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Suleiman I – Kanuni

Suleiman I

Rarity: Legendary
ottoman Turkey | Kanuni
Leadership Leadership | Conquering Conquering | Attack Attack


Suleiman I, the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520-1566), went down in history as the “true caliph” for the Muslims, “Suleiman the Magnificent” for the Europeans, and “Suleiman Qanuni” (“Lawgiver”) for the Turks. The last nickname was brought to him by reforms that changed the legal system of the Ottoman Empire.

Suleiman’s most important military successes include the annexation of most of the Middle East in the war with the Safavids; expansion of the empire in North Africa to Algeria, and the creation of the powerful Ottoman fleet, which conquered dominance in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Suleiman I’s reign was also marked by successes in the field of culture and law, which brought the Sultan the glory of “a great legislator who, in the eyes of both his people and his officials, became the embodiment of power and justice.” The laws passed under Suleiman I laid the foundations of the legal system of the Ottoman Empire for many generations to come.

Also, during his reign, art flourished in the empire, which may be due in part to his love of poetry (he wrote poetry himself).

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Suleiman’s Skills

Skill Description

Magnificent Sultan


Deals direct damage to target (Damage Factor 900), and when the target has less than 50% Rage, decreases their defense by 10% and health by 10% for 2 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Direct Damage Factor: 900 / 1000 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300
  • Enemy Defense Reduced: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
  • Enemy Health Reduced: 10% / 15% / 20 % / 25% / 30% 



Troops led by this commander gain 3% increased attack and 3 % increased defense. Damage taken from all sources is reduced by 2% outside alliance territory.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Attack Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
  • Defense Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
  • Damage Taken Reduced by: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

The Siege of Vienna


Attacks have a 10% chance of reducing the normal attack damage of target troops by 5% and their skill damage by 5% for 3 seconds when attacking cities or strongholds. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Normal Attack Damage Reduced: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%
  • Skill Damage Reduction: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%



Troops led by this commander deal 1% increased normal attack damage. If at least 2 different unit types are present, troops also gain 20% increased skill damage for 3 seconds upon suffering skill damage. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview

  • Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 1% / 2% /3 % / 4% / 5%
  • Skill Damage Bonus: 20% / 25% / 30% / 40% / 50%


Master of Europe


When the commander has over 70% Rage, normal attacks by troops led by this commander inflict additional skill damage on the target (Damage Factor 200) but grant the target 50 extra Rage.


  • Legendary Commander specializing in leading troops of any type
  • Great skill damage
  • Excellent Buff / Debuff
  • Good skill damage reduction
  • Conqueror commander, ideal for attacking garrisons and cities


  • It doesn’t have any healing factor
  • Slow march speed


Suleiman I is an excellent commander specialized in leading mixed troops. His talents and skill make him a powerful warrior and conqueror thanks to his buff and debuff.

Magnificent Sultan“: his active skill deals great damage while reducing the defense and health of his enemy for 2 seconds. “Annexation” is his first passive skill which increases the attack/defense of his troops, and also gains considerable damage reduction when fighting outside the alliance territory.

The Siege of Vienna”: As a great conqueror, Suleiman possesses a great skill. When attacking cities or garrisons, there is a probability of reducing 20% damage taken from normal attacks. This is one of his most important skills for the build of Rally.

Rally/Open-field Build

Conquering Conquering Talents

  • Moment of Triumph Moment of Triumph: While the army led by this commander is at more than 90% strength, it increases all damage dealt by 9%. It is ideal to always reinforce your Rally while attacking some garrison/city or fighting in an open field..
  • Buckler Shield Buckler Shield: Reduces counterattack damage by 9%. Suleiman will take less damage when attacking garrisons or cities or fighting in open fields.

Attack Attack Talents

  • armored joints Armored Joints: Reduces all damage taken by 1.5%.
  • unyielding Unyielding: Increases counterattack damage dealt by 1.5%. Your troops will return more damage to your enemies.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Grants an additional 6 rage every time this commander’s troops are attacked.
  • Lord of War Lord of War: When troops led by this commander enter battle, increase attack by (1.5% X Commander Star Level) %. Multiplying the maximum possible star, 6 x 1.5 = 9% Attack for our troops. Excellent!
  • effortless Effortless: During battles, increase all damage dealt by 2.5% every 10 seconds (up to a maximum of 10%). Thanks to his great resistance, Suleiman is a difficult commander to defeat in open-field or garrison/city attacks. After 40 seconds of battle you can increase your attack by 10%, making this an essential skill.

Leadership Leadership Talents

  • Healing Herbs Healing Herbs: Enhances healing effects received by troops by 9%. Suleiman does not have healing effects. However, as long as he is paired with a commander who has a healing skill, this will be a good talent to heal a sizable percent of the army.
  • Hidden Wrath Hidden Wrath: Grants an additional 6 rage every time this commander’s troops are attacked. Good talent for open-field or rally attack city/garrison, it will help you to regenerate rage during the battle to reuse your skill much faster.
  • Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth: When armies led by this commander contain 3 or more different unit types, all damage dealt is increased by 3%. Excellent talent for Suleiman!
  • Strategic Prowess Strategic Prowess: After using this skill, it increases troop defense by 20% for the next 2 seconds. Great buff defense.

This build is focused on both styles of play; Open-field and Rally. Suleiman is excellent for both functions and his talents accompany each of his skills, giving him effectiveness in various types of combat. He is a great conqueror and warrior and you can take advantage of the multiple buff and debuff uses at all times of combat.

If you wanted to use a build recommended solely for Rally, this would be it. Looking for some peculiarities when attacking cities or garrisons exchanging “Leadership” talents for “Conquering.

Rally Build

Conquering Conquering Talents

  • Marionette Marionette: Reduces damage taken from watchtowers by 15%. Ideal for having the least possible loss of troops and taking less damage during your attack. It only works against cities, as these are the only ones that have
  • Entrenched Entrenched: Increases all damage dealt to strongholds by 3% and damage taken form stronghold garrisons is reduced by 3%. Against any city/garrison you will do more damage and suffer less.

Best Commanders Pairings Suleiman I.

Honda Tadakatsu comes to this update accompanied by Suleiman with many similar skills and specialties. They are both great commanders to lead mixed troops, plus they share their active / passive skills almost perfectly. They gain a lot of attack, defense, skill damage, damage reduction and apply a lot of buff/debuff to both their troops and enemies. Without a doubt the best possible pairing.
Trajan Trajan is another great legendary commander specialized in leading units of any type, an absolute leader with great damage reduction, troop capacity, and like Suleiman he has a strong buff and debuff.

Recommended Equipment for Suleiman I.

Equipment Delay Time Stats
40 days Cavalry Cavalry Attack +8%

Infantry Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Archer Attack +3%

72 days Cavalry Cavalry Defense +13%

Archer Archer Health +6%

Infantry Infantry Health +4%

48 days Cavalry Cavalry Defense +8%

Archer Archer Attack +5%

32 days Archer Archer Attack +4.5%

Infantry Infantry Attack +3%

Cavalry Cavalry Attack +3%

48 days Archer Archer Defense +8%

Cavalry Cavalry Defense + 5%

32 days Archer Archer Health +5.5%

Cavalry Cavalry Attack +3%

Total 272 days Cavalry Cavalry Attack + 22%

Cavalry Cavalry Defense + 21%

Cavalry Cavalry Health +0%


Archer Archer Attack + 15.5%

Archer Archer Defense + 7.5%

Archer Archer Health +11.5%


Infantry Infantry Attack + 9%

Infantry Infantry Defense + 0%

Infantry Infantry Health +4%




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