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Complete Lost Kingdom (KvK) Guide & Tips

Complete guide to the Lost Kingdom or KvK event (Kingdom vs Kingdom) in Rise of Kingdoms!

In this page, you can find not only the detailed information regarding each season of the KvK but also the best tips from top players to

You can either click at any button below to read the guide of the specific KvK season, or just scroll down to know more about this oustanding game mode!

kvk 1 2 guide light and darkness guide heroic anthem guide Strife of the Eight Guide

The Lost Kingdom (KvK) Event

During The Lost Kingdom (KvK) event, every single individual, every single Alliance, and every Kingdom join in a war of 8 Kingdoms and try to do the best to get all of the huge rewards offered.

KvK Season 1 & 2:

  • Duration: 60 days
  • The Lost Kingdom map unlocks right around the Stage 3 of the Eve of the Crusade event. Each kingdom will have a specific starting region in the map.
  • Upon joining the KvK Season 1 & 2, players will spawn randomly in the Kingdom’s region on the map.

KvK Season 3: Light & Darkness

  • The Lost Kingdom map unlocks when the Light & Darkness Matchmaking phase ends.
  • 2 groups of 4 Kingdoms will fight for the final rewards: Camp Solaria (Light) versus Camp Lunaria (Dark).

KvK Season 4: Season of Conquest

The KvK 4 – Season of Conquest consists of different chapters

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When do KvK seasons start?

KvK Season 1 starts around the 85-105 days of the kingdom, season 2 starts around 50 days after the end of season 1, and season 3 in another 2 months or so after season 2 ends. And so on.

Must Read

the lost kingdom event

How to Get Into The Lost Kingdom Map?

Players can easily teleport to the separate KvK map via the menu as shown below and get randomly teleported to the event map.

teleport the lost kingdom
How to Teleport to The Lost Kingdom!

If it is KvK 3, as soon as the KvK event begins, you will see a small “Sun & Moon” icon at the top right of the screen (screenshot).

KvK menu

This Light & Darkness menu allows you to teleport into The Lost Kingdom as well as allows you to check a number stuff.

There will be a Teleport button showing up on the Light & Darkness menu. Once you tapped at the Teleport button, a confirmation window will show up, showing the region you are going to teleport to. At the beginning of the KvK Event, each Kingdom has a separate region to start.

The game now will automatically restart and you will respawn on a random location in your Kingdom’s region.

As mentioned above, the Event icon at the top right allows you to check out some very interesting stuff regarding the Event.

Teleport to the Lost Kingdom
Teleport to the Lost Kingdom

Prepare for KvK

Saving Buff Items

Start saving these buff items whenever you can.

Shields are probably the most important items in KvK when you sleep, not being able to online, or when you are in a dangerous area.

You’re gonna be participating in a lot of major wars. Thus, you will need a lot of Attack/Defense Buffs, and Troop Expansions.

Teleports, which are the other super important item that you must have in your Inventory.

You can easily buy them in the Mysterious Merchants. Start buying them a few weeks before the Kvk starts. They will be super useful eventually. Only buy them with Gems if you can afford them. Even they are not the top priority to spend Gems on, you will still get a lot of Gems back eventually from the KvK rewards.

If you want to see Mysterious Merchants more frequently, train troops for a few hours because every time you complete the troops training, building, or tech researching, she will be available again. Also, remember that she always appears at the daily reset as well.

upgrade hospital

Upgrade Hospitals!

Upgrade your Hospitals as high as possible before the start of the KvK wars (when the pass opens).

In KvK, the hospital capacity gets doubled. Calculate and see how many troops you can keep in your Hospitals at max.

There is an event for powering up or upgrading buildings before the KvK starts. It is is the perfect time for you to upgrade your Hospitals.

During wars, always check the capacity of your hospitals and make sure it doesn’t hit the cap. Stop fighting when it is about to hit the caps. All of the troops not going to the hospitals will be dead immediately.

