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Thanksgiving Event Guide

Grateful Heart

Celebrate the harvest! Thanksgiving event will be starting soon, including some great holiday-themed events, and prizes such as the new Harvest Cottage city theme, and a new limited-edition decoration: Turkey Sculpture!

A Cordial Invitation

Get your drink on!

With all the pre-feast commotion, everyone will need to contribute their own dishes! Alliance officers now only need to wait until enough dishes have been prepared, then they can set up the feast! The more dishes there are, the better the rewards everyone will get. Don’t forget to take a group photo!

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Event Rules

  • During the “Thanksgiving Feast” event, the alliance will receive 1 point for every 1 dish delivered by an alliance member. These points are used to raise the alliance’s feast level for that day.
  • During the event, if the alliance had received at least 100 points for that day, an alliance officer or the leader can place a feast on alliance territory for members to join. As the feast accumulates points, it levels up and provides even better rewards. The feast’s maximum level is 3.
  • Once an alliance feast has been placed on the map, it will no longer level up. Only one feast can be placed per day. Try to start a feast at the highest level possible.
  • The alliance feast lasts for 12 A new feast cannot be started until the previous day’s feast is completed.
  • Joining and finishing feast requires 20 minutes. If you leave midway during a feast or if the feast ends early, then no reward is given. Alliance members who successfully finish a feast will need to wait for 12 hours before they can join another.

Thanksgiving Feast

This alliance is preparing huge feast to celebrate the harvest season! Collecting ingredients and making dishes is no easy task, all alliance members will need to pitch in! If you are really good at this, you can help your fellow alliance members!

Event Rules

  • Each day during the event, Governors can deliver various dishes in return for individual Credits, and the maximum number of deliverable dishes is determined at random. Individual Credits and rewards are reset every day.
  • Leftover ingredients and undelivered dishes will be reclaimed at 00:00 UTC on the following day in order to guarantee the very best freshness and food hygiene (DEFINITELY not because someone wanted a midnight snack).
  • The alliance earns Alliance Credits (also known as Feast Points) as its members deliver their dishes. The higher the Alliance Credits (Feast Points), the higher the feast level of the “A Cordial Invitation” event, the better the rewards.
  • An Alliance leader or Officer can place 1 feast on alliance territory per day during the “A Cordial Invitation” event. The feast is open to all members, so make sure you don’t miss it!
  • Help out your alliance members! Governors can request dishes from other members during the feast, and also gift dishes to others for a small reward. Please note that dishes received as a gift are delivered automatically.
  • You must accept dishes gifted by alliance members first in order to earn Credits and to request more dishes. If you no longer need or want anyone to gift you dishes, the you can cancel your request at any time without using up your request chances. There is a limit to the number of dishes you can receive per day.

Esmeralda’s House

Event Rules

  • During the event, governors can perform divinations for a chance to receive a random reward.
  • Perform more divinations to receive better rewards.
  • In each divination, governors have a chance to receive a gem reward greater than the gem cost of the divination.
  • The rewards received from each divination will always exceed the value of the gems expended.


8-Hour Research Speedup x4 10.08%
8-Hour Training Speedup x4 10.08%
8-Hour Building Speedup x4 10.08%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 4 8.064%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 4 8.064%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x3 2.016%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1 3.225%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x2 8.064%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x3 4.032%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1 12.096%
Level 4 “Pick One” Resource Chest x5 24.193%

You can get extra Rewards by levels of divination chests.

Journey of Gratitude

This event will last for a total of 8 days, with 3 side events unlocked every day for the first 5 days. Governors can obtain “Corn” by completing side event quests during the first 7 days.

On day 8, all related holiday events will be locked, but governors will be able to claim additional chest rewards earned therein. Rewards will vary with the number of quests completed. Corn can be used in the “Hungry Turkey” event. Chest rewards will include Epic Commander Sculptures, but not special festival items.

Day 1

  • Daily Business: We simply have to log in every day to obtain the rewards of this stage.
  • Field Collection: Missions to collect resources on the map in a total of quantities and times.
  • Academic Elite: We must increase our power through investigations of the Academy from a minimum to a maximum number (2,500-100,000) in 6 missions.

Day 2

  • Step by Step: Consume AP. You will need to consume a total of 5000 Action Points before the end of the event. The best way to take advantage of this is by fighting barbarians or forts.
  • City Defense: Defeating barbarians is the objective of these missions, a total of 300 barbarians must be defeated gradually to complete this important link of missions, taking advantage of “Step by Step” where we must consume AP, overcoming barbarians will be part of that routine to effectively spend our Action Points without wasting a single one.
  • Ready to Attack: Increase troop Power. We will need to increase the power of troops to a total of 100,000 to complete all the missions of this tab, we may have to use some speed to increase this development, however, it is still important to save them for the next few days that will be required in another series of missions and well, two birds with one stone.

Day 3

  • Barbarian Invasion: Attack Barbarian Forts: We can say that they are the best missions of this year, we must destroy a total of 30 barbarian forts through rallies to complete all the missions, each of these missions will give us a gold key as the main reward, securing the 30 forts we completed the tab and won these 6 gold keys in total, excellent.
  • Alliance Action: Help your Alliance. We must help our alliance and members in the ways we know in Rise of Kingdoms, however, they are one of the most complex missions since the help is a total of 400 times to our colleagues and make 200 donations in total to the technologies of The alliance. For this we must be quite active, at least these days to complete these tasks.
  • Tiles and Bricks: Increase Building Power. Like the previous tasks of increasing power, we must increase this through the construction or development of our buildings, a total of 100,000 power points is required to complete all missions, the trick is to improve some structure from the first moment of the event so on the 4th or 5th day we can accelerate with some speeds and take advantage of other missions to come.

