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Update 1.0.40: RoK x Dynasty Warriors 9 Collab

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.40: “Dance of Chaos” at around [UTC 2020/11/18].

This is also called the RoK x Dynasty Warriors 9 Collaboration update.

Before the update, you can download data in advance via events to earn nice rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Diaochan lubu Rise of Kingdoms

1. DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Crossover Event

(Roughly 1 Week After This Update)

A legendary dancer, a god-like warrior, and a plot which plunged all of China into chaos! A limited-time DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 crossover event will begin soon! During this crossover, RoK governors will be able to recruit DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 characters Lu Bu and Diaochan!

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1) Dance of Friendship: Complete quests to earn great rewards, including a chance to get the epic commander Diaochan for free!

2) The “Intriguing Dancer” and “Powerful Demon God” bundles are available for a limited time! Buy them to get the new commanders Diaochan and Lu Bu!

2. “Lost Kingdom” System Optimizations

1) Some “Lost Kingdom” rewards have been adjusted. In order to help governors craft better equipment, we have added more equipment-related rewards, and reduced the number of speedups, while preserving the overall value of each reward tier. At the same time, we have changed some of the “Crusader Achievements” progress requirements. These changes will take effect during the next “Lost Kingdom” season, and will not affect any seasons currently in progress.

2) We have discovered that in some older kingdoms, power increases come primarily from training troops, but that the growth potential for the power of each troop is actually quite hindered by troop capacity limits. With this in mind, we have optimized the “Lost Kingdom” matchmaking rules. Now governors with power higher than 150 million will be calculated as 150 million for matchmaking purposes. This change will also be applied to calculating power for Imperium Kingdoms.

3) Added “Bumper Harvest,” a limited-time “Lost Kingdom” super-value resource bundle.

3. “Lost Kingdom – Heroic Anthem” Season Optimizations

1) Optimized the models for Crystal Mines, Crystal Research Centers, and Bastions in Heroic Anthem to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

2) Optimized the names of some Crystal Research Center technologies to make them easier to understand.

3) Optimized the Coalition Honor Points and Camp Honor Points icons to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

4) The name of “Crusader Fortresses” has been changed in some languages to maintain consistent logic.

5) Optimized the logic of support skills. Support skills will now work normally regardless of which commander/troop setup has them equipped, but commanders still cannot equip their own skills as support skills.

4. “Golden Kingdom” Event Optimizations

We discovered that the “Golden Kingdom” is too hard for some governors, and have made the following adjustments to address that:

1) Adjusted the event difficulty to be more reasonable. Guardians’ power will now scale with the length of a kingdom’s history.

2) Adjusted how Healer’s Hut healing works: Now the Healer’s Hut will restore a set amount for all troops.

3) Adjusted the prices of some relics to be more reasonable.

4) Optimized the screen for Reinforcement Camps. While summoning troops, you can now tap on a troop’s portrait to see a breakdown of its unit types.

5. Commander Skill Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

1) Fixed an error in the description for Harald Sigurdsson‘s passive skill, “Varangian Guard” . The description originally stated that defense lost with each level scaled as follows: 1%/2%/3%/4% /50 / /0. In fact, the defense penalty at every level is always 5%, and after the update, the description should match the actual effects.

2) Fixed an error in the description for Zenobia‘s expertise skill, “Ascending Augusta”. The description originally stated that “Troops healed by this skill gain 50% increased health for 2 seconds”. In fact, the actual effects should read, “Troops healed by this skill gain 50% increased health and 30% increased damage for 2 seconds”. After the update, the description should match the actual effects.

3) Adjusted the effects of Artemisia l‘s active skill, “Battle of Salamis”. The skill will “deal damage to all troops led by this commander (Damage Factor 300)”. Before the fix, this skill could severely wound your own units, but after the fix, it will only be able to slightly wound them.

6. Immigration System Optimizations

In order to prevent any serious power imbalances during the early stages of a kingdom’s existence, we have made the following adjustments to the immigration rules:

1) Optimized the Kingdom List page. Governors can now see more concise descriptions of immigration rules, and each kingdom’s status.

2) When all kingdoms on a single continent are between the “Nascent” (first 10 days) and “Developed” (120 days) phases, the continent will have two “Rising Kingdoms”. Counting only the top 300 governors in each kingdom’s power rankings, the two kingdoms with the highest total power will be the Rising Kingdoms. Governors with 10,000,000 or more power will not be able to immigrate to Rising Kingdoms, but Rising Kingdom status will change in real time with shifts in the total power ranking. If a kingdom is both a Rising Kingdom and an Imperium Kingdom, Rising Kingdom immigration rules shall prevail.

3) Optimized the logic for immigration on the same continent. Governors are now allowed to immigrate to an older kingdom on the same continent even if the target kingdom is not “Developed” yet.

7. Other Optimizations

1) Optimized rallies. Governors can now choose to leave rallies at any time.

2) Added a counter showing how many alliance members are online. It is helpful when alliance leaders and officers try to arrange some events.

3) Added 4 limited-edition 7-day supplies, one each for food, wood, stone and gold. Each of these will be available on rotation in your kingdom for a limited time. Purchase limit 2 per resource type.

4) The Osiris League Grand Finals are starting! The Grand Finals will be a best-of-three contest. Bets will open at corresponding times. Don’t miss out!

5) Reduced the level requirement for equipping the “Forest Guardian” set. Now commanders only need to reach level 30 to equip it.

6) Added four new accessories: “Karuak’s War Drums”, “Seth’s Call”, “Wind Scars”, and “Ancient Stratagems”.

7) Reduced the amount of gold required to forge Normal and Advanced equipment.

8) Added an alliance application sorting feature. The alliance leader and officers can now sort applications by time applied, power, or number of kills. Alliance application notifications will now only be received by the alliance leader and officers.

9) Optimized the expedition system. Now, when you exit an expedition, your troop arrangements will be saved. If your troop capacity or total units changes while you are away from the expedition, the system will automatically update your troop configurations in the expedition.

10) After entering the battlefield in the “Ceroli Crisis” event, you will be able to change roles before the battle starts. At the same time, we have optimized the enmity list display for clarity.

11) Adjusted the price of Kingdom Newspapers to 1,000 gold.

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12) Resolved some screen lag issues, including those caused by having larger numbers of troops on screen at the same time.

Stay tuned because we could also have one new Rise of Kingdoms redemption code!

We would love to hear what you think about this update!

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