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7 Sunset Canyon Tips for Free Players

If you are a free to play player and you are looking for the best tips for Sunset Canyon in Rise of Kingdoms, I bet that you will find this guide extremely helpful!

sunet canyon tips

Top 7 Sunset Canyon Tips for F2P Players

Guide by 12inchpvpness

Level up your commanders

guardian rune
Temple Guadians give tons of XP

Farm Temple Guardians and use your Tomes!

Temple Guardians give you a ton of free experience. Just do it every day. Do not miss it.

The tomes are collecting dust on the sidelines if you’re not using them.

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You’re going to have plenty of tomes as you’re doing Expedition and you’re not leveling up Legendary commanders.

Use your tomes early and get your early lead in Sunset Canyon.

You will have more than enough tomes!

High Levels > Quality Commanders


High-level commanders are actually more important than quality commanders, early game especially.

Early game, Lohar is extremely strong as he has a high level, which means he can heal a ton of units. And he’s got the support tree, which means he’s got 150 rage regen from the Rejuvenate, which is huge. He’s got a bunch of tank stats in the support tree so if you support him well, he can proc all the support tree stuff.

Couple him with Julius Caesar or really any legendary.

The only reason why he’s good realistically is that he has high levels during the early game.

This is why you have to do Temple Guardians and why you have to farm more tomes.

Focus on Epics only (except Aetheflaed)

Focus on epics only except for aethelflaed Aethelflaed. She is for F2P’s god. Invest all of your Expedition coins on her! Outside of Aethelflaed, no other legendaries should be invested in!

Level up your Epics, expertise them. Focus on your Epics only! You are free to play, not pay to play.

Best Commanders to Use in Sunset Canyon

sun tzujoan-of-arcboudica

sun tzu Sun Tzu is arguably the best epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms with the only person to contest that being joan-of-arc Joan of Arc. These guys should be your first to expertise commanders.

Especially as a free-to-play because Joan of Arc not only is great in the battlefield, not only is great in Sunset Canyon, not only is great in Expedition, she also gives you 25% gathering speed.

boudicaBoadica is the next one! She’s got a nice little rage engine on her.

Next should be any other Epic, as long as it’s not cavalry commander.

Cavalry is not great in Sunset Canyon because you will face Charles Martel, Richard, Sun Tzu, etc. a lot and those guys can beat cavalry with ease.

Best Time to do Sunset Canyon

Do Sunset Canyons at 23:55 UTC every day. If it’s Sunday, do it at 23:50 UTC.

The reason why is so nobody can touch you during the last minutes.

You are much weaker when defending than you are when attacking because people can counter your defense. When you look at other people’s defenses, you can change your dispatches based on what they have.

The attacker has an advantage in Sunset Canyon.

You never have to defend your spot. Just do Sunset Canyon very late into the day, almost the next day, and you’ll top spot!

Almost nobody is doing it five minutes before the daily reset.

If it’s a Sunday, do it at 23:50 because you’re saving your tickets from daily quests every single day and you’re using them all on the last day to get that gold key threshold!

The clock below shows you the current server time

Save your Sunset Canyon tickets for the last day

On the last day, 23:50 UTC is when you start doing Sunset Canyon because you need to use all your vouchers right there free materials just save them for the last day so you can get to your goal.


Rush to City Hall Level 22

City Hall 22 allows you to have 5 dispatches at once.

If you’re not at least 4 marches, you’re never going to touch top 50 as a free to play player. Honestly even, at 4 marches, you’re probably not going to touch top 50. You’d be lucky to hit the top 100 every day as a 4 march free to play.

This isn’t even just a Sunset Canyon tip. It’s just a tip for your entire game.

Please rush your City Hall to level 22. Never stop rushing your City Hall!

One more tip for you!

Every time that your commander levels up they can fit more units but it doesn’t automatically put those units in your defensive dispatches. So just check your defense every once in a while!

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sunset canyon rise of kingdoms

Sunset Canyon Basic Information:


  1. Governors can challenge one another in Sunset Canyon to earn rating points and win rewards.
  2. Each governor will have 5 free challenge attempts per day. Additional attempts will cost one Challenge Ticket per attempt.
  3. Challenge Tickets can be accumulated by completing Daily Objectives but will be reclaimed at the end of each season (Sunday)
  4. Following each challenge, the victorious governor will earn rating points and the defeated governor will lose rating points. Governors can claim daily rewards according to their rating points earned.
  5. Each Sunset Canyon season will last 7 days. At the end of the season, governors can claim season rewards based on their final ranking. Points will be reset after each season.
  6. Once a new season begins, governors must complete 1 Sunset Canyon challenge to earn an initial rating and participate in the season rankings.
  7. Commander levels, talents and equipment will take effect in Sunset Canyon challenges. No other buffs will take effect.

Challenge Rules

  1. Each governor may deploy a maximum of 5 armies. The configuration of each army will be determined automatically.
  2. Governors must place their armies in one of 8 squares. Each army will first attack the front-row targets directly in front of them, followed by the back-row targets directly in front of them. If there are no targets directly in front, the army will attack the closest target.
  3. Defeat all of your opponent’s troops within the specified time limit to claim victory. If neither side has been eliminated by the end of the time limit, the side with the most remaining troops will be the winner.

Battle Info

restrained arms

When troop type is restricted, damage received will be increased, and the restricted troop type will deal reduced damage.

front row attack sunset canyon

Front-row Attack Rules: The front-row commander will prioritize attacking the target in front of them. When there is no front-row target available, they will target the back row.

back row attack sunset canyon

Back-row commanders will prioritize targeting the front-row target in front of them. When there is no front-row commander to target, they will target the back row in front of them.

no target in front sunset canyon

When there is no target in front whatsoever, commanders will choose the closest front-row target to attack. If there is no front-row target left, they will attack the nearest back-row target.


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