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Race Against Time Event Guide

Race Against Time Event Rise of Kingdoms

The Race Against Time event consists of defeating the greatest number of barbarians in the maximum time that this event offers us. We start with 5 minutes for the contest, however, for each barbarian we kill, seconds will be added to accumulate a maximum of 9 minutes, that is, we can earn 4 bonus minutes. In 9 minutes, we must make as many points as possible.

Tricks and Tips for Race Against Time

  • We need 5 marches, for that our City Hall must be level 22 or more.
  • If you have low power and you do not have 5 marches, or 4, we can find alliance partners or friends within the kingdom and do it together, no matter how many people kill the same Barbarian, they will all get the same points.
  • Having fast armies like Cavalry Cavalry, it is essential not to waste time on the distances between barbarians. Yes, we can do the 5 cavalry marches.
  • Use commanders with “Peacekeeping” talent trees to consume the least amount of AP possible.
  • Apply in a Top Alliance that has good Technologies, go to your Alliance territory and launch the event inside, this will increase our movement, attack and defense speed since we are in Alliance territory.
  • Before launching the event, make sure you have more than the limit of your AP points, since you will consume a large amount of these and in 9 minutes, 1000 will not be enough, therefore, increase them to about 4000 or 5000 so you do not lose time adding them if you run out in the middle of the event.
  • Use benefits as much as we can, “12-Hour Enhanced Attack”, look for Attack rune that appears in the “Holy Sites”, request the title of kingdom “Justice” (Troop Attack + 5% and March Speed ​​+ 10%) even we can activate our “War Frenzy” (Troop Attack + 3%) send to explore any resource point and quickly cancel so that nobody bothers.
  • Try to use a city theme (if you have one) that increases the damage of the unit that we are going to use, if it is a Legendary theme, look for increased damage to barbarians or commander skills.
  • Extra: If you play with the “Arabia” Civilization you have 10%+ damage vs neutral units and cavalry attack increases by 5%.
  • Extra: Wait or request the activation of the ability Alliance: Books & Battles, increases attack gained by commanders in 10%.

Once we plan our attack, we must focus on certain ways to eliminate barbarians, for that, here are some tricks:

  • We must look for barbarians of the highest level, these the more level they have the more points add up to our accumulated.
  • Look around us and look for some accumulation of barbarians who are as close as possible to facilitate our time, they must be at least 25 or more for a large number of points or aspire to the top positions, therefore, it is important to plan our attack and chain barbarians for event race against time
  • Find some unpopulated route of companions of kingdom or Alliance, these can be doing the event also or consuming APs and they can cut us the previous planning.
  • The 5 marches attack the same barbarian, do not leave any laggard because he will lose time and points.
  • It is important to know the benefits of the game interface, if we touch in the right panel one of our troops by clicking twice, instantly all our armies are selected around, before dying the barbarian whom we are attacking, we select all our troops and We are already dragging the marking to the next, so we do not give our armies time to think, only kill. ‘
  • Extra: Before starting the event, start attacking a high-level Barbarian and then launch the event, so we will have those points secured once the event starts and we save extra time.

Race Against Time Event Guide

Best commanders for Race Against Time Event

As we explained previously, the best commanders are focused on the Cavalry due to their speed of movement and damage, as well as having talents and “Peacekeeping” abilities to save us AP consumption and maintain our damage to barbarian units, however, these can be combined with secondary other skills if you wish, then our selection:

Primary Commanders

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Cao-Cao-1.png “King of Speed” his speed, skill and damage to barbarian units will make him the best primary commander for this event.
Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune.png Quick and withering, his ability Rage damage and regeneration make him an excellent commander for any task.
Aethelflaed.png The best F2P commander very good at hunting Barbarian units in addition to his AOE ability.
Belisarius-1.png Fast and very high damage commander against barbarian units.
Lohar.png Excellent for this event, and any other PVE event, it does not have great movement speed, but it is very safe in the fight.
Boudica.png Like Lohar, it is not fast, but it does take a lot of damage against neutral or barbarian units.

Secondary Commanders

Genghis-Khan.png One of the best for quickly increasing the “Rage” in addition to its ability damage potential, at the highest level would be an instant knockout.
Yi-Seong-Gye.png For many the most complete commander in the game, excellent both PVP and PVE, his high damage and abilities make him excellent for any situation.
A conqueror, but with a high level of damage and statistics for cavalry, very good secondary for PVE.
Edward-of-Woodstock.png Archer with a large capacity of almost instantaneous damage. Very good for a quick kill.
Guan-Yu.png An infantry commander that we can add as a secondary thanks to his AOE Skill that has very high damage.
Baibars.png Epic commander of very good stats for cavalry and AOE Skill. Excellent secondary combination for PVE.
Sun-Tzu.png Epic Infantry Commander with increased skill damage and his AOE that will be very helpful.
Osman-I.png Great for its troop capacity and high Skill damage level, great for any task assigned to it.

Rank Rewards

Rank 1


Rank 2


Rank 3


Rank 4-10


Rank 11-20


Rank 21-50


Rank 51-100


BEST F2P EVENT ? Race Against Time Tips and Tricks | Rise of Kingdoms

Have fun with the Race Against Time event and don’t forget to check out our website for more Rise of Kingdoms contents!

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