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How to Reset Skills & Lock Skills for Upgrading?

The new Rise of Kingdoms update has just been released with the new Skill Lock & Skill Reset functions.

If you are wondering how it works, we will explain everything here in this quick guide!

How to Lock Skill for Upgrading?

Before, when you unlock the skills of your commanders, whenever you upgrade their skills, all of the unlocked skills will be randomly leveled up. (First skill is unlocked at 1⭐, 2nd skill at 2⭐, and so on).

As more and more players putting their focus on developing their commanders, it has become common to wait on upgrading a commander’s star level until their primary skill has reached its max level.

To make it an easy task for all Rise of Kingdoms players, the new commander skill upgrade system is finally released!

From now on, players are able to choose which skill(s) your commander can have upgraded each time they level up, but you cannot skip/omit earlier skills.

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Skill Lock Function Rise of Kingdoms

If you only want to upgrade the first skill, which is almost always the most important skill (unless your commanders are for gathering), simply drag the bar to 1.

You can choose to only let your 2 first skills be upgraded by choosing the number “2” like the screenshot above. All of the commander sculptures spent will randomly upgrade skill 1 or 2 only.

You cannot choose to only upgrade skills 2, 3 or 4 if skill 1 has not reached its maximum level. This way, Governors will not feel like it is a mistake to upgrade a commander’s star level too early.

skill reset scroll
Skill Reset scroll

At this time all players can receive 3 “skill reset” items for free via the mail box, which will allow you to maintain a commander’s current star level, but reset all of their skills to level one so that you can choose which of their available skills to upgrade.

3 scrolls are currently enough for all players to reset the top-tier commanders, or any mistake you made before!

There will be a lot of interesting events in the future that offers the Skill Reset Scroll so no worries about not having enough of it!

Have fun optimizing your favorite commanders!

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