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KvK Season of Conquest Guide

The KvK Season of Conquest in Rise of Kingdoms consists of different Chapters:  Heroic Anthem, Strife of the Eight, and March of the Ages!

In general, each Season of Conquest chapter has its own rules and unique features, but in general they follow some basic rules evolving around Crystal Upgrades, Coalition System, Camp System, and Season Coins.

For detailed information of each Chapter, I strongly recommend talking a look at their own articles:

Rise of Kingdoms Season of Conquest

Quick Season of Conquest Summary

  • Players must have City Hall level 25 to join the Season of Conquest
  • Timeline: Registration: 3 days (automatically) → Matchmaking: 4 days → Preparation: 3 days
  • Pre-KvK Events: Same stages & duration.
  • 10 kingdoms joining the KvK Season of Conquest. There is no information regarding the kingdom list of each camp.
  • You will need to clear the fog at the start of Heroic Anthem, just like when we first started playing the game. The fog is individual and offers rewards.
  • Coalition = Alliance; Camp = kingdom in terms of rewards and scores.
    crystal mine Heroic Anthem
  • 2 new buildings: Crystal mine + Crystal Research Centre. Upgrading them costs crystal.
  • It costs resources and time to produce crystals (like producing materials).
  • You can also get crystals by completing different types of quests. Doing quests costs you a lot of AP so ensure you are saving AP!
    crystal mine Heroic Anthem 2j
  • There is no Kingdom research. Only the new individual research available.
  • The new researches cost crystals + time. These researches offer huge buffs such as +20% damage dealt towards all troops, +20 basic stats, +100% AP regeneration), etc.
    heroic anthem new researches
  • Researching gives Season coins, which can be spent in the shop. It’s recommended to work on researches that give boosts to crystal farming. It’s the time to spend all of the speedups you have been hoarding!
    doing research in Heroic Anthem
  • Farming Barbarians costs 100 AP in this new KvK but offers a lot of great rewards, including Crystals.
    Heroic Anthem barbarians
  • Players can’t choose camps or kingdoms to be allied with. Alliance leaders need to create/join a coalition.
  • No coalition = no rewards from a bunch of things. All the coalitions receive rewards from some structure taken. Coalition works like a big alliance with people of all kingdoms of the same camp, anyone in the same coalition can join rallies of each other, help each other speeding up the processes, etc.
  • The bastions are fixed on the map and alliance territory needs to touch them to activate the quests and get crystals as well as level up the bastion.
    Heroic Anthem bastions
  • When you get the Bastion to level 6, you can unlock the support skills.
  • These skills are correlated to 14 Epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. If your corresponding commander skills are not maxed yet, you will not get a lot of benefits from this.
    support skills
  • The support skills can be added to the commander panel:
    new commander support skills
  • Ruins are in the middle of the camp. Same rules, open for 1h each 39h, and only one alliance can control.

How to get more Crystals in KvK Season of Conquest?

  • Build up the Crystal Mine
  • Doing Bastion quests
  • Summon Kakar near your city and defeat him (similar to Lohar).

kahar Rise of Kingdoms

Information shared by LadyR.

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Crystal Mine & Bundles

Crystal Farming

In Heroic Anthem KvK, crystal plays a super crucial part for both F2P & P2W players. This is the main currency for researching the new tech system, available specifically for this KvK.

There are different ways to obtain Crystals: Pre-KvK Rewards, Crystal Mine, Alliance Storehouse, Bastion Quests, bundles, and Kahar’s bone necklace.

Crystals earned by defeating Barbarians

Level Gain
Level 41-43 250
Level 44-46 275
Level 47-49 300
Level 50-52 325
Level 53-55 350

Crystals earned by destroying Barbarian Forts

Level Gain
Level 11 600
Level 12 650
Level 13 700
Level 14 750
Level 15 800

Crystal Mine

Crystal Mines
Crystal Mine – The new Structure

You want to get your Crystal Mine to level 15 asap, which basically gives the x2 income comparing to level 1. It takes about 10 days to get it to level 15 without using titles, runes, buffs, etc. Thus, you want to have 30+ days of speedups saved up for this KvK.

Alliance Storehouse

Just like its name, get into a big Alliance + Coalition gives you a better way to earn Crystal passively.

Bastion Quests:

This is a long section so please scroll down for more details.

Basically, you will be given a series of missions that you need to complete to get Crystals. The higher level the Basion is, the more rewards you get.

kahar Rise of Kingdoms

Kahar’s Bone

The Kahar’s Bone gives a huge amount of crystals for all players. There are also some certain techs in the new Academy that increases the amount of Crystals you can get from defeating Kahar’s Bone.

However, you will eventually be forced to get those techs leveled up for unlocking the better techs, so it’s ideal to wait until you have them up before using the Kahar’s Bone.


