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Top 10 Rise of Kingdoms Strategies For New Account

Whether you are a brand-new player or looking for creating another new account, these Rise of Kingdoms strategies will definitely help you have a much better start in the game!

Rise of Kingdoms strategy

Is This A Jumper Guide?

This is not a jumper guide. If you are a more experienced player that wants to group up with other players in order to have a strong start in the early days for a kingdom, please check out our Jumper guide.

But what is a jumper account?

A “jumper” is a player that takes advantage of something called “Beginner’s Teleport”, allowing players you to migrate to another Kingdom, even a nascent one, if your city hall has not been upgraded over a certain level.

In this way, you can basically boost your account as much as you can and prepare it for a head start in the Kingdom you want to play on (which at the moment of the creation of the jumper account has not opened yet).

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New servers open very frequently, that’s why many new jumper groups are being formed every single day.

Top 10 Rise of Kingdoms Strategies When Starting A New Account

china civlilization

Best Civilizations for New Account

If you are starting now, which civilization should you pick?

Because that’s the first action you are asked to perform when you create an account.

In my opinion, there are three best choices:

  • Nation China China, for the extra building speed.
  • Nation Japan Japan, for the extra gathering speed.
  • Britain Britain, for the extra troop training speed.

Every civilization is giving you different benefits, but also different starting commanders.

The most used civilization on secondary accounts, also defined as “farm accounts“, which you normally use to gather extra resources to move into your main account, is Japan, thanks to the extra gathering speed.

For your main account, the best two to start with are probably China but especially Britain, with Sun Tzu Sun Tzu and Boudica Boudica as starting commanders.


I would personally pick Boudica Boudica, because she is a great one to start with in order to level up your other commanders faster. Boudica has not only increased damage against barbarians, but also you gain extra bonus experience from defeating those barbarians.

In the beginning, you are going to receive her sculptures from the Tavern and from some events, so it will be easier for you to strengthen her up.

Remember that you can always change your civilization later with tokens, gems, or individual credits.

Best Epic Commanders

Epic commander investment priorities: Boudica Boudica, Lohar Lohar, Baibars Baibars, Sun Tzu Sun Tzu, bjorn ironside Björn, and Joan of Arc Joan of Arc. In my opinion, those 6 are the most useful to start your account with.

Boudica Boudica and Lohar Lohar will help you a ton in the growth process of your fighting commanders, thanks to the extra experience that you can gain when farming barbarians and neutral units.

Kindly visit our talent tree guide to make the most of them!

Baibars Baibars is a great epic cavalry commander, thanks to his nice AOE active skill (“Area of Effect”) that helps you will hit multiple targets if they are walking in that area.

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu, is one of the best, if not the best epic open-field commander, thanks to his versatility and bulkiness, but he can be also great in garrison situations and this is the talent tree in case you would like to use him as a garrison commander.

Joan of Arc Joan of Arc is essential to support your other commanders, so she is not normally a primary commander. Remember that only the talents and the equipments from your primary commander are taking effect in a battle. The secondary comment only contributes their skills.

maxed ysg
Every account in Rise of Kingdoms should consider maxing out YSG as their primary legendary commander choice.

Best Legendary Commanders

Please do max your Yi Seong-Gye YSG (Yi-Seong Gye).

Maxing out a legendary commander is the most hard-core thing you can do in Rise of Kingdoms, that’s why you should focus on one commander at a time!

Yi Seong-Gye YSG is a complete commander, usable in any situation, from open field to garrison, from rally to events and barbarian chains. His circular area of effect given by him from the expertise skill is unique and very large, and gives you a lot of flexibility.

Every account in Rise of Kingdoms should consider maxing out YSG as their primary legendary commander choice.

So, unlock him in the event called “Wheel of Fortune” (where you use gems to spin a wheel and obtain a variety of rewards) and then focus on bringing his levels and skills up.

Skill Upgrade Cost Infographic
Skill Upgrade Cost Infographic

However, there are still some exceptions where you just have to invest a small number of sculptures to get 90% of the commander power. For example, having a richard Richard at 5111 is always good enough (first skill at level 5 and the others at level 1), considering that you only need to spend 50 sculptures on him).

Generally, you need to bring the first 4 skills to level 5, for a total of 16 upgrades. When you go up, the upgrades are going to become more and more expensive, reaching the crazy amount of 80 sculptures needed for each of the last two upgrades.

After maxing out your commander skills, you will be able to unlock a new special skill called the expertise skill! The expertise is very strong, but not always it is suggested to go all the way there to unlock it.

