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7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Tier 5 Troops

Are you on your way getting your very first Tier 5 Unit in Rise of Kingdoms? I bet here are the best tips you want to know before spending tons of resources in efficiently to get those T5 units unlocked.

I always wished someone had gave me these tips before I got into the Tier 5 journey.

tier 5 troop rise of kingdoms

7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Tier 5 Troops

1. Purchasing Arrows of Resistance with Gems

Don’t ever spend Gems on upgrading the Watchtower. Don’t even think about pressing the purchase button here.

I made a mistake of purchasing a lot of arrow of resistance Arrows of Resistance and that’s so wrong!

You can participate in Events called Lohar Trials and Strategic Reserves to obtain those arrow of resistance Arrows of Resistances with ease.

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You can also easily obtain a lot of them just by defeating Barbarians or farming resources.

Defeating Barbarians also gives you a lot of speed-ups as well.

I always wish somebody had told me this early on and you guys are getting lucky because this is such a great content and you guys are going to learn a lot!

2. Not Doing Daily Quests

This is a very basic tip but I have to say it again here. Always do your best to finish the Daily Quests every day as it doesn’t take too much time.

By doing this every single day, you will be able to accumulate tons of resources that help you get those Tier 5 Units a lot faster!

Research Speed-ups, Action Point Recoveries, Golden Keys, Magic Boxes etc. All of them are super helpful for the long term.

3. Not Buying Items in the VIP Shop

People tend to forget their VIP shop. Try to not do that because the VIP Shop should be your best friend in Rise of Kingdoms every time it resets.

Buy all of the freebie items in the VIP Shop using FoodFood, Wood Wood or Stone Stone.

If you have some Gems to spare, you should totally buy the speedups that help you rush things.

You would probably want to buy the teleport for wars here as well as it is pretty cheap.

4. Not Using Free Action Points!

Do not let it sit and you will gain 0 benefit!

Remember guys, if you want to get T5 units you need to grind a lot!

Keep defeating Barbarians and using your Action Points.

Try not to waste your Action Points. Use Lohar and other Peacekeeper Commanders to attack Barbarians/Forts.

Do your best to use all your redundant Action Points before going AFK.

You can get a lot of speed-ups by defeating Barbarians and even just by participating in any Fort Rally when you are busy.

Do not keep your AP sitting at full. Always use them before they get to the maximum.

5. Doing Upgrades/Researches Wrongly


In short, follow this upgrade priority to get your Tier 5 Units the fastest way!

  1. Lvl. 25 City Hall
  2. Lvl. 25 Academy
    1. Trading post
      1. Goldmine
      2. Scout camp (no blueprint)
    2. Watchtower (no blueprint)
      1. Wall
        • Tavern
          • Quarry
      2. Storehouse
        • Hospital
          • Castle (no blueprint)
            1. Alliance center
            2. Siege workshop
              1. Barracks
                • Farm
              2. Archery range
                • Lumber Mill
              3. Stable

Check out the article Cheapest Way to Unlock Tier 5 Units for more details. It will give you the shortest way to upgrade your buildings in order to get to Tier 5.

Technology Research

Do not scatter research your tech research too much.

If you’re having a lot of researches on different branches, you’re wasting your time. Really, just go for the economy tree first and then focus on the unit you want to reach Tier 5 first. Could be either Archer, Infantry or Cavalry.

Do not forget that to get to T5, you need your war technology maxed out.

guardian rune

6. Not Obtaining the Runes on the Guardians.

Many players forget to obtain runes and this is a very big mistake.

Make sure before doing an upgrade/research, you obtain the highest rune as you can to maximize it.

There’s a 15% rune if the later stage of the game, get that rune, ask the rulers of your kingdom to give you guys some kingdom title and then do the research/upgrade.

7. Not Maxing Out Commanders’ First Skill

Make sure you max out the first skill of your Commanders first before you upgrade the Stars. This is because when you try to upgrade a skill, it’s going to be randomly.

The main idea here is because during the battle, your commanders will constantly use their active skills. If they have maxed active skills, the amount of potential damage/buffs/debuffs they could provide will be maximum. The first skill is always the most important skill of any Commander!

If you are having Aethelflaed unlocked right now, slow down a little bit. Make sure you have enough Sculptures to maximize her first skill before upgrading her Stars.

Check out the article How to Effectively Upgrade Commander Skills for more details!

9 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting T5 | Rise of Kingdoms

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Hello guys, I am Shinchi42, a Youtuber, who is falling in love with the incredibly awesome video game called Rise of Kingdoms. I love writing guides and doing guide videos for the game. You can check out my Youtube Channel for more contents!

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