Saving Resources

A few weeks before KvK starts, don’t spend resources on upgrading the unimportant buildings. You probably only want to spend them on hospitals and training units.

This is because when the war starts, healing becomes really expensive. You won’t have time to farm when the war is happening. It will be very resource-intensive and it will be very time consuming so you don’t have time to do all that stuff at once.

Always saving resources for Wars! A lot!

Max Out Commanders

More: The best free KvK Commanders.

In case you’ve been saving up any kind of XP books and sculptures, you want to spend them all on your most powerful commanders before the war starts!

There is no point to not use them now because you are saving them to make a commander strong for war, obviously. Unless you are waiting for a very strong commander being released soon in Wheel of Fortune or Mightiest Governor, like YSG.

You want them to be maxed out for KvK, having as many marches ready as possible.

Pre-set Your Marches

There’s actually 15 march presets that you can do in total by pressing the change icon above the 1 button (screenshot below):

You want to have:

  • A few war marches, depending on the number of commanders you have.
  • A few Barbarian farming marches (using Peacekeeping commanders) because there will be a lot of Barbarian actions here.
  • Gathering marches.
  • 1 movement speed march for picking runes: Lancelot + Dragon +1 T1 cavalry unit (fastest troop). You don’t need to use important commanders for wars or gathering here.

Use different color slots for different kinds of marches for easier management. You want to act fast because things happen really fast in KvK.

  • Red = Wars
  • Blue = PvE
  • Yellow = Others

If you have some marches that can only be capable to join other rallies, make sure:

  • You use the highest possible level commanders so that you can bring more troops to the rallies.
  • Use Osman or Scipio as the secondary commander as they have the skills that increase the maximum troop capacity.

special talent equipment

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Activate Equipment Special Talent

If you have multiple blueprints of any Equipment, try to re-forge them until you activate the Special Talent of the equipment.

Once the Special Talent is unlocked, you can choose a specific kind of buffs for it:

equipment special talent

The chance of unlocking this is pretty low, you probably will have to craft the equipment a few times until you have it. It only costs you Gold and Blueprints for the rerolls as you can always dismantle the equipment to get all of the materials back.

Having multiple equipment gears with special talents unlocked can boost your army power by a lot.

For example, unlocking 5% more damage for Cavalry is quite easy by using this trick. Increasing 5% more damage for Cavalry via the Academy is a totally different story as it requires tons of resources and weeks worth of speedups to research.

Farm Guardians

Try to do this every day.

There are 2 times you can farm Guardians every day: 00:08 UTC and 12:08 UTC.

Do it with as many marches as possible (check the kingdom rule) with peacekeeper commanders to increase the XP received.

In the Lost Kingdom, there are also a lot of structures similar to the Lost Temple with Guardians, do them as well for the XP.

TOP 5 TIPS to Prepare for KVK | Rise of Kingdoms Guide 2020

Events in KvK

Honor Roll

The Honor Roll includes 3 categories:

  • Individual Ranking
  • Alliance Ranking
  • Kingdom Ranking

It shows up the top contributors in The Lost Kingdom, which have gained the most points by doing different activities as following:

Activity Honor Points
Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarians 5
Defeat Level 31-35 Barbarians 8
Defeat Level 36-40 Barbarians 10
Completing gathering at a resource point 3
Destroy a Level 6 Barbarian Fort 15
Destroy a Level 7 Barbarian Fort 25
Destroy a Level 8 Barbarian Fort 35
Destroy a Level 9 Barbarian Fort 45
Destroy a Level 10 Barbarian Fort 60

individual honor roll ranking
Individual Honor Ranking

Individual Ranking

This shows up the top individual contributors of The Lost Kingdom.

Additionally, players can do the continual occupation of an ancient ruins or altar of darkness to gain the Honor Points.

the lost kingdom alliance ranking
Alliance Ranking in The Lost Kingdom

Alliance Ranking

This shows up the top Alliances of The Lost Kingdom. Get into the top 50 to get a lot of excellent rewards from the Event!

