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Update 1.0.42: “Happy Spring Festival”

Greetings Governor,

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.42: “Happy Spring Festival” on around [UTC 2021/01/25]. Before the update, you can download data in advance via events to earn nice rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

happy spring festival

Update 1.0.42 Summary

Credits: Abused Panda

  1. New seasonal events.
  2. Eve of the Crusades: Kingdom rank reward for 4th has been adjusted.
  3. Past Glory fix on gems. Now it stops whales from using gems to get everything.
  4. During KvK, the “Resource Reserve Bundle changes to Bumper harvest” which is a similar price but better goodies inside.
  5. Daily chest purchase now offers useful commander rather than being forced to buy that are worse than most epic commanders.

    daily special chest commanders
    Daily Special Chest Commanders
  6. A pretty looking battle log is available for the nerds.
  7. Farming alliance coin on flag/fort now shows total earned properly.
  8. New boss is added in Ceroli Crisis.
  9. Added a secondary password for various functions so people can’t make excuses like dog ate my homework and refund abuse.
  10. The buggy decorative structures can now be recycled rather than just get deleted, it can be placed later to make it all pretty.
  11. Chat fix on when someone @ you but shows weirdly.
  12. Rally now display how many of what type of troops added to avoid weirdos sending weird troops to rally or garrison for a swift kick from the alliance.
  13. Ark of Osiris now has a major and minor league (gold/silver).
  14. Ark of Osiris: Skills adjustment, first occupation teleport is now 8 instead of 5 and many more small adjustments to avoid the loopholes.
  15. Heroic Anthem fixes:
    1. Bastion quests skip finally fixed.
    2. Karen’s are easier to beat up.
    3. Barbarian fort and barbarians themselves now drop crystals.
    4. The loophole to leave the coalition to do multiple rallies is fixed.
    5. Some upgrade time for the research center and crystal mine is lowered which doesn’t really affect much.
    6. Tons of tiny bug fixes and adjustments were made as well. Feel free to check the pictures and read the full patch notes in-game system mail.
ark of osiris changes
New AOS Leagues
ark os osiris new skill system
New AOS Skill System
New Supply Depot UI
New Supply Depot UI

1. “Happy Spring Festival” Events

(Will go live within 3 weeks after the update)

The sound of firecrackers sends off a year gone past, while the gleam of lanterns welcomes the year to come. The Spring Festival is fast approaching, and you can feel it in the air! We have prepared some fantastic Spring Festival events, a limited-edition theme, and other great rewards!

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc
  • Happy Year of the Ox: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Lanterns of Togetherness: Decorate a Flower Lantern to celebrate the Spring Festival! Win great prizes like a limited-edition city theme and decorations!
  • Spring Festival Gifts: Collect Colored Papers to use in the “Lanterns of Togetherness” event.
  • Arms Training: Challenge an Armsmaster Lohar who gets stronger with each battle! How long can you last?
  • Strange Incidents: The village is on fire?!? As you help the villagers, you may find things are not as simple as they seem…

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

2. “Ark of Osiris” Optimizations

In order to ensure Governors can have the battles of their dreams, to make room for more tactics and skill expression, and to bring the fun of Ark of Osiris to even more Governors, we will be making the following adjustments:

1) In order to allow more alliances to participate without making significant changes to the current rules, alliances that are not in the top 20 of their kingdom will now be able to take part in Ark of Osiris, grouped separately with other alliances of similar power levels. For exact details, please see the event page after the update.

2) Increased the number of teleports earned after the first occupation of an Obelisk from 5 to 8. Teleports can now be used even if troops are not in a building.

3) Removed the “Divine Aid” skill and adjusted the effects of other skills. Adjusted skill effects will be viewable from the Ark of Osiris page after the update.

4) Adjusted the rules for occupying buildings. First occupations will now take 3 minutes, and further occupations will take 2 minutes.

5) Adjusted the rules for gaining Energy Points. Energy Points are now gained faster. Alliances will no longer get a boost to their Energy Points after suffering heavy troop losses, but alliances on the side currently losing will get a boost.

6) Optimized the Ark of Osiris map display.

7) Significantly increased the rate at which severely wounded units are healed.

8) Reduced alliance score earned from caravan visits, but individual score will not be affected.

3. “Lost Kingdom” Optimizations

All Seasons:

1) During the “Eve of the Crusade” event, the gathering speed bonus awarded to the 4th place kingdom has been increased from +5% to +15%.

2) When a kingdom enters “Eve of the Crusade” for Season 1, the “Resource Reserves” bundle will be replaced with the “Bumper Harvest” bundle.

3) During Stage 1 of the “Past Glory” event, there will be a cooldown for donating gems.

Season 2 only:

1) The Lost Kingdom preparation event will be split into a Preparation stage and a Matchmaking stage. Governors will be unable to immigrate to kingdoms in the Matchmaking stage.

Season of Conquest only:

1) Optimized the logic for refreshing Bastion quests to ensure that refreshing will not give the same quest.

2) Optimized the Bastion window display to include the Bastion’s level.

3) Lowered the power of Kahar the Hidden.

4) Reduced the upgrade time required for certain levels of the Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center, as well as for some Crystal Research Center technologies.

5) When an alliance joins or leaves a coalition, any ongoing rallies launched by alliance members will now be automatically cancelled.

4. Other Optimizations

1) Added a Commander Choice function to the Daily Special Offer page. Governors can now choose the commander for the sculptures included in each Daily Special Offer. Commander options will expand as a kingdom grows older.

2) Adjusted the time at which certain commanders become usable. Commanders that could previously only be used after a kingdom’s history passed 310 days can now be used after the kingdom has passed 300 days.

3) Optimized the Battle Log display to be more aesthetically pleasing and make information easier to read.

4) Fixed an issue where Passport Pages could still be used to immigrate to a Nascent kingdom, which should have been impossible.

5) Optimized the alliance building construction window display to more clearly show Individual Credits earned.

6) Optimized the disband alliance function. Now, when an alliance has only its leader left, the leader can apply to disband, and after a set time, the alliance will disband.

7) In the “Ceroli Crisis” event, general Keira will be replaced for a time by a new general, Wafura. Governors can challenge Wafura during the next Ceroli Crisis event. Afterwards, Ceroli Crisis will include both Keira and Wafura.

8) Added a secondary password function to settings. On the Settings page, you can now set a secondary password required for performing certain operations in order to better ensure account security.

9) Optimized troop march operations. You can now control troop movement and give marching orders from any level of view.

10) On the Supply Wagon page, 7-Day Limited Wood/Stone/Food/Gold Supplies will be available long-term, and normal 7-Day Wood/Stone/Food/Gold Supplies will no longer be available. Any 7-Day Supplies already purchased will no longer available for purchase once claimed.

11) Optimized the operation experience of decorative buildings. “Demolish” has been changed to “Recycle”. Recycled buildings will be saved in the City Editor. Rebuilding them will no longer require spending any resources.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

12) Adjusted the immigration function. Kingdoms can now only accept one immigrant per minute.

13) Added a private chat notification function. When turned on, you will be sent a push notification when you receive a private message.

14) Fixed some power display errors affecting certain commander skills. Actual skill effects have not been affected.

15) Optimized the target selection rules for Cyrus the Great’s “The Cyrus Cylinder” skill. This skill will now choose targets the same way as all other area of effect skills. Skill damage has not been changed.

16) Added Polish localization.

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

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