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How to Get Free Gems & Use Gems Efficiently

Undoubtedly Gem Gems is the most valuable resource in Rise of Kingdoms. There are lots of ways to earn Gem Gems in the game: By doing events, completing quests, farming Barbarians/Forts, opening Alliance Chests, buying bundles etc.

Due to tons of value Gem Gems offer and due to the rarity of this currency, understanding the best ways to farm and spend Gem Gems efficiently is super important for all new players.

rise of kingdoms gems

Best Gems Spending Priorities:

  1. Unlocking VIP 6
  2. More Than Gem Event – You should be able to get to VIP 8+ now.
  3. VIP 10 – Get 1 Free Legendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Sculpture every day.
  4. 8-hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  5. Spin Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan
  6. VIP-12 – Get 2 Legendary Commander Sculpture Free Legendary Sculptures every day
  7. Book of Covenant Book of Covenants (It’s a waste unless you’re a mod tier spender/hard grinder)
  8. Keep upgrading VIP levels.

How to Spend Gems Effectively?

After getting to VIP 6, you will only want to spend most of your Gem Gems during the More Than Gems event! This is literally the best time to spend your Gems since you get extra rewards for spending Gems.

Buying VIP Points

The higher VIP ranks you are, the more perks and benefits you have. Try to get to at least VIP 10 before spending your Gem Gems on anything else. Only buy enough VIP points to get to the new level, no more. The extra Gem Gems can be more useful for other things.

vip level 6 rise of kingdoms
Benefits of VIP Lvl. 6

Buying Items from the Courier Station

Buy all of the items that do not require Gem Gems right away. Buy the Speedups which are discounted at 60-70% using your Gem Gems. Do not buy the Teleports as you can easily get it from the Alliance Store.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

mysterious merchant boutique

7-Day Holiday Event

Once you have reached at least Town Hall level 23, it’s totally worth it to spend 7k Gems to unlock the premium rewards in the 7-day Holiday Event (see screenshot below). After More Than Gems, this type of event is the second best place where you should spend your Gems on!

Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event 5

Even if you cannot reach the final reward, you still get tons of value from the Gems spent. If you can get to level 25, you will get 7k Gems back immediately from the event rewards.

Check out this guide for more details regarding this specific event.

Wheel of Fortune

Spins to unlock the Legendary Hero you need, especially YSG and Khan (viable till late game). It’s recommended to only do this after you reach VIP 10.

You only need to get 10 Sculptures to get unlock them then use Universal Legendary Sculptures to upgrade them later on.

The first 10 spins costs you 5600 Gem Gems: 1 free spin + 3 spins (50% off – 1200 gems) + 5 spins (3600 gems) + one spin (800 gems).

If you get only 5 sculptures from these 10, do 10 more spins and you will get 5 more sculptures guaranteed from the bonus.

Card King

Similar to Wheel of Fortune. Only participate in this event after getting VIP 10.

Do not use Gem Gems to directly buy arrow of resistance Arrows of Resistances or Book of Covenant Book of Covenants

It will cost you tons of Gem Gems and it is totally not worth it.

Better to spend Gem Gems on buying Action Point Action Points for farming Barbarians and Forts.

Do not use Gem Gems to finish upgrading/researching immediately.

Just don’t. Even it’s not recommended, buying Speedups using Gems is always cheaper.

Best Ways to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Shared by Bald Peon

  • Defeating Barbarians
  • Strategic Reserves event.
  • Farming maximum Gem resource nodes.
  • Karuak Ceremony
  • Shadow Legion Invasion: Reach max level of 15 to get the rewards. Reinforce other cities to get extra points and have a chance to reach max level.
  • Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands: Complete puzzle to earn gems. As quick you did you have a chance to earn gems in rank also.
  • The Mightiest Governor: Reach the third tier in each stage to get rewards.
  • Tiles and Bricks Event: Increase the building power by 45k , to get 650 gems.
  • Overwhelming Strength Event: Increase power by 138k to get 13k gems.
  • Academic Elite Event: Increase technical power by 16.5 k, to get 500 gems.
  • Ark of Osiris: Participate in the event, do your best to get more than 10k points.
    • Winning scenario (10k+ points):
      Alliance rewards – 500 gems
      Individual rewards – 2k gems.
    • Losing scenario (10k+ points)
      Alliance rewards – 200 gems
      Individual rewards – 1k gems.
  • KvK Rewards:
    • Structure first occupation rewards.
    • Twilight rewards
    • Honour points rewards
    • KvK Ending Rewards

Credits: Abused Panda

When Should I Start Farming Gems?

The best time for free players to start farming Gems in Rise of Kingdoms is between City Hall level 24 and 25.

Early game to pre-KvK, normal resources are a lot more important than Gems If you haven’t maxed your buildings yet.

You will need tons of resources for upgrading them, and eventually, your builders will become idle. This can be mitigated by the number of farm accounts you have, assuming you have less than 4 farm accounts (having 3 farm account is a must for free players if you want to stay in the top Alliances).

If you want to farm Gems as soon as possible, you must have 4 or more farming accounts.

It’s recommended to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC using Bluestacks if you want to manage multiple accounts at once with ease. It allows you to have multi game instances/screens available at once on your screen so that you can switch between the account much easier.

It’s totally okay to start farming Gems later in the game if you don’t have too many farm accounts or you just don’t have time.

Upgrading to City Hall 25 takes about 200m resources and 60 days so you can take that time to gather gems and resources. I don’t recommend speeding it up immediately because you want to be gathering resources while waiting. These resources are crucial when upgrading buildings to level 25.

F2P : When Should YOU Start Gathering Gems | Rise of Kingdoms


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