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Spring Festival Event

Spring Celebrations

The winter will soon be over and the joys of spring upon us. Let’s celebrate the time with our festive series:

  • Lunar New Year Complete quests for 7 days to win great rewards!
  • Lantern City: Collect points to earn rewards for you and your alliance members!
  • Night Fireworks: Collect and throw Copper Tokens into the Wishing Box for good luck in the “Lantern City” event.
  • Gifts of the Season: Exchange for a wide variety of prizes, including a new city theme!
  • Spring Festival Riches: Collect ingredients to prepare for the Spring Festival Feast.
  • Spring Festival Feast: Prepare food for a heartwarming meal.
  • Family Gathering: Join a big banquet with fellow alliance members!
  • Lucky Red Packet: Begin the new year on a high with a delightful Lucky Packet gift!
  • Protect the Supplies: Deliver the supplies safely to the village. Protect the property of your citizens!
  • Arms Training: Challenge and Armsmaster Lohar who gets stronger with each battle! How long can you last??

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

Lantern City

Event Rules

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  • During the event, add Copper Tokens or purchase Festive Cakes with gems. When you reach maximum chest points, all of your fellow alliance members with 50+ Contribution Points will get a chance to open a chest. Each Governor can open up to 10 Chests during the event.
  • Use a Copper Token to get one Big Cat Pack. Get one Festive Cake for every 50 gems used. You will continue earning items after you have already opened the maximum number of chests, but will not earn any more chest points.
  • Big Cat Packs and Festive Cakes can be exchanged at the “Gifts of the Season” event for great prizes, including the limited-edition Perfect Harmony city theme.
  • The effect of using Copper Tokens or gems has a chance to crit each time earning extra chest points.
  • The contribution list will show the contribution points of all alliance members during the event. Governors will gain 1 point each time they use a Copper Token or gem. When your alliance reaches 20,000 chest points, and your event contributions reach 500, you qualify for a corresponding rank reward.
  • There is a short delay between the end of an event and the final calculation/sending of alliance rank rewards via mail. To avoid any unintentional losses, please refrain from leaving your alliance right after an event ends.

Night Fireworks

Event Rules

During the event, governors will have a chance to find Copper Tokens when collecting resources in the city, gathering resources on the map, or defeating barbarians. Copper Tokens will be received by mail.

Governors can redeem Copper Tokens earned for Big Cat Packs in the Lantern City event.

  • Map Collection: You may find Copper Tokens while gathering resources on the map!
  • City Collection: You may find Copper Tokens while gathering resources in your city!
  • Defeat Barbarian: You may find Copper Tokens after defeating barbarians on the map!

Lucky Red Packet

During the event, send Red Packets to other governors via Kingdom or Alliance Chat! Each Red Packet can be claimed by up to 5 different governors, son first come first served!! Unused Red Packets will be reclaimed by the system after the end of the event.

Lunar New Year

Event Rules

  • The event will last for 8 days, with 3 side events unlocked every 5 days. Governors can obtain Big Cat Packs and Festive Cakes by completing side event quests during the first 7 days.
  • On Day 8, all related holiday events will be locked, but Governors will be able to claim additional chest rewards earned therein. Rewards will vary with the number of quests completed.
  • Big Cat Packs can be used at the “Lantern City” event.
  • Chest rewards will include Epic Commander Sculptures, but no Big Cat Packs or Festive Cakes.

Day 1

  • Daily Business: Log in every day to obtain the rewards of this stage.
  • Field Collection: Collect resources on the map!
  • Academic Elite: Increase our power through researching Tech in the Academy.

Day 2

  • Step by Step: Consume Action Points. You will need to consume a total of 5000 Action Points before the end of the event. The best way to take advantage of this is by fighting barbarians or forts.
  • City Defense: Defeating barbarians is the objective of these missions, a total of 300 barbarians must be defeated gradually to complete this important link of missions, taking advantage of the mission “Step by Step” where we must consume AP, overcoming barbarians will be part of that routine to effectively spend our Action Points without wasting a single one.
    Read more: How to farm Barbarians effectively.
  • Ready to AttackIncrease troop Power to a total of 100,000 to complete all the missions of this tab. You may have to use some speedups; however, it is still important to save speedups for the next few days because they will be required in another series of missions and well, two birds with one stone.

Day 3

  • Barbarian Invasion: Attack Barbarian Forts! We can say this is one of the best missions of this year, you must destroy a total of 30 barbarian forts through rallies to complete all the missions. Each of these missions will give us a golden key as the main reward. Getting 30 forts and win 6 golden keys in total, excellent.
  • Alliance Action: Help Alliance Sounds easy but this is one of the most complex missions since you need to help a total of 400 times and make 200 donations in total to the technologies of the Alliance. To get all of the rewards, you must be quite active, at least these days to complete these tasks.
  • Tiles and Bricks: Increase Building Power. Like the previous tasks of increasing power, we must increase the points by upgrading buildings to a total of 100,000 power points to complete all missions. The trick is to improve some structures from the first day of the event so on the 4th or 5th day, you can accelerate with some speedups and take advantage of other missions to come.

Day 4

  • Sprint for the Win: Use speedups. You need to use a total of 3000 minutes of any type of speedups. When this event arrives, it is important to use speeds up for the tasks in the previous missions such as increasing power through troops, researching, and building.
  • Important Trade: You need to buy a total of 80 items from “Mysterious Merchant”. Let’s not waste gems on this task as long as it is not essential, let’s take advantage of the offers for resources. Every time you finish training troops in the barracks, the Mysterious Merchant might be back immediately. Just buy what is necessary at the right time and we complete the task.
  • Accumulate Strength: Train all types of units. As part of these missions, you need to train all types of units in 1500 and 3000. There are 4 missions for each unit (InfantryCavalryArcherSiege) to obtain excellent rewards. Also, it is ideal to take advantage of the use of our speedups and increase power through training to finish previous missions.

Day 5

  • Protect the Holy SiteCollect runes and defeat guardians. Like the event “Holy Conqueror”, you have to collect a certain number of runes in the “Holy Sites” and defeat some guardians to complete these achievements.
  • Teamwork: Claim Alliance Gifts. The only way to complete these missions is by claiming alliance gifts. Make sure you are in a good alliance where they make daily purchases and have a lot of activities destroying barbarian forts or any other event that provides this type of gifts.
  • Resource Output: Gathering resources in the city and map. We will only need to collect a certain number of different resources in our city and map, something easy that we can complete in just a few hours and finish the missions!

Gifts of the Season

Event Rules

  • During the event you can exchange Big Cat Packs and  Festive Cake for a variety of prizes, including the Perfect Harmony city theme!
  • Big Cat Packs and Festive Cake Legs can be obtained from the “Lunar New Year”, “Night Fireworks” and “Lantern City” events.
Item Item Needed Quantity Remaining
   x200  x100 1
x50 1
x100 1
x25  x20 30
x10 30
x80  x80 1
x4  x10 10
x20 20
x4 30
x2  x2 25
x1  x1 30
x2  x1 20


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