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The Museum

The Museum

The Museum is the new structure coming to Rise of Kingdoms in Patch 1.0.54. We will be able to build it when entering the Season of Conquest to benefit first generation commanders with powerful buffs that will balance their performance on the battlefield.

Commanders Buff
  • Troop Attack +15%
  • March Speed +10%
  • All Damage +10%
  • March Speed +10%
  • Troop Attack +25%
  • Reduction Damage Skill +10%
Yi Seong-Gye
  • Archer Defense +10%
  • Skill Damage +3%
  • Cavalry Health +20%
  • Active Skill Damage Factor +200
  • Infantry March Speed +10%
  • Counterattack damage +3%
  • Cavalry Defense +20%
  • Cavalry Attack +25%
  • Infantry Attack +25%
  • Infantry Health +5%
  • Archer Attack +10%
  • Active Skill Damage Factor +150
  • Troop Attack +25%
  • Normal Attack Damage Reduction +5%
  • Troop Health + 20%
  • Skill Damage +5%
mulan Rise of Kingdoms
  • All Damage +10%
  • Skill Damage Reduction +10%
  • Troop Attack +30%
  • Skill Damage Factor +300
Ragnar Lodbrok
  • Troop Defense +20%
  • Normal Attack Damage Reduction +10%

You can use special coins to unlock and upgrade You can do it.  Coins can be earned at specific events or bundle purchases.


Event Rules

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  • The Museum will be unlocked at the start of Season of Conquest. Unlock Artifacts in the Museum to buy Sacred Treasures and activate bonuses for certain commanders.
  • Use Artifact Coins to unlock Artifact boxes, the more boxes you unlock, the more the price will increase (except for the Æthelflad Artifact).
  • The Æthelflad Artifact is free to unlock and cannot be removed.

  • Use Artifacts to get 70 Artifact Coins, but will lock the Artifact and remove the Relic Reward.


Event Rules

  • You can exchange Sacred Treasure Coins for Sacred Treasures.
  • Relics will give special powers to the individual commander provided that commander’s Artifact is also unlocked.
  • Relics and Museum Rewards are only available during the Season of Conquest.

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