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Tomyris – The Queen of the Massagetae

tomyris Rise of Kingdoms


Other Nations Other| The Queen of the Massagetae
Archer Archer | Conquering Conquering | Attack Attack

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Legendary Archer Commander, good for PVP.
  • Great active skill. Poison stacking.
  • Excellent for open-field.
  • Great Nuker commander.


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  • Doesn’t have healing factor.
  • Doesn’t have any skills or talents for PVE.

Quick Summary

Tomyris is a legendary archer of the best in Rise of Kingdoms. Her skills and combat mechanisms are unique, making her a powerful commander, who is capable of defeating even the worst enemy.

Arrow of Vengeance” her active skill deals low direct damage, however, she has a stack effect that causes poison damage (x20) and increases further when the more stacks she causes. This is an incomparable and unique skill in Rise of Kingdoms.

As she is a Conquering commander, the accompanying skill “Payback” increases the attack of Tomyris and her troops when attacking cities and at the same time reduces the counterattack that she suffers.

For the Sun” a passive skill that benefits all archer units under Tomyris’ command.

Massagetae’s Counterattack” gives all regular attacks a 50% chance to poison a single target for 5 seconds.

Pouch of Blood” is a great expertise skill! Cavalry is the worst enemy of any archer commander, yet Tomyris counteracts much of this damage, thanks to a strong buff and debuff that she provides to her enemy and her troops to achieve victory.

Tomyris’s Skills


Skill Type Description
Arrow of Vengeance

Arrow of Vengeance

Active Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 700) to a single target.

If this target is affected by poison effect, immediately removes poison and deals poison damage (Dama Factor=Stacks x Poison Factor 20).

If the poison is multiplied by more than 10 stacks, increase poison damage (Damage Factor=Stacks x Poison Factor 20).



Passive When attacking cities, increases normal attack damage by 10% and decreases counterattack damage by 10%.
For the Sun

For the Sun

Passive Increases attack of archer units by 10%, and gives all attacks a 10% chance to decrease the defense of a single target by 10% for 3 seconds.
Massagetae's Counterattack

Massagetae’s Counterattack

Passive Gives all regular attacks a 50% chance to poison a single target for 5 seconds. (This effect can stack a maximum of 15 times, and the effect duration will be reset to 5 seconds each time a new stack is added.)

Poisoned targets will take an additional 3% damage from skill. 609

Pouch of Blood

Pouch of Blood

Expertise Skill Increases normal attack and counterattack damage by 10%. When attacked, reduces attack of the attacker’s cavalry units by 10%.

Best Tomyris Talent Tree Builds

Open-field and Rally Build

tomyris openfield rally build

Conquering Conquering Talents

  • Buckler Shield Buckler Shield: Reduces counterattack damage taken by 9%. Tomyris is one of the strongest commanders reducing counterattack in Rise of Kingdoms, this is a very important talent to increase that powerful buff.

Attack Attack Talents

  • burning blood Burning Blood: Grants an additional 6 rage every time this commander’s troops are attacked. Good talent.
  • Lord of War Lord of War: When troops led by this commander enter battle, increases attack by (1.5% X Commander Star Level) %. Multiplying the maximum possible star, 6 x 1.5 = 9% Attack for our troops. Excellent!
  • effortless Effortless: During battles, increases all damage dealt by 2.5% every 10 seconds (up to a maximum of 10%). Thanks to his great counterattack resistance, Tomyris in open field will be a difficult commander to defeat, ideal for long battles, this talent is essential since in a maximum of 40 seconds of battle we can increase our attack by 10%. Great!

Archer Archer Talents

  • arrow nocked Arrows Nocked: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to 50% strength, increases all attack troops by 9%. By losing 50% of our troops, we will gain 9% damage in the remaining ones, thus balancing our attack-loss.
  • thumb ring Thumb Ring: Archer units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to infantry units. Tomyris will be unstoppable when facing commanders and infantry units.
  • Venomous Sting Venomous Sting: Increases active skill damage of primary and secondary commanders by 8%. Great talent, increase our damage skill.
  • phoenix-tail arrows PhoenixTail Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to trigger an additional attack (Damage Factor 200) on target. Good talent, direct damage per probability that increases our DPS in open-field.
  • whistling arrows Whistling Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt by 25% for the next 2 seconds. If luck accompanies us with this probability, Tomyris will defeat enemies much faster.

Tomyris is a great commander for open-field as well as for Rally.

This build, we focus on both combat modes, thanks to her unique skill of its kind in Rise of Kingdoms is extremely powerful capable of defeating any enemy.

Tomyris’s attacks are devastating due to the poison stack mechanism, in addition, as a great commander specialized in leading archer units, he constantly improves their attack with the strong buff.

Best Commanders Pairings for Tomyris

Cyrus II the Great One of the great archer commanders for open-field.

Together with Tomyris, they become an almost perfect commander pairing, they enhance each attack mutually and have an absolute influence on the control of troops and the enemy army.

Both are great for open-field.

Nebuchadnezzar II Conquering archer commander, one of the best options if you want to attack any structure, especially cities.

Both can also be used for open-field, thanks to their versatility of talents, skills and the damage in AOE of Nebu that can affect several enemies.

Yi Seong-Gye Great archer commander, characterized by his great damage in AOE, YSG boosts each poison attack caused by Tomyris’s stack.

If you are looking for open-field fights in crowds, YSG is a great option to cause multiple losses towards the enemies.

Artemisia A great archer commander with excellent AOE damage, she empowers each of the units under her leadership and together with Tomyris they will be an exemplary pairing of archers.
ramesses One of the strongest archer commanders due to his direct damage and application of strong debuff to his enemies.

This can be a devastating 1v1 pair.

Edward of Woodstock The most powerful damage per skill in Rise of Kingdoms, Edward is a great commander capable of inflicting absolute damage skill that very few commanders survive to count.

Recommended Equipment for Tomyris

Equipment Delay Time Stats
Revival Helm 32 days Archer Defense + 7.5%
Revival Plate 48 days Archer Attack + 7.5%
Golden Age 72 days Archer Defense + 13%
Revival Gauntlets 32 days Archer Attack + 4.5%
Heraldic Shield 48 days Archer Defense + 7.5%
Flame Treads 32 days Archer Health + 5.5%
Total 264 days Archer Defense + 31%

Archer Attack + 15%

Archer Health + 5.5%

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