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Silk Road Speculators Update (v1.0.19)

Hi guys,

Finally the new Rise of Kingdoms update, Silk Road Speculators, is about to be released in the next week.

Let’s take a quick look and see what are the next huge changes we are going to have!

rise of kingdoms update

Rise of Kingdoms – The Silk Road Speculators Update (v1.0.19)

Ark of Osiris spectator system and other features

Governors will now be able to watch their alliance’s Ark of Osiris battles and interact with other spectators via barrage chat.

ark of osiris spectator system

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Backup Combatants: Alliance leaders and titled officers will now be able to select an additional ten backup combatants for their team and switch members between “backup” and “vanguard” combatants.

manage army rise of kingdoms
Good preparation is the key to victory.

Alliances will be matched based on the total power of their 30 strongest registered combatants. Alliances will still only be allowed to have 30 combatants present in the battlegrounds at any given time, and backup combatants will only be allowed to enter the battlefield after the end of the preparation stage.

New alliance event: “Silk Road Speculators”

silk road speculators
Protect the caravan against those greedy barbarians!

Work together with your allies to escort a caravan laden with treasure across the map. If your caravan reaches its destination you will be handsomely rewarded, but watch out! The barbarians want a piece of the treasure too, and they’ll be waiting to ambush you along the way…

You’ll also be able to compete with other alliances and win rank rewards!

This event will be held regularly in each kingdom. Get ready!

To read more about this event, take a look here!

New Theme – Twilight Falls

twilight falls theme

Governors who participate in the Lost Kingdom (Season 1) will have a chance to receive a brand-new city theme: Twilight Falls.

Changes to Mysterious Cave and Tribal Village rewards

Governors who have explored all of the caves or visited all of the villages in one kingdom and then immigrated to a new kingdom will receive lower tier rewards when exploring caves or visiting villages in the new kingdom.

Additional Optimizations

  • City layouts that are still in “Edit Mode” can now be shared.
  • Governors can now save commander line-ups in Expedition mode.
  • Governors no longer need to restart the game before entering and exiting the Lost Kingdom.
  • Reduced game loading times.
  • Governors are now guaranteed to receive a commander sculpture after making three Daily Special Offer purchases.
  • Improved matchmaking for Ark of Osiris battles. The number of registered combatants will now be taken into account when searching for an opponent.
  • Improved the Ark of Osiris “Manage Army” page.

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