Additionally, Alliances can do these activities to gain more of the Honor Points:

  • The first occupation of a holy site.
  • Continual occupation of a holy site or pass.
  • Continual occupation of ancient ruins or altar of darkness.
top kingdoms the lost kingdom
Top Kingdoms

Kingdom Ranking

This shows up the top Kingdoms in The Lost Kingdom map. Get into the top 8 to get a lot of excellent rewards from the Event!

the lost kingdom achievements
The Lost Kingdom Achievements

Crusader Achievements

This is where players, Alliances, and even the whole Kingdom can earn crazy rewards by getting some of the achievements in The Lost Kingdom map!

Twilight - The Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Twilight – The Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Twilight is very similar to the Monument you could find in any city. It gives you a rough idea of the current state of the Event.

You could also gain some great rewards here, as well as know what events are coming in the near future.

rise of kingdoms past glory stage 3

Past Glory

The Past Glory is a multiple-stage mini-event during the KvK, which is only available inside The Lost Kingdom!

During all three stages, players need to donate different items in order to get the Building Points and tons of rewards.

  • Stage 1: Donating resources FoodWoodStoneGold
  • Stage 2: Killing Barbarians / Barbarian Forts
  • Stage 3: Donating Commander Sculptures

Check out The Past Glory article for all information regarding to this super crazy events!

kvk mistakes rise of kingdoms

Top 9 Mistakes in KvK (The Lost Kingdom)

Farming Individual Points Inefficiently

Do not farm Barbarians early! Doing this wastes your Action Point action points a lot because only lvl 26-30 are spawning in the map. This will not help you get further in the ranking system.

I suggest estimating your Lost Kingdom Situation. If your Kingdom can progress into the next Stages, then you must conserve your Action Point Action Points. At the bare minimum, start going rampage on lvl 31-35 Barbarians.

In the later game, Barbarian Forts are going to generate you the best value for Points per Action Point Action Point; but this is only relative if you can progress to the next stages. I suggest working on Barbarian Fort lvl 8.

individual honor points

When you are not defeating Barbarians or when your Action Point is recovering, make sure to send your farmers out as you will need resources heavily for wars.

Note that by defeating Barbarians/Forts you will also gain a good amount of speedups.

Make sure that if you want to participate in the top 20 rankings, your alliance must be able to capture the Ruins and Altar of Darkness and of course participate on in to gain individual points.

past glory 1 rewards
Donating Gems on the Stage 1 Past Glory event allows you to have a massive amount of Action Points.

Best time to use your Action Points is during the Stage 2 event of the Past Glory Event.

Lastly, estimate where your alliance is at! My mistake is that I wanted to get top 20 but my kingdom is not in the best position in KvK to earn Passive rewards (Altars and Ruins). Also, Consider your personal time you can put into the game.

Farming Alliance Honor Inefficiently

Don’t be greedy. Evaluate your kingdom alliance and see which top scoring alliance is. Just dump the alliance honor points rewards from the first capture of holy sites. If two of your kingdom’s alliance is on the top them you can decide to split the rewards.

The mistake I had done is joining another alliance in the kingdom, taking the first reward and not going back to the old Aliiance to claim the Alliance Honor points. This hurt our points in doing so.

Focus on one or two alliance in KvK and sandbag those Honor points so your Alliance in the Kingdom can benefit.

Which is better? One benefit or none at all?

Not Doing Diplomacy

crusader fortress capture achievement

Work with other kingdoms because you will need them. If you look into the Crusader Achievements there are achievements that you will need to capture Crusader Camps from another kingdom. Either you take that by force or by diplomacy.

The biggest mistake I saw on our opponents: They came into KvK Gun’s Blazing.

