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Rise of Kingdoms Ultimate Beginner Guide

1. Choosing the Right Civilization

Selecting the ideal civilization is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for your journey. For beginners, two civilizations stand out: China and Britain. China offers a construction speed bonus, accelerating your city’s development. On the other hand, Britain is a viable option for its peacekeeping commander and training speed benefits. Carefully weigh these options based on your preferred playstyle.

2. Joining a Jumping Group

To ensure a stable and powerful gaming experience, consider joining a jumping group. Seek out such groups on multiple Rise of Kingdoms forums. A jumping group consists of players who start the game together in a new kingdom, enhancing your collective progress. This collaborative approach boosts your chances of dominating your kingdom and enjoying a supportive community.

3. Strategizing Speedups Usage

Speedups are valuable resources that expedite various in-game actions like training, healing, and researching. Especially in the early game, speedups are limited commodities, necessitating careful utilization. Always prioritize taking advantage of the Rune before consuming speedups. This ensures you maximize the benefits of the Rune’s temporary acceleration.

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4. Alliance Shop Management

For non-spending players, the Alliance Shop offers crucial items that enhance your gameplay. A passport is a recommended purchase, granting you the flexibility to relocate within your kingdom. If you’re considering spending, VIP points are a valuable investment, though they can be costly. Teleports are another item available at the Alliance Shop, essential for end-game mobility and strategic positioning.

5. Leveraging Action Points

Effectively managing your Action Points (AP) is pivotal to your progress. Before the KvK1 event, prioritize marauders as the optimal way to consume stored AP. Engaging with marauders yields rewards such as speedups, materials, resources, and gems. This method ensures you maximize the benefits of your AP, boosting your overall advancement.

6. Mastering Peacekeeping Commanders

Peacekeeping commanders are indispensable assets in your Rise of Kingdoms journey. These commanders require 10 fewer Action Points to defeat barbarians, making them efficient choices for resource gathering and leveling up. Their swiftness in gathering resources expedites your city’s growth, propelling you towards success.

In conclusion, embarking on a successful journey in Rise of Kingdoms demands strategic thinking, collaboration, and efficient resource management. By selecting the right civilization, joining a jumping group, utilizing speedups thoughtfully, managing your Alliance Shop purchases wisely, leveraging Action Points effectively, and harnessing the power of peacekeeping commanders, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges and flourish in this captivating strategy realm. Best of luck on your quest for dominance in the world of Rise of Kingdoms!Hespress-logo.png

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