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Team Draw New and Improved

Team Draw

Draw prizes with other Governors!

Event Rules

  • Form a team of at least 2 Governors, either by invitation or random matching, to participate in this event.
  • Spend 1 Imperial Scroll to gain 2 cards. You can choose how many Imperial Scrolls to spend each turn. Once your team has spent a total of 5 Imperial Scrolls, you can begin the draw.
  • Each round will involve a draw from a pool of 10 cards, with each Governor selecting 1 card. Once all Governors have selected theirs, unselected cards will be randomly assigned according to how many Imperials Scrolls each Governor spent.
  • Governors must spend Imperial Scrolls to initiate the matchmaking process. If the matchmaking process fails to form a team after a certain length of time, then the team will be disbanded and any Scrolls spent returned. If the matchmaking process is taking too long, change the number of Scrolls you spend and try again.
  • The team will receive at least 1 Legendary Commander Sculpture or 1 Legendary Commander in each round.
  • Any selections made during the draw process cannot be changed. However, if you draw a Commander or their Sculptures for whom you already have Expertise, it will be automatically exchanged for 1 dazzling Starlight Sculpture.
  • Governors from different kingdoms may have access to different Commander Sculptures based on the current state of their kingdom during the teaming-up or matchmaking process, but the same probabilities apply across the board.
  • At the end of the event, all unused Imperial Scrolls will be reclaimed as 500 Gem at a 1:1 ratio.

Commander Probability

  • Any Commander Sculpture has a probability to: 0.239%

Item Probability

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Item Probability
Commander Sculpture x5 (any commander) 0.985%
Commander Sculpture x1 (any commander) 4.793%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x2 9.587%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1 9.587%
Bundle Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1 4.793%
Legendary Commander Sculpture x5 0.047%
Legendary Commander Sculpture x2 0.095%
Legendary Commander Sculpture x1 0.383%
15-Hour Speedup x2 14.381%
8-Hour Speedup x2 14.381%
Lvl 7 Tome of Knowledge x8 14.381%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1 14.381%

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