Day 4

  • Sprint for the Win: Use speedups. We must use a total of 3000 minutes of any type of speedups, when this day arrives it is important to use all that time that remains in previous missions such as increasing power through troops, research and building, for this we anticipated.
  • Important Trade: In this series of missions we must buy a total of 80 items from “Mysterious Merchant”, let’s not waste gems on this task as long as it is not essential, let’s take advantage of the offers for resources and every time we train troops in our barracks we increase the probability to get the arrival of this store to our city again, just buy what is necessary at the right time and we complete the task.
  • Accumulate Strength: Train all types of units. As part of these missions we must train all types of units in two types of quantities, 1500 and 3000, that is, we will have a total of 4 missions for each unit (Infantry, Cavalry, Archer, Siege) to obtain excellent rewards. Also ideal to take advantage of the use of our speedups and increase power through training to finish previous missions.

Day 5

  • Protect the Holy Site: Collect runes and defeat guardians. Like the event of the game “Holy Conqueror” in these missions we have to collect a certain amount of runes in the “Holy Sites” and defeat some guardians to complete these achievements.
  • Teamwork: Claim Alliance Gifts. The only way to complete these missions is by claiming alliance gifts, we can find a good alliance where they make daily purchases for real money, have a lot of activity destroying barbarian forts or any other event that provides this type of gifts, so we can redeem this type of gifts and complete orders.
  • Resource Output: Gathering resources in the city and map. We will only need to collect a total of a certain amount of different resources in our city and map, something easy that we can complete in just a few hours and finish our missions.

Hungry Turkey

Unlock the Deluxe Turkey for a chance to receive bonus awards, including a city theme: Harvest Cottage (Permanent)

Event Rules

  • Feed Corn to the turkey to increase its level. Once your turkey reaches certain levels, you will receive corresponding rewards.
  • Unlock the Deluxe Turkey to get extra rewards.
  • Each corn fed to the turkey has a chance to multiply the experience received.
  • Once your turkey reaches the maximum level (Level 25), all remaining corn will be exchanged for an equivalent number of Lvl. 2 Resource Packs.
  • Leve rewards can only be claimed once by each governor. Progress will not be reset during the event.


  • Participate in the event to receive plentiful rewards. Once your turkey reaches Level 15, you will receive a limited-edition Thanksgiving decoration: Turkey Sculpture! Unlock your Deluxe Turkey and upgrade it to Level 17 to receive a limited-edition Thanksgiving city theme: Harvest Cottage (Permanent)
  • Once a governor has claimed the Turkey Sculpture, the structure will be permanently unlocked for their city, and can be built or demolished at any time. (Governors who have not received this item will be unable to view the corresponding structure in their building list.)
  • The first time a Turkey Sculpture is constructed, the corresponding “Turkey Sculpture” item will be consumed. No items will be returned if the sculpture is demolished. However, the sculpture can be rebuilt for 1000 wood.

Bumper Harvest

During the event, governors will have a chance to find “Thanksgiving Boxes” hen collecting resources in the city, gathering on the map or defeating barbarians. Reward will be received by mail.

Thanksgiving Boxes contain 1-5 corn, and have a chance to contain a Harvest Cottage (3 Days).

Map Collection: You have a chance to get “Thanksgiving Boxes” while gathering resource on the map!

City Collection: You have a chance to get “Thanksgiving Boxes” while collecting resource in your city.

Defeating Barbarians: You have a chance to get “Thanksgiving Boxes” after defeating barbarians on the map

Tips to Quickly Obtain “Thanksgiving Boxes”

  • Through “Map collection” we must send our gathering troops to farm a maximum of 120K – 130K resources on the map, this with good commanders we can do it every 15 minutes maximum and we will have the same probability of obtaining up to 3 “Thanksgiving Boxes” as if we had collected the entire resource point, each time they return home send them back to the same or another mine for the same amount.
  • We can teleport to Zone 1 where there are Level 1 – 2 resource points that have very little of these and their collection is more precise without having to select the amount of troops needed or call them home every time it’s necessary , thus we always ensure our maximum limit to obtain “Thanksgiving Boxes” If we collect resources in our city, we must do it every so often to guarantee “Thanksgiving Boxes” the best way is every 20 – 30min to collect all our resources from farms and we will obtain several boxes for a good probability.
  • Use boosts and resource runes to increase the production of our farms and be more effective when obtaining “Thanksgiving Boxes”.
  • As long as we have Action Points, using those defeating barbarians on the map is one of the fastest ways to get these gifts, we can even add some extra AP to guarantee our “Thanksgiving Event Rewards

Preparing for the Feast

Prepare Ingredients for the feast!

Event Rules

  • During the event, governors will have a chance to find ingredients for “Thanksgiving Feast” when collecting resources in the city, gathering resources on the map, defeating barbarians, purchasing in the Courier Station, training troops, giving alliance help, or destroying barbarian forts.
  • All ingredients in the “Thanksgiving Feast” event can only be used on the day of acquisition, and the dishes that are made will expire on the next day.

Map Collection: Gather resources for a chance to get Pumpkins!

Troops Training: Train troops for a chance to get Potatoes!

Defeat Barbarian Forts: Destroy barbarian forts for a chance to get Cranberries!

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City Collection: You have a chance to get Turkey while collecting resources in the city!

Defeating Barbarians: You have a chance to get Butter after defeating barbarians on the map.

Alliance Help: You have a chance to get Sugar while giving help to the alliance.

Courier Station Purchases: You have a chance to get Water after making a purchase in the Courier Station.

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