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Update 1.0.26: “Spooky Halloween”

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.26: “Spooky Halloween” somewhere next week. The servers will be down for an estimated 3 hours during the update. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.
After considering player feedback on how the release schedule for the upcoming updates is not very clear, we have decided to include also in the patch notes the release schedule of future content that is NOT part of this update:

1. New Event: “Spooky Halloween”

(Will go live within 2 weeks after the update)

Halloween is coming, and a truckload of action-packed events await!
New holiday event “Road to Gallantry”: Defeat the Evil Witch and set the ghost free to earn incredible rewards!
road to gallantry
“Halloween Party”: Complete quests every day and earn a variety of rewards and Jack-O’-Lanterns.

halloween party

“Hallow’s Eve”: Use Jack-O’-Lanterns to level up your Pumpkin Lantern. Earn a limited-edition holiday theme and piles of rewards!

hallow eve

“Silly Bumpkin”: Use Jack-O’-Lanterns to exchange for a variety of rewards.

Don’t forget to join in on the “Ghost Parade” and the “Divine Exorcists” events.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

ghost parade

divine exorcists

2. Optimizations to Alliance functions

  • Alliance officers now must select a reason when trying to remove an alliance member.
  • The quantity of Alliance Markers has been increased to 10.
  • In the Alliance Technology panel, tap and hold the button to donate repeatedly.

3. Other Changes

  • Improved the display of the Bulletin Board.
  • Added background music to the in-game loading screens. Enhanced and re-recorded some of the in-game sound effects.
  • In the Governor’s personal info page, the details on this Governor’s killed troops can now be viewed.
  • In the Sunset Canyon, suffering a defeat in battle will also award a Treasure of the Warrior.
  • Map revamp for the Sunset Canyon.
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