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Silk Road Speculators Event

Silk Road Speculators is the new super interesting Event in Rise of Kingdoms that you really do not want to miss out! You will have lots of fun, trust me, and lots of rewards too!

silk road speculators event
Silk Road Speculators Event

What is Silk Road Speculators Event?

Your main objective here is to protect the Alliance Caravan, transporting goods from your Alliance Fortress to a specific destination.

To Start the event, open the Silk Road Speculators menu, pick the mode you want to give a try (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare or Hell) then press Challenge. It does cost 100,000 Alliance Credits Alliance Credits to start the Challenge!

You also need to pick the starting point, which is one of your Alliance Fortress. Make sure to select a starting point close to the majority of alliance members.

starting point silk road speculators event

The Alliance Caravan will immediately spawn right next to the Fortress and will start moving.

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The Easy Mode takes about 15 minutes long for the Caravan to get to the destination. The harder the mode is, the longer time it takes.

During the transporting process, there will be the enemies randomly spawned on the map and trying to raid the Caravan. As you get closer to the destination, there will be more and more enemies spawning. Do your best to take them down as soon as possible, prevent them from destroying the Alliance Caravan. Pay attention to every single grid on the map!

silk road speculators event
There are a lot of enemies waiting for you so be careful!

Once the Easy mode is completed, the Normal mode gets unlocked and so on.

Event Rules

  1. During the event, alliance leaders and Rank 4 officers can select a difficulty and dispatch an alliance caravan. Alliance credits will be expended each time an alliance caravan is dispatched.
  2. Passing scores must be achieved on all prior difficulty levels before the next difficulty level can be unlocked. Event rewards increase with difficulty level.
  3. Barbarian troops will appear and attack the caravan while it is en route to its destination. Alliance members must defeat all barbarian troops to ensure that the caravan and its goods safely reach the destination.
  4. Once the caravan has been escorted to its destination, all alliance members will receive corresponding event rewards via in-game mail. The higher the percentage of goods that are safely delivered to the destination, the greater the rewards received.
  5. There is a limit to the number of caravans each alliance can escort per day. An escort chance will be expended each time the alliance successfully escorts a caravan to its destination. Once the daily limit has been reached, an unlimited number of training caravans may be dispatched. No rewards will be received from escorting training caravans, but scores achieved during training will count toward the alliance high score and thus can be used to unlock higher difficulties and increase the alliance’s event ranking. Daily escort chances will be reset daily at 00:00 UTC.
  6. Alliances will be ranked by their highest difficulty level completed, and then by their highest score achieved at that difficulty level. Rank rewards will be received at the end of the event.

Silk Road Speculators Event Screenshots and Videos

Silk Road Speculators : How to Summon Easy Challenge | Rise of Kingdoms

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