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Recharge Event Guide

We usually have the Recharge Event every a few weeks, whenever we have a huge holiday series of events running in Rise of Kingdoms. That’s why I think it’s great to have a page for this kind of event on the website!

Recharge Event (Hallow's Eve)
Recharge Event (Hallow’s Eve) – Shared by Sohel Imran

Recharge Event Overview

  • During this event, governors need to collect resources in the city, gather resources and defeat Barbarians in order to receive the event items.
  • By contributing the event items, you will unlock new levels of the event, thus earning more rewards.
  • Players can spend a decent a mount of Gem Gems, normally 7k Gem Gems, to unlock “premium rewards”.
  • The level cap of the event is lvl. 25. You can also purchase event packages at the end If you are just a little away from getting to level 25.

Should I Spend Gem Gems to Unlock the Event Rewards?

Yes, you definitely want to do that because you will get almost 7k Gem Gems back eventually, plus 35 Legendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Sculptures and a lot of other valuable rewards, including Stars.

However, do not unlock the premium rewards right away. Hold on till the end to make sure that you will have enough items to unlock the last level of the event.

  • Opening reward boxes, spending event items, killing all Barbarians at once do not change the drop rate of the event items.
  • Low-level Barbarians also have the same drop rate as high-level Barbarians. You can spam searching for level 12-13 Barbarians instead of roaming all over the map.
  • No matter how fast you tap to contribute the event items, the crit rate of it remains.
  • Regardless of the number of boxes you open every time, the drop rate of event items remains.
  • Use the production boost for your resource in the city
  • Go collect a resource gathering speed rune, around 15% is recommended. Don’t forget to use the Enhanced Gathering items for gathering.
  • Use Peacekeeper to farm Barbarians to make the most of your Action Point Action Points. After defeating a Barbarians, camp the armies, do not let them return to your city to reduce the action point costs of the next turns. Don’t forget to use multiple dispatches to attack the Barbarians at once because all armies are counted for kills.

Basically, just focus on gathering resources and farming low-level Barbarians to finish the event in time. You cannot do anything else to change the results of the Event.

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