If you are a low spender, consider spending $5-35 for the best bang for your buck!

  • Supply Depot: Available when the Heroic Anthem is running. This costs $5 and is the best KvK bundle so far!
  • Pop-up Bundle: This shows up for only 1 hour when your Crystal Mine or new Academy hits level 15, 20, 22 and costs $5, $10, $20 each.

Heroic Anthem Bundles

Bastion: Quest & Favor

Bastion is one big thing about this KyK and it can be very crucial for both F2P and P2W alike to level it up before the war starts.

To explain it in simple terms, there are 3 ways to go at it: Bastion Skills, Bastion Quest, and Bastion Favor.

Bastion Skills:

Each LK (Lost Kingdom) has 14 available bastions and it is different for each kingdom.


  1. The Passive skills are based on your commander level.
  2. Skills of legendary are based on commander up to KvK-2 and all available epics.
  3. Each time an army is sent out you’ll need to add the passive skills to it.
  4. If you pick a passive skill for march 1, you can’t add that passive for march 2.

Bastion Quests:

Note the list is still being updated!

  1. Earn 50 points by defeating barbarians.
  2. Gather “X” amount of food/wood/stone/gold only 1 type.
  3. Start 2 challenge in lost Canyon.
  4. Complete 5 alliance technology donation.
  5. Use a total of 600 minutes worth of speedups on research/building/training.
  6. Donate “X” amount of food/wood/stone/gold to bastion.
  7. Donate 30 pieces of normal equipment material (specific type).
  8. Donate 3 pieces of advanced equipment material (specific type).
  9. Earn 140,000 points from training troops. 10. Defeat Karen (Kahar).

Quest 3, 5, 9 is where people get stuck. Quest 5 is terrible for f2p/low spender due to lacking buildings to upgrade.

Bastion Favor

Way of the warrior comes with the bundle you seek:

  • F2p/Low Spender: Evenly level up each bastion for faster crystal production.
  • Mid Spender: Focus 1 bastion for the passive commander skill and then evenly level up the bastion.
  • High Spender: Focus Bastion level 7 to get the necessary commander passive skill for the war.

F2p/Low Spender: 0-35$, Mid Spender 100$. High Spender 400$ (Monthly based on USD)!

Support Skills

This journey is dangerous and unpredictable. Fortunately, the great commanders favor our cause. With their favor, we can work together to overcome obstacles and find greater glory.

  • When scouts explore the fog, they have a chance to find Commanders Bastions.
  • Bastions cannot be occupied. When your coalition’s territory adjoins a Bastion, governors can accept quests from the Bastion’s commander.
  • Completing quests given by Bastion commanders will increase your Favor with them. When Favor with a commander reaches level 6, one of that commander’s skills will be unlocked, and can be used by your troops as a support skill.
  • The level of support skills for each governor will be the same as the level of that skill on their own corresponding commander (if a governor has not yet recruited the commander in question, they will be unable to use that support skill).
  • Each troop can equip up to 2 support skills from Bastion commanders.
  • Each support skill can only be equipped by one troop at a time.
  • Every time a Story begins, available Bastion commanders and support skills will be completely different
  • Support skills will trigger normally regardless of which commander’s troops have equipped them.

Hall of Heroes

During the Season of Conquest, a set ratio of part of the total troops killed will be returned to their governors.

  • During the Season of Conquest, a record of each governor’s troops killed in PVP battles will be kept in the Hall of Heroes.
  • After the season ends, 50% of all dead troops recorded in the Hall of Heroes will be resurrected.
  • This return ratio is fixed, and cannot be increased.
  • The hall of Heroes will record the type and level of all troops killed. When dead special units are returned, they will be returned in a form determined according to each governor’s civilization at the end of the season.
  • If any governors immigrate before the season is over, a set ratio of troops killed recorded in the Hall of Heroes will be returned via mail.

Honor Roll

The Honor system remains as in the previous KVK, we earn Honor points by defeating barbarian units, forts, and completely gather a Resource Point.

This time: Individual, Coalition, and Camp (The following actions must be completed within the Lost Kingdoms to earn honor points)

Continual occupation of Ancient Ruins / Altar of Darkness

Action Points
Defeat a Level 41-45 barbarian patrol 10 Honor Points
Defeat a Level 46-50 barbarian patrol 16 Honor Points
Defeat a Level 51-55 barbarian patrol 20 Honor Points
Gather and deplete a Resource Point 3 Honor Points
Destroy a Level 11 barbarian fort 30 Honor Points
Destroy a Level 12 barbarian fort 45 Honor Points
Destroy a Level 13 barbarian fort 46 Honor Points
Destroy a Level 14 barbarian fort 80 Honor Points
Destroy a Level 15 barbarian fort 100 Honor Points

Season of Conquest Features

Special Content

In the “Strife of the Eight” Story, governors will experience some brand-new game content.

