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Cheapest Way to Unlock Tier 5 Units

To unlock the Tier 5 troops (units) in Rise of Kingdoms, you have to upgrade your City Hall to level 25 and then the Academy to level 25.

However, in order to upgrade your Academy to level 25, you are required to upgrade various other buildings first.

It will take tons of resources to unlock the Tier 5 troops If you don’t know the minimum requirements and don’t know the right direction.

tier 5 units rise of kingdoms

Cheapest Way to Unlock T5 Units in RoK

Follow this upgrade priority

  1. Lvl. 25 City Hall
  2. Lvl. 25 Academy
    1. Trading post
      1. Goldmine
      2. Scout camp (no blueprint)
    2. Watchtower (no blueprint)
      1. Wall
        • Tavern
          • Quarry
      2. Storehouse
        • Hospital
          • Castle (no blueprint)
            1. Alliance center
            2. Siege workshop
              1. Barracks
                • Farm
              2. Archery range
                • Lumber Mill
              3. Stable

So, you will need 16xMaster Blueprint Master’s Blueprint = 32K Gem Gems at minimum to have the Lvl. 25 Academy ready.

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  • Usually, upgrading a building to level 25 requires Master Blueprint Master’s Blueprint.
  • You need to upgradeALL of the buildings mentioned above to level 25.
  • You only need to upgrade one Resource Production Building and one Hospital to level 25.
  • Castle and Watchtowers are both required to upgrade to level 25.
  • Most players love to upgrade all Hospitals and Resource Production Buildings to level 25 before unlocking T5 units due to their excellent bonuses.
  • When your City Hall hits level 25, you will receive 1xMaster Blueprint Master’s Blueprint as the reward.
  • Upgrading Castle, Scout Camp and Watchtower doesn’t require Master Blueprint Master’s Blueprint
  • To begin research Tier 5 troops, you need to have the Economic tree fully researched and the Military tree researched to T5 nodes.
  • It’s best to wait till the More Than Gems event to spend your Gem Gems on getting Master Blueprint Master’s Blueprints.

You can also check out the infographic below:

unlocking tier 5 units rise of kingdoms

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