Some commanders, like richard Richard, are good already at 5111, or 5511, or 5551. Leonidas I Leonida is one of the most valuable commanders at 5511. Another example can be Saladin Saladin Saladin, which is excellent at 5551, and you should leave him there and save 310 sculptures.

Think about that the last four upgrades will cost you almost half of what you already spent to bring your commander up to 5551 and in case of Saladin Saladin and the final return is not that great, so you should leave him at 5551.

In order to level up your commanders faster in the beginning, you should consider running on the map and killing the guardians of the holy sites (for example the Shrine Guardians). This is a completely free way of obtaining experience since you don’t need action points to kill the guardians.

expedition mode rise of kingdoms

Expedition Mode

At the same time, you will work on your Aethelflaed Aethelflaed for free, she is literally the only free legendary commander.

How can you acquire her sculptures? Easy! You just need to complete the campaign, the Expedition mode on the game and start obtaining some daily chests and once you open them up, you will get a variety of rewards, such as Aethelflaed sculptures, epic commander sculptures, which will be very useful to you to bring up your epic commanders, and silver keys.

You have also a chance to get some legendary commander sculptures and some gold keys, but that’s very rare.

You can also buy 3 Aethelflaed sculptures per day in the expedition campaign shop, which I always suggest to do because after you max Aethelflaed out, you can sell back her sculptures for Individual Alliance Credits credits in the alliance shop, and that will help you a lot when you will need to buy items there in exchange for credits, such as the  passport pages.

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Level Up Gathering Commanders

Another important suggestion is to make sure to level up the gathering commanders and pick the gathering talents to farm a lot of resources.

At the beginning of your ROK journey, you will need to log in often and constantly send out your gatherers in order to accumulate resources. If they are leveled up and have the correct talents, you will gather more and gather faster and speed up your growth a ton.

You can consider speeding up a few Tier 1 siege units, in order to have a good load capacity and still be fairly quick when pulling your troops out of the city.

Fact: Tier 1 siege units can heal super fast while also being very cheap!

Here are the basic gathering commanders you should have. You will find those commanders’ sculptures very often when ripping open silver and gold chests in the tavern, so the skills will be leveled up pretty quickly.

They are sarka Sarka, gaius marius Gaius Marius, constance Constance, centurion Centurion, Joan of Arc Joan of Arc, and Matilda of Flanders Matilda of Flanders.

Your gathering commander should be at least at level 37 in order to unlock the final talent Superior Tools “Superior Tools”.

gathering talent tree
Your final goal is to max out the Superior Tools on your farming commanders!

Matilda of Flanders Matilda of Flanders is not a bad commander to use to reinforce your flags and alliance structures during a war, thanks to the 15% extra troop capacity – she is the only epic commander that has that. Normally you can only find the 15% extra troop capacity on legendary commanders such as Julius Caesar and Frederick I.

The legendary tier of gathering commanders includes three commanders: Cleopatra Cleopatra, Seondeok Seondeok, and Ishida Mitsunari Ishida – but those will be harder to level up, and you should never ever invest your sculptures on gathering commanders, because you will find them often in the gold chests and their sculptures will be periodically available on exchange events or other events such as “Strategic Reserve”.

Last but not least, never ever invest legendary sculptures on legendary commanders that you can find in the gold chests (for example Cao Cao Cao Cao, or Charles Martel Charles Martel, or El Cid El Cid, etc), and make sure to level up the active skill to max always in the first place.

skill lock

Skill Lock

A few months ago, the developers have introduced the skill lock system, so even if you mess it up and level up the commanders and level up the wrong skills instead of the first, remember that you can lock the skill and level them up in order.

In this way, you will never ever make our early mistakes of having legendary commanders leveled up at 4-star without the active skill maxed, for example at 1-2-3-1.

Probably the only case in which you should max the second skill of a legendary commander first instead of the active skill is in the case of the gathering commanders, because the second skill is the one that is useful to you for gathering and will not use those commanders on the open field anyway.

defending wall

Garrison Your Walls

It is always important to set the garrison commanders on your wall.

In this way, if you get attacked by an enemy, you will not get destroyed easily.

I would completely avoid fighting until the Kingdom versus Kingdom event, but most of the time that’s not a choice, because in the beginning, the Kingdom is going to be in a primordial state where Alliances start to fight to determine who will rule the Kingdom, who will take the holy sites, who can farm and where etc.

