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Top 9 Rise of Kingdoms Tips & FAQ

rise of kingdoms tips

Hi governors, on this page, we are listing out all of the most asked questions and the most useful Rise of Kingdoms tips for both new and experienced players.

1. Spending Gems

  1. VIP-6 (basic)
  2. VIP-10 (Save gems and slowly move towards it)
  3. Wheel for fortune – Richard/Ysg/Khan (Don’t like the commander? Invest on VIP)
  4. VIP-12 (Mid spender/ hard grinder)
  5. Book of Covenant – Castle upgrade


  • Option (4-5) pick either one
  • F2p/low spenders would benefit more from VIP over castle upgrades
  • Wheel commanders are a must to have commanders for whales where as low spenders should focus on preferably YSG.

More details can be read at: How to spend Gems effectively

2. How long would it take to max Aethelflaed?

Around 234 days at max but 180-200 is enough to max out Aethelfled.

Breakdown on Expedition Coin for Aetheflaed:

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc
  • 1.5k Expedition Coin = 1 sculpture
  • 1050k Expedition Coin = 700 sculptures
  • 4.5k Expedition Coin a day (other legendary heads, star etc) so 1.5k coin as a saving.
  • 3 sculptures = 1 day
  • 700 sculptures = 234 days

3. Epic Cavalry Commander Parings

  1. Belisarius ➕ Pelagius (hit & run, harass, tile hunting, Ark of Osiris)
  2. Pelagius ➕ Pelisarius for (1vs1)
  3. Pelagius ➕ Baibars (war or a big fight)
  4. Lancelot ➕ Baibars (support or trap)
  5. Belisarius ➕ Dragon Lancer (to run fast)

4. Pair Up with my Charles Martel? (F2P/Low Spender)

  • Is his still at 5-5-1-1 at the least? if not don’t use him.
  • Martel x Sun Tzu (for a big fight)
  • Martel x Scipio (for a big fight works but only if multiple people attack you)
  • Martel x Richard (out of meta, but still useable and very strong)

5. Best Civilizations to Pick

For Starters: (F2P/P2P)

  1. Britain or Byzantine to get PvE/PvP
  2. Rome for PvP
  3. France for development

Infantry Focus:

  1. Rome for march speed
  2. France for Lower healing time
  3. Japan for Troops attack

Cavalry Focus:

  1. Germany for Ap recovery and training speed
  2. Arabia for Rallying
  3. Spain for the highest cavalry attack
  4. Byzantium for hospital size

Archer Focus:

  1. Britain for training speed
  2. Ottoman for skill damage


  1. France for Joan of Arc then swap civilization
  2. Japan for active farm
  3. Spain for passive farm
  4. Byzantium for Stone stone
  5. Britain for Wood wood
  6. Rome for Food food


  1. Korea for research
  2. China for building

More details: Rise of Kingdoms Civilizations

6. Best Bundles That Worth The Money

  1. Growth Fund – 15$ (Can be bought later on)
  2. Monthly Gems Supply – 10$
  3. VIP Bundles – 35$ (Minamoto 5-5-1-1 Commander)
  4. Writer of History – 5$ each (When they appear)
  5. King’s Coronation (If you feel like spending more into the game)
  6. Seasonal bundles (These tend to appear every 2-3 months depends on the special event)

7. Basic Mindset for Ark of Osiris

  1. Try not to use healing speedups in Ark of Osiris
  2. Send multiple armies to gather in Ark of Osiris. (3-army is a reasonable number)
  3. Try using 2 armies to fight it out. 1 for joining rallies and 1 to move around the map hitting people, disrupting the flow of battle, protecting the ark vise versa.

Doing this would mean even if you go out and lose a fight you won’t run out of troops.

I’m saying this because, in Ark of Osiris, people tend to run of troops around 40mins of the game. Best not to waste speedups to win an ark as ark comes every 2 weeks.

8. Pre KvK – Eve of The Crusade

The eve of the crusade in 9 days long, there are 3 stages in total and points you get at each stage are summed up together towards the final result.

The 3 events are:

  1. Marauder hunt event (you kill a special type barbarian, collected something called parchment and get rewards) best event in the game. You can get months of speedups if you play it right.
  2. Troops training event (best for whales, this part tends to make or break the event due to it being highly p2w)
  3. Marauder fort hunt event (similar to barb fort just slightly better) This event is pretty much a scam and has terrible rewards but if you’re patriotic and wish to take one for the team then waste Ap in this event to get higher points.

There is both individual rewards and kingdom rewards at the end.

Individual rewards have golden sculptures and other weird stuff in it and Kingdom reward is a slight buff of damage/building/research/gathering/training etc.

9. The Eve of the Crusade

This is a 9-day event and once ended you can move to the lost kingdom immediately. More details can be read at The Eve of the Crusade

Stage 1: Marauder Hunt

Marauders are basically level 25.5 Lohar.

During this stage, you need to hunt marauders to get parchment (similar to Lohar necklace) and use those parchments to get a bunch of different types of pages. (7 types in total)

You’ll need one of each type to combine them into a box to get individual/kingdom points and the rewards inside.

In this phase, it is best to open 100 parchments at a time to get a decent distribution and at a set interval like every 4 hours or so. It is recommended that you spend a decent amount of Ap in this event to get tons of speedups (like months of speedups if you put a decent amount of Ap)

Stage 2: Training Day

Typical training event you train troops to gain points. It is best to leave it to the whales but every point counts. (Would advise f2p to not focus in this event and plan for the future)

Stage 3: (Marauder fort hunt)

The forts appear 5-6 hours after the event starts so no need to wake up at 0:00 UTC to waste time.

The forts themselves are basically fort level 5.5 like the barbs so not that strong compared to what you’ll face in KvK.

Points wise and the amount of books you can get is extremely rewarding so much so that if your kingdom is active you can even gain more points than stage-2 which is basically the p2w event.

As for the books, the forts are weak as a fort 5 but gets up to 8 books if you play it right.

The top individual rewards are honestly not worth the effort cause if you wish to win it all, do it in KvK.

You can get a city skin, sculptures and bunch of other decent stuff and the Kingdom buff is if you’re pushing go all in to take spot-1 or don’t push at all and place 8 to 4 as spot 2-3 are more like a punishment rather than a reward.

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