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Strange Incidents – Arrest The Bandits!

During the Strange Incidents event in Rise of Kingdoms, players need to search for the burning villages on the map, send scouts to help them by finishing different quests to get the rewards.

Due to tons of rewards you can get from this Event, it’s definitely want to the best ways for you to spend your Action Points on!

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Strange Incidents Event

  • During the event, Burning Villages will appear on the map. You can send scouts to investigate.
  • After you have investigated a village, you can accept a limited-time quest from the villagers, helping them return to their normal lives.
    burning village quests
  • You must complete the quest within the given time limit. The quest is failed if it is not completed before the time runs out.
  • You can choose to accept or decline the quest given by the villagers. A timer starts to count down as soon as the quest is accepted.
  • You can accept only ONE quest given by a villager at a time. That quest has to end or be given up before the next quest can be accepted.
  • You can re-scout a burning village once every 30 minutes, after either accepting or declining the quest.
  • After completing the quest given by a villager, Governors will receive quest rewards and the special item: Bandit’s Torch.
  • Different quests give different rewards.
    • Training 1,500 T2+ troops quest gives 200 Action Point Action Points. Training 4,000 T2+ troops quest gives 600 Action Point Action Points. Players can potentially pick up to 9,000 Action Point Action Points from these quests per day.
    • If you have already maxed out all of your buildings/tech upgrades, the quests that require you to upgrade your building power will get immediately completed as you don’t have anything else to upgrade.
  • Use 5 Bandit’s Torches to summon and challenge the Bandits.
  • The bandits will materialize somewhere close to the summoning Governor’s city. Governors can defeat the bandits solo, or with the help of a Rally.
    • Tip: Send just a little amount of troops to the Bandit rally so that all of your Alliance friends can get the rewards!
  • Each Governor can complete a maximum of 15 villager quests per day.
Rewards for attacking Bandits are gorgeous
Rewards for attacking Bandits are gorgeous!

Trick to find Villages easier!

  1. Zoom out.
  2. Choose Explore marker.
  3. The burning villages are the red flames on the screen as shown below:

strange incidents burning villages

Have fun with the event and don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any question!

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