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Protect The Supplies Event Guide & Tips

All details regarding the Protect The Supplies event in Rise of Kingdoms. This event is a part of the Summer Event series.

During the Protect The Supplies Event, players need to protect the caravan from getting attacked by Barbarians. Not like the Silk Road Speculators, this event is for each individual in the game, you have to protect the caravan yourself.

protect the supplies

Protect The Supplies Event Rules

  1. During the event, Governors can use a portion of their action points to summon a merchant caravan and escort them as they deliver a large number of resources to the village. The caravan will be attacked by barbarians hoping to steal their resources along the way. Keep the caravan alive all the way to the village to count the mission as a success.
  2. Governors can choose to add difficult challenges to the mission before it begins. Each challenge has difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. You can use the slider to adjust the star level of each challenge and view detailed descriptions. When first starting, star level options will be unlocked based on each governor’s power rating. To unlock higher star level challenges, complete them with preceding star levels.
  3. Governors will also face more barbarians on escort missions based on their Total Star Level, which is determined by the total star level of challenges chosen.
  4. Successfully escort the caravan to the village with the designated total star level on to get mission rewards. Governors can challenge multiple times, but only the best result will be recorded. Action points will not be returned on failure.
  5. The higher the total star level completed, the higher your ranking. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by who finished with the highest percentage of caravan goods left.

Tips for Protect The Supplies Event

In the greatest difficulty (25 stars) to obtain the best rewards, we must follow a series of tips that we will provide below, these same tips will still be useful in any of the lower difficulties, you just have to use them.

Let’s start!

  • First, we will need a high level of damage in both commanders and troops, that is, the best Commanders that we have available with the best troops, if you do not have them, do not worry, we can hit the maximum with T4 and some Epics of good damage. At a maximum level it will not work for troops below T4, it is impossible.
  • Search Attack Buff rune for our troops, this will increase the chance of victory over the assailants much faster
  • Request in the chat of the kingdom the Title of Justice, fundamental its bonuses: Troop Attack + 5% and March Speed ​​+ 10%
  • Use of our “12-Hour Enhanced Attack” reservation
  • If we are strong in Power and we can use 5 Marches of only Cavalry (regardless of the commanders), then let’s use them, we need the highest possible movement speed to quickly dress the Raiders before they reach the caravan.
  • Extra: Wait or request the activation of the power of the Alliance: Books & Battles, increases attack gained by commanders in 10%.

Once we have this planning to defend our Caravan, we will need to follow some tricks to make our journey easier, these are optional, but if you want to reach 100%, they can be very helpful:

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  • We must clear the path of some barbarians that hinder our passage, you can always repeat the caravan for only 50 AP points, this way you kill the barbarians and in a certain way do not confuse us when selecting the Assailants.
  • We can move our city to Zone 1 wherein older kingdoms it is an unpopulated Zone, so we have fewer obstacles in the way as Cities, barbarians of less Level, even Mines that we can farm quickly to get rid of them on the way.
  • If we are located on the banks of a river, we have the possibility that our route will continue along this and perhaps cross a bridge, if so, some invocations of assailants will be random that may appear crossing the river and will give us time to kill the assailants closest to the caravan and then focus on those who come from the river that will take time depends on the distance of the caravan. This is a trick that we can take advantage of if we locate our city in a strategic point.

Protect The Supplies Event Ranking

Tips in the Escort

  • Attack with our best commanders in Damage the Green Raiders, these ignore the attack and go directly through the caravan, so we need to destroy them quickly.
  • White assailants can send our commanders with less attack power, to cover the spaces, however, many more White than Green assailants come out, we can select that same commander and slowly drag him to another nearest Assailant to attack him equally and stop both, even all if we can.
  • We must be at all times close to our Caravan watching over it, troops in front, behind and on the sides. You never know how the Raiders come out.
  • When the bosses come out we must go for them with a troop that we have Tank or at least the one that more damage endures, the Bosses cause enough skill damage and while we fight against the Assailants we stop their advance, once we finish with the Raiders, our remaining 4 troops join the Chief.

Screenshot_20200729-201239_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

Best Commanders to Escort the Caravan


Yi-Seong-Gye His high AOE Ability damage makes him an excellent commander for this event, he can even slow down multiple assailants with his ultimate in one attack.
Although it is infantry, we can use it in this event as secondary, even primary since it has a powerful area ability that does a lot of damage.
Genghis-Khan Fast and devastating, his skill damage at the highest level will destroy almost instantaneously to any Raider even Greens
Very useful for its high damage to neutral units and its fast abilities.
Cao-Cao-1 Another of the ever-essential commanders for any in-game PvE event, he has great speed, “Peacekeeping” talents and his damage abilities.
Aethelflaed Very good and useful against barbarians, it has an area damage that can affect several assailants, in addition to its versatility, which makes it important both secondary and primary.


Baibars Cavalry Commander with high AOE damage, very good at slowing the advance of Raiders, even green ones
Sun-Tzu It has increased damage of Skill in addition to the use of this it generates a great combat radius, it can fight very well against white Raiders as many as it can.
Boudica Excellent commander for his great ability, in addition to reducing damage and increasing it against barbarian units.
Osman-I It has a fairly high troop capacity and goes very well with any commander, it also has a devastating Damage Skill, one of the strongest in epic commanders.


This event is a great source for getting the event items, which can be spent in the Summer Event series.

Complete different missions during the event to get the following rewards:

Protect The Supplies Event Rewards

The Kingdom leaderboard rewards are also very gorgeous!

Protect The Supplies Event Rewards

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