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Shadow Legion Invasion Event Guide

Looking for some details and tips regarding the Shadow Legion Invasion Event in Rise of Kingdoms? Here you go!

Shadow Legion Invasion

Shadow Legion Invasion Event Basics:

  1. During the event, a large number of Dark Fortresses will appear on the map.
  2. Alliance members at level 4 and above can choose to start the event at any time (note: Alliance must have at least 30 members).
  3. Once the event has started, the Dark Fortress will send out armies that will march to attack the cities of alliance members.
  4. 25 waves of attacks will be sent out. A lite Shadow Legion army will be sent out once every 5 waved, which can be defeated for extra item rewards.
  5. Governors are eliminated from the event after their city has been Breached twice. Once eliminated, they can no longer be a target for Shadow Legion armies. If all alliance members are eliminated, the event will end.
  6. Using a teleport during a Shadow Legion invasion will be considered as 1 Breach.
  7. If at least 15 members survive all 25 waves, the alliance will unlock the next difficulty of the Shadow Legion Invasion event. The new difficulty level option will be visible the next time the event is started. The alliance leader and officers can select the difficulty in the event panel.
  8. Peace Shields will not save you from the Shadow Legion.
  9. The Shadow Legion’s armies will each have different special skills.
  10. During each event, each alliance only has 1 chance to challenge.

Shadow Legion Invasion

Shadow Legion Invasion Guide:

In this guide, we will focus our objective on the most effective way to overcome the “Hell” difficulty. Any other level we play will be lower than this and requires less power in general.

  • Use effective damage and resistance commanders in the garrison, below we will show you the best commanders for this event.
  • It is important to stay in the city to defend with all the troops garrisoned, the damage we cause will be much greater thanks to the maximum capacity of the city.
  • Take advantage of any rune of the “Holy Sites” of Defense, Attack, or Health.
  • Using alliance skills is important:
    • Unbridled Progress: increases the damage of all Alliance members by 30% to neutral units, Shadow Legion, despite having T5 units, are still neutral units.
    • Counteroffensive: Provides all Alliance members with an extra 10% defense against any attack.
    • Books & Battles: Increase the attack of all our troops by 10%.
  • As we advance overcoming the waves, they will become much more resistant and difficult to defeat, we can request reinforcement from our city to the members of the Alliance.
  • Reinforcing in other players’ cities also give you extra points. Reinforcing is only recommended when you lose your own 2 opportunities.
  • Use attack or defense buff items such as Attack or Defense Enhanced 12h-24h.
  • Do not leave the alliance during the event or your individual credits will reset to 0.
  • Each governor can only send a single dispatch to attack the Legion, this is in case you want to cause more damage through another pair of commanders, but as we already said it is better to stay in our garrison during the event.
  • Peace shields are not effective against “Shadow Legion” so do not try to use them if you plan to get rid of this event.
  • Using TP will count as a defeat; therefore, you will just have another chance to defeat “Shadow Legion”
  • When “Lost Kingdom” opens, if you start the event there, you won’t be able to play it in your original kingdom, and vice versa.
  • If at least 15 members survive the 25 waves, the alliance will unlock the next difficulty of the event. The new difficulty option will be visible the next time the event occurs.

The Dark Fortress

Shadow Legion Skills, Troops, and Mechanics.

These Shadow Legion armies are led by common commanders of the game, depending on the Civilization the “Dark Fortress” is a rally that increases its capacity by waves, with 2 commanders and T5 units (Hell).

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They use the same active skills from their arsenal, although each army will have different ones.

Example: Kusunoki Masashige will attack us with his “Shichisei Hōkoku”, they even have other passive skills that can benefit us:

  • Shadow Bow: Damage received from archers increases by 30%
  • Gallop: Increases march speed of all troops by 100%
  • White and Black: The Shadow Legion takes 75% less damage from normal attacks but 75% more damage from skills.

Shadow Legion Skills, Troops and Mechanics

By studying these passive skills, we can summarize that the archers and their commanders will be a strong unit against the “Shadow Legion”. They have a great damage skill that increases in this event by 75%, incredible.

