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Update 1.0.22: Sunset Canyon, League Bet, Qixi Festival Events

Greetings Governor,
We plan to update the game to version 1.0.22: “Sunset Canyon” on [2019-08-05 06:00 UTC].

The servers will be down for an estimated 3 hours during the update. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

1. The all-new Sunset Canyon arena has arrived!

Smoke rises in all directions and the bugles call for governors to assemble at Sunset Canyon. There they will battle for dominance and fight for glory!

sunset canyon arena
Align your army to fight for victory!

sunset canyon arena

This mighty competition will last 7 days, and all governors whose city halls have reached Level 10 and who have completed Kingdom Chronicles: Chapter “The First Encounter” may participate!

In the Sunset Canyon arena, governors can challenge one another to battle, arranging their troops to overcome enemies with strategic prowess.

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Governors can earn rating points and win rewards after challenging one another. At the end of the season, governors can claim season rewards based on their final ranking. Points will be reset after each season.

sunset canyon arena history
Get those points!

2. The official start of the Osiris League

The Osiris League will begin on 08-10, bringing together the most powerful alliances across all the kingdoms for an unprecedented martial maelstrom! Which alliance will reign supreme? Wait and see!

osiris league
Are you ready?

We’ve also added a league betting system, where governors can place wagers on their favorite alliances. Guess the winner correctly to receive great rewards! The league betting system will launch shortly after the start of the Osiris League.

Place your bets!
Place your bets!

(Note: Governors cannot participate in the Osiris League and Ark of Osiris at the same time.)

3. Qixi Festival Events

Qixi Festival Events
Isn’t she lovely?

Qixi festival commemorates the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver, whose forbidden love moved the heavens themselves to reunite them one night each year. Celebrate this romantic occasion by releasing a paper lantern into the sky and participating in other exciting events. You’ll even have a chance to earn a limited-edition holiday theme and a new city decoration!

4. The Lost Kingdom (Season 2)

Get ready for a new and improved Lost Kingdom! The second season will begin on 08-10. A total of 272 kingdoms will compete in this epic event. Additional details will be sent soon via in-game mail.

5. Kingdom Immigration Timeline Adjustments

To ensure a level playing field across all kingdoms, we will be adjusting the length of time before kingdoms become developed and open to immigration.

6. Other Changes:

  • “Open All” feature will now be available once governors have 10 or more chest keys.
  • Added animations for the following characters: Æthelflæd, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Tomyris, Edward of Woodstock, scouts, villagers, and barbarians.
  • Bug fix for Charlemagne’s “Happy Home” skill.
  • Optimizations to reduce lost connections and lag during Ark of Osiris battles.
  • Optimized “Hold & Drag” operations from the march queue and added a toggle in Settings to prevent accidental dispatches.
  • Optimized preferential selection settings for multiple armies are grouped together.
  • Optimized the skill animations for Charles Martel and Richard I.

We would love to hear what you think about this update!

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

Disclaimer: Screenshots are from the development version of the game, specific skill stats are potentially subject to change.

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