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Takeda Shingen Guide & Talent Build

Takeda Shingen Rise of Kingdoms

Takeda Shingen

Rarity: Legendary
Nation Japan Japan / The Tiger of Kai
CavalryCavalry | VersatilityVersatility | Mobility Mobility

Takeda’s Talent Tree

takeda field battle talent build
Takeda Field Battle Talent Build

Takeda Shingen’s Skills

Skill Type Description Upgrades
Fierce as the Fire Active Takeda Shingen debuffs an enemy single target for 4 seconds, each time this target receives a normal attack, there is a 50% chance to receive an extra normal attack damage. This effect can only trigger once every 2 seconds. Enemy Additional Normal Damage Taken


The first skill of Takeda Shingen does not do skill damage.

So we’ve got an obvious pairing right here! That you could do with Takeda Shingen is the secondary for Attila. It would be pretty sweet!

You debuff an enemy, single target, for 4 seconds, which is a pretty long time. 

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Each time the target receives a normal attack, there is a 50% chance to receive up to an additional 50% extra normal attack damage. This is why you want to increase that normal attack damage as much as possible.

This effect can only trigger once every two seconds so there is a limit to how frequently this can trigger. This is because this skill is so effective when you’re swarming the enemies, especially in Ark of Osiris, it looks like every single army that’s attacking has a chance to trigger this. Because if you’re swarming a target with 10 armies, you’ll basically get a hundred percent uptime on this.

This is going to be really good in Ark of Osiris and there’s gonna be some serious implications!

Skill Type Description Upgrades
Swift as the Wind Passive Increases cavalry units’ attack and grants normal attacks 10% chance to increase march speed for 3 seconds. Cavalry Attack Bonus


March Speed Bonus


A 40% attack bonus is absolutely massive! This is an extremely interesting skill!

It seems like this is all about chasing down targets to death.

This is a serious massive skill comparing to the other Legendary skills.

Skill Type Description Upgrades
Gentle as the Forest Passive For 4 seconds after using Fierce as the Fire, heals a portion of slightly wounded units every second. When the army led by this commander contains only cavalry units, increases defense. Cavalry Defense Bonus


Healing Factor


So that’s a total of 1,000 healing factor spread out over time.

Frederick has a 10% chance to trigger a heal for 1,000 but it can only trigger every 5 seconds. It’s not as good as Takeda’s skill, not even close to what we’ve got here!

A cavalry defense bonus of 40% is another crazy bonus Takeda Shingen provides.

Skill Type Description Upgrades
Immovable as the Mountain Passive Skill damage against troops led by Takeda Shingen is reduced. When taking damage, there is a 10% chance to reduce normal attack damage taken and counterattack damage taken for 3 seconds. Skill Damage Taken Reduction


Normal Attack Damage Reduction


Counterattack Damage Reduction


So that’s pretty solid skill over here.

Anti-swarm technology can be in the form of elevating your own counter-attack where now you’re doing more damage to everybody that’s hitting you. But in this case, we’re seeing the opposite, which is decreasing the normal attack damage you take from all those armies that are hitting you. Very great skill!

Skill Type Description
Koshu-ryu Gungaku Expertise Deal an extra 30% normal attack damage to enemies who have been debuffed by Fierce as the Fire.

We see the pairing now! The pairing now becomes obvious!

Increasing that normal attack damage is exactly what Attila, or any commander that focus on normal attack damage, wants.

Parings for Takeda Shingen

Attila: I think these two commanders pairing up together is one of the best paring for Takeda. Attila as the primary, Takeda as the secondary. Takeda’s Mobility tree is fine for getting around but we’re talking about using him for huge war or Ark of Osiris to smash structures!

He’s got the versatility tree which means all four skills are usable in the open field, which is pretty cool. The downside is that the versatility tree basically adds no value whatsoever. Takeda has a lot more flexibility than the commander that you pair with.

He’s not actually reducing the amount of skill damage that you deal so I actually give the desire to have his first skill to go off frequently.

It is great to pair Taketa as the secondary with either Saladin or Genghis Khan as the primary. That would be a phenomenal choice and you’d get a ton of value with those commanders.

You want the first skill to go off as frequently as possible, especially because you have a healing factor that is triggering based off the first skill. The healing factor of 1000 is not a joke!

With saladin being primary, you could go in and pick up Elixir, which is going to give you the a better healing factor. Instead of 1000, it effectively gives you a healing factor of 1090, which is very worth it!

eilixir skill rise of kingdoms

You could also pick up counterattack so that healed troops will have their attack increased by 9% for 3 seconds. That’s great!


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