It is important to use Archer commanders here to quickly overcome the waves of troops. Even with resistant commanders like Richard and Martel, we will find it hard to defeat waves accumulating, since these commanders do not have a high damage skill.

Recommended Commanders for Shadow Legion Invasion

Yi Seong-GyeYi Seon-Gye

Being an archer commander will be excellent for this event, both primary and secondary.His great damage active skill and the damage buff are excellent to overcome the waves.

Edward of WoodstockEdward of Woodstock:

Another great archer commander who will use his incomparable EXTREME damage to quickly destroy the enemies.

Genghis KhanGenghis Khan:

Although he is a cavalry commander and cannot use his expertise when having mixed troops in the garrison, he has a high damage skill and a fast Rage regeneration to reuse his ability, making him still one of the best choices in almost all modes in the game.

Cao CaoCao Cao:

Another great cavalry commander who is very effective in this event, thanks to his damage boost to neutral units and his excellent direct damage active skill.

minamoto no yoshitsuneMinamoto:

Like Cao Cao, he has a great damage skill and is very strong against neutral units.

Alexander the Great:

A great infantry commander with a strong absorption and damage skill that will make our garrison a safe place against “Shadow Legion”.

Guan YuGuan Yu:

His high damage skill is excellent when leading the garrison against “Shadow Legion”, it will deal devastating blows to these armies. He is excellent for both secondary and primary position.

Charles MartelCharles Martel:

Very resistant and will improve the defense and attack of our garrison towers, another great commander for this event, both primary and secondary position.


By using mixed troops and having increased damage to neutral units, in addition to a strong damage skill and reduction of general statistics, she is one of the best options for F2P.

Sun TzuSun Tzu: He is the best epic commander in the game. At both primary and secondary position, his strong damage is great. The buff for damage skill in general and its reduction in damage to the garrison towers are very good too.

There are still many other great commanders for “Shadow Legion”. We could even say that anyone can assume this role of garrison since these attacks are caused by neutral units and we do not have the risk of losing troops.

This event depends a lot on the amount of units you have in the city, this increases the damage caused by any commander who protects the garrison and in turn our resistance and durability in the event.

Commanders like Theodora, Artemisia, Yi Sun-Sin, Richard, Wu Zetian are excellent garrison leaders for this event, but they are more focused on PVP for their skills and having them with “Expertise” is difficult for many players.

Therefore, this is our effective recommendation to fight the “Shadow Legion Invasion”.

Shadow Legion Invasion Rewards

The rewards are divided into two forms, sorted by Individual (Score) and by Alliance (Credits). Each of them requires a certain amount of points and a general ranking.

There are 15 levels of individual rewards that each require a certain amount of points:

Level Individual Score Alliance Credits
1 263,000 1,005,000
2 369,000 1,508,000
3 517,000 2,262,000
4 724,000 3,393,000
5 1,014,000 5,090,000
6 1,420,000 7,635,000
7 1,988,000 11,453,000
8 2,784,000 17,180,000
9 3,898,000 25,770,000
10 5,458,000 38,655,000
11 7,642,000 57,983,000
12 10,699,000 86,975,000
13 14,979,000 130,463,000
14 20,971,000 195,695,000
15 29,360,000 293,543,000

You can only earn these rewards when the individual and alliance score reach their target level.

For each occurrence of this event, you will only be able to win the prize corresponding to the highest level you complete, these prizes will be sent instantly to your email once the event is over, which can only be activated once.

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Individual Rewards

Level Rewards

Alliance Rewards

Rank Rewards


“Shadow Legion Invasion” is a great event to participate, regardless of your power.

Sometimes it takes time to be available in your kingdoms, but its rewards are excellent and we do not need to spend any type of item such as AP or resources in abundance to heal our troops, we just need to play.

Its new rewards of random chests of equipment blueprint are impressive and we can select from the options that it offers us the one that best suits us between Legendary, Epic, Elites and Advanced blueprint, each of them will provide us with a certain amount of these depending on their rarity, so we will have much better equipment for commanders.

7 Tips and Tricks to Score High on  Shadow Legion Invasion | Rise of Kingdoms

Shadow Legion Invasion Gameplay, Loot, and Recommended Alliance Rules | Rise of Kingdoms

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