If you are a small player, always avoid getting attacked directly or getting rallied, this can hurt you and make you quit the game, especially in the early stages.

vip 10 rewards
VIP 10 Daily Rewards

Investing Gems

Must Read: How to spend Gems effectively in Rise of Kingdoms

The gem is the premium currency in the game and this can be obtained through events, farming, and by purchasing bundles.

How should you invest your gems in the beginning?

First, try to hit VIP level 10 and spend your gems to get there, preferably during a “More than Gems” event, in order to get extra rewards alongside your gem spending. VIP level 10 gives one legendary commander sculpture per day for free and you will never regret investing your gems in that.

Second, buy the Books to level up your Castle in the VIP shop.

The castle is the ultimate requirement to bring your Academy to the maximum level and research your Tier 5 troops and you want to max your Academy level as soon as possible.

That’s why sooner or later you will need to invest in your castle.

A very few players can kill enough barbarian forts to drop the number of books they needed without spending Gems. However, it’s still a very hard job.

If you want to grow faster and maybe you like to speed up your buildings, you will surely need to spend some gems on your castle.

Daily Activities


One of the first things that you need to do every day is the material production in the Blacksmith.

Since the introduction of the equipment system, producing materials has become crucial because the equipment is the edge that actually distinguishes two players that use the same commanders.

producing materials
Producing materials

Apart from the talents and the civilizations, the equipment choices are an important difference-maker for you to succeed in Rise of Kingdoms.

Daily Objectives

Then you must complete all the daily missions for extra resources, materials, speedups, gems, and especially spending all of the Action Points that you gain throughout the day.

Never ever make your action point bar go back to full.

You always need to spend your action points. Your action points will consent you to level up your commanders faster, loot a lot of resources and accumulate a good amount of speedups to use during the events of your choice.

daily rewards
Daily Rewards

If you acquire 100 daily mission points, you will also receive up to 5 epic commander sculptures and those are so crucial in your epic commander development process, so make sure to claim them every single day.

Being in an active alliance is crucial, as well.

Remember to always be in an alliance when you are building or researching anything, in order to get the helps from your alliance members and reduce the timings for the most crucial buildings and researches as much as you can.

Sunset Canyon

You should absolutely be playing Sunset Canyon daily for the extra materials and equipment blueprints.

Migrating Strategy

Must Read: How to move to another Kingdom

That the current migration system in the game allows players to migrate back and not forward, together with the KVK pacing being faster, new players might find themselves in the position of fighting players much stronger than them, from kvk2 going forward.

Thus, one of the most powerful tools that new players should already consider and plan for is migration.

You should really consider migrating back before playing the KvK number 4 if you want to catch up with older players.

The hard truth is, sooner or later you will need to go back in order to be prepared for the Season of Conquest KvK, which is essentially an event where multiple kingdoms battle each other on a big map and where all commanders available in the game are finally unlocked for everybody.

And I will tell you the best strategies to start the game and plan for your migration process. But let’s proceed by steps.

If you feel like before KVK 3 you are falling somehow behind, consider migrating back as much as you can (remember that you cannot migrate back to KvK1).

Migrating back is a good tool for free to play players and low spenders to feel more useful in an environment that is not too much ahead of them.

In this way, you can get to work on your commanders a bit longer before the Season of Conquest unlocks them all.

So, one important tip is to save all of your alliance credits in the beginning, and obtaining as many alliance credits as you can by donating to the alliance technology and eventually build alliance structures to reach the 20.000 daily alliance individual credit. This is the table with the passport cost in the “New World” bundle and the passport requirements according to your total power.

I always suggest getting the three daily Aethelflaed sculptures in the Expedition shop. That’s because when your Aethelflaed is maxed, you can go to the Alliance shop and sell the extra sculptures for 5 thousand individual credits each.

This can speed up your credit acquisition process dramatically in order to purchase some passport pages from the alliance shop.

Above Are The Best Strategies for New Account in Rise of Kingdoms!

To coordinate your team in the best way in Rise of Kingdoms, remember to join your Alliance Discord, check out ours guides on rok,guide about the topics you really need, make sure to speak with the community on the Official Discord, Facebook Page, whatever it is.

Communicating with other players is the best tool to grow on this game.

In this guide, I have covered so many aspects of the game, I haven’t spoken in detail about each topic because you can see more details about them in the linked guides.

I did my best to give you some general directions and ideas. I probably forgot to mention many other things, so if you have any specific questions you can leave them in the comment section down below!

How To Start in Rise of Kingdoms in 2021 [MUST WATCH BEGINNER'S GUIDE]

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