvements

  • In keeping with our plan to optimize the “Champions of Olympia” gaming experience to provide a more dynamic and well-balanced competition, the following adjustments will be applied to the“Champions of Olympia” in response to feedback we received from Governors.

 A new ranking mechanism has been added.

Each season of ranked matches lasts for roughly two months. During this period, Governors may compete for higher ranks to win greater rewards. 

  1.  We have changed the weekly rewards chest into an activity points chest, which can accumulate activity points from both wins and losses.
  2.  Weekly rewards not claimed by Governors will be distributed via mail at the end of the weekly event.
  3.  New AFK penalty mechanisms have been introduced.
  4.  A new “View Profile” function has been added, which allows you to view your own stats, the stats of other Governors, and the battle history for Champions of Olympia.
  5.  A new ranking system has been added, which will give the top 200 ranked Governors extra rewards at the end of the season.

4. Event Improvements

  1. A new map of Ceroli Islands and the chieftain’s backstory have been added to the “Ceroli Crisis” event.
  2.  Chest drops in the events “Ceroli Crisis,” “Ian’s Ballads” and “Golden Kingdom” have been adjusted.
  3.  Rewards in the “Hunt for History” event have been adjusted and a wider range of optional “ultimate rewards” will be added to the newly opened event after the update.
  4.  Rewards in the “Holy Knight’s Treasure” event have been improved. After updating, you can swap equipment from extra rewards in the newly opened event simply by swapping core rewards.
  5.  Rewards in the “Lost Canyon” exchange shop have been adjusted and “Peter’s Sickle” fragments have been added to the available rewards.
  6.  Rewards for the “Karuak Ceremony” event have been adjusted. After defeating a Lvl 30 or 40 Barbarian (Elite) in an individual challenge, on “Normal” difficulty or above, the “Brand-new Starlight Sculpture” featured in extra rewards will be replaced with “Barbaric Totem” fragments.
  7.  Rewards in the “Lohar’s Trial” event have been improved. Advanced equipment fragments, from defeating Lohar, have been replaced with crystal keys and the drop rate for “Lohar’s Bone Necklace” fragments has also been increased.

5. Other Changes

  1.  After updating, the “Bounty of the Ancients” event will go live for all new entrants to the Lost Kingdom.
  2.  Skill effects of allied parties are now displayed in the battle report.
  3.  A description of the Purification mechanism has been added to Commander Skill descriptions.
  4.  A new portal for equipment refinement has been added. You can access this equipment refinement page in the Blacksmith.
  5.  The recycling mechanism for decorations has been improved. Recycled decorations can now be used directly on the Build page.
  6.  The display for switching civilizations has been improved. You now have a more intuitive comparison of civilizations before and after switching.
  7.  The Stronghold Garrison display has been improved. Now, the number and type of garrisoned troops are displayed and recommended troops can be set.
  8.  Bug Fix: related to how Queen Tamar of Georgia’s commander power is displayed

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