Crystal Mines

After the season has begun, governors can build a new structure in their cities: crystal mines.
Working the Mines You can ‘Work’ in the crystal mines to get crystals. Working the mines costs food, wood, stone, and gold.
Upgrade Upgrading the crystal mine will increase the maximum amount of work which can be ordered. At the same time, completing quests given by commanders will increase the work speed.
Crystals The crystals which can be mined here are a precious resource. Governors can use them to open up a whole new frontier of research.
Resource Protection During the season, crystals cannot be plundered by attackers or sent as aid.
Reset Crystals will be removed once the season is over. Crystal mines, the crystal research center, and any the effects of any research completed therein will be reset and removed.

coalition system banner

Coalition System

During the “Strife of the Eight” Story, governors will rally their strength and do battle together.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

Join CoalitionJoin Coalition Governors can join a coalition along with their alliance (coalitions are created by alliance leaders). Alliances must be of the same camp to join the same coalition.
Coalition FeaturesCoalition Features Governors in the same coalition can join each other’s rallies and garrisons, reinforce and repair each other’s buildings, grant alliance help, etc.
TeleportTeleport After the KvK “Past Glory” event is over, coalition members can teleport to any member alliance’s territory.
Reward SharingReward Sharing All coalition members will receive first occupation rewards for holy sites and passes.
BoostsBoosts All coalition members will receive boost effects from holy sites and passes, and passes will be open to all member alliances.
Building OccupationBuilding Occupation All coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars of darkness and ancient ruins.

reward system


During the “Strife of the Eight” Story, governors can exchange season coins and conquest coins for a wide variety of prizes!

Season CoinsSeason Coins Complete research projects in the crystal research center to earn season coins.
Conquest CoinsConquest Coins Complete enough Crusader Achievements to earn conquest coins.
Saved CoinsSaved Coins Unused season coins and conquest coins will automatically be saved for next season.

Camp System

In the Season of Conquest Story, governors and their kingdoms will be grouped into different camps. Each camp must contain at least 1 kingdom. In order to guarantee balanced camps, the power of all kingdoms in each camp will be counted by the system, and these calculations will be used to arrange fair matchmaking!

Note that, in Heroic Anthem, there are only 4 camps: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water.


Fire Camp Warriors, honoring their ancestors’ covenant, answer the king’s call. Gathering at the flame altar, they swear allegiance to the ancestors and the flame. They shall be a raging, inextinguishable fire.
Earth Camp Pious warriors rallied to their kings at the earth altar, kissing the sacred land in an oath to restore their ancestors’ honor. Their knowledge of the land allows them to march effortlessly
Wind Camp Kings lead their warriors toward the sanctum in the eye of the storm. Only those who pass the trials of the winds are worthy allies. For those that do, the blessings of the wind are well worth it
Water Camp On the orders of their kings, the warriors gathered at the surge altar. Dreaming of huge waves each night, they are as relentless and unending as the sea itself
Camp Greenwood Resolute kings and warriors have come to the Sanctum of Hope in order to collect the leaves from the surrounding area. Their long-lasting evergreen freshness brings hope of survival to those who gaze upon them, a reminder to look forward to a time of peace.
Camp Daybreak Kings and warriors preparing for a long campaign will often first journey to the Shrine of Radiance. After several days spent in prayer, the dawn will finally rise on the day to set forth, shrouding them in bright light, an omen of glorious victories to come.
Camp Midnight On the eve of expeditions, kings and warriors have come to the Sanctum of Courage. Here, the warriors learn to no longer fear the darkness, but to adapt to it. In the name of the shadow, the dark night will be their silent ally.
Camp Thunderbolt Kings and warriors test their weapons at the Storm Altar. Having passed through thunder and lightning, their weapons and spirits will be mighty and unbreakable.


Heroic Anthem Shop

Season Shop

Exchange Season Coins and Conquest Coins here for great prizes.

Season Coins Season Coins: Earned by completing research in the crystal research center.

Conquest Coins Conquest Coins: Earned by completing enough Crusader Achievements.

Item Quantity Available Cost
25 Season Coins 10 000
10 Season Coins 12 000
1 Season Coins 650 000
1 Season Coins 650 000
1 Season Coins 650 000
1 Season Coins 650 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 180 000
1 Season Coins 150 000
1 Season Coins 80 000
1 Season Coins 50 000
1 Season Coins 20 000
1 Conquest Coins 6
1 Conquest Coins 2
1 Conquest Coins 2
1 Conquest Coins 2
1 Conquest Coins 2
1 Conquest Coins 2
1 Conquest Coins 2

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