They do have the numbers and activity. They were a great opponent and hard to beat. But one thing that their leaders lack was diplomacy.

Underestimating the Cooperation Between Alliances

This is probably the hardest one to align in the Kingdoms Vs. Kingdoms progress.

“How can I get my kingdom to actively participate in wars?”

The simplest thing as I can tell you as being a former leader is to promise other Alliances that there will be rewards given if they participate and show support. Let’s be honest, we all play to get our accounts to grow besides showing our support to play with the team we have.

Build relationships before KvK. Show them that you support them and in return, they will support you ideally.

Also, make sure that all alliances in the kingdom can always rotate officers and leaders to be online.

9 KvK Mistakes to Avoid in Lost Kingdom | Rise of Kingdoms

Not Using Voice Chat 

Although the In-Game Chat and markers are quite useful, use another form of external communication. Use either Whatsapp or Discord. Go on voice communication and summon your players when there will be wars.

The Value of this is to be able to communicate efficiently and real-time orders and strategy. Remember you get to talk with real people; hopefully, you will form new friends that way too. We may live in the digital world but do not hesitate to make friends. I have met 3 People so far in the game and that’s the most amazing thing I have ever taken out of from this game.

Not Preparing Against Pass Blocking Strategy

In the image, you can see that our opponent has prevented us from building a flag.

You can see that there is no room for the flag to be built; therefore, we cannot progress further.

blocking flag

We would have to burn the city and destroy its wall so that it may randomly teleport, but it takes time and also sometimes they will just bubble up and that’s the end of the story.

This process or strategy can really delay a huge war. Very intelligent on their part by performing this blockage.

Not Having Bank Accounts

First, what is a bank account? This is an account where players will gradually donate their resources to one account and the idea is for this account to supply players when they are in need during wars.

I used my farm account to be the bank and this is where players bring their resources and when they need some back, I would transfer resources to them in a manner that does not drain the bank.

bank account rok
Our Bank Account in KvK

Bank rules:

  1. Donate at a minimum of 200K resources per day
  2. Request for resources for healing or for the massive upgrade (50% of the Cost)
  3. Send coordinates and teleport closer

I learned this method from Kingdom #228, they had prepared for KvK and had instructed some alliances like (KOI) to gather resources and supply fighters which I had received during our wars. Special Thanks to blater!

Not Purchasing Teleports then Getting Zeroed

Biggest and the most crucial mistake!

When participating in wars, make sure you at least have 2 teleports. I suggest purchasing some on the alliance Shop and only purchase the terriotoral teleport Territorial Teleport because this is the cheaper one and you can only teleport in the alliance territory in the Lost Kingdom.

Ensure to Teleport out of the War Zone before going offline! Many players leave their city and when their flag was taken down by their opponents, they eventually will get zeroed.

Do not be stingy buy those Teleports or Peace Shield. It cost you more to train all your troops again than buying a few Teleports and or Peace-shields.

Not Paying Attention to Markers!

marker rok

Most people do not pay attention to markers, which are sometimes the biggest downfall of an alliance or even the whole kingdom.

Make sure to click on the star icon at the top left to check any markers previously set or check your alliance mail.

Also, when joining rallies, usually in my case, I would put a marker on what type of units to be sent. Most players will not pay attention and only send random units, which is very annoying and it eventually delays the process.

Not Knowing What Troops to Send

Going back to #9, most people are unaware still at this point about sending full specific units or mix troops.

I think most mistakes that people encounter is that they are not very familiar with the Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

My advice here is to learn the Commanders. Remember who are Cavalry, Infantry, and Archer. Specific and Leader commanders can use mix troops.

Simply Pay attention to the commanders before joining the rally, scan the troops inside and look at the markers.

TOP 5 TIPS to Prepare for KVK | Rise of Kingdoms Guide 2020

Hopefully, you are going to have a great KvK with your Alliance and friends. Don’t hesitate to write down comment below and share your experience with us!

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