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Governor Profile and Settings

This is a guide perhaps for new Rise of Kingdoms players but for many old players it will still be helpful, we will be talking about each and every one of the options that the game offers us in our profile to make our stay much easier and to decorate the best possible our profile, adapt it to our device, even improve it in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Governor Profile

Governor Profile

  1. Nickname: Our Alias ​​for all Rise of Kingdoms. We can change it every time we want to use a “Governor Rename” (Cost 100,000 Silver coin in Alliance Store) token or pay 500 gems.
  2. Governor ID: Our ID is essential because it is unique in the game, it identifies us and we can share it with other people to be added in other chats and have friends outside the same kingdom. It is also used to redeem Server rewards when required or add comments in the Feedback.
  3. Civilization: It shows our Civilization with which we play the rest of the players, it also lets us change it if we want for the price of a “Civilization Change” token (Cost 2,000,000 Silver coin in Alliance Store) or to pay 10,000 gems.
  4. Alliance: Here the name of our Alliance and the initials that represent us will appear.
  5. Power: Our current power
  6. Kills: The number of enemy units that we have killed or sent to the hospital, our honor.
  7. Achivement Wall: Here we can configure the achievements that we want to show the rest of the players to demonstrate our worth, we can select only those that we have managed to complete.
  8. Avatar: Our profile picture
  9. Action Point: This small bar shows us the total AP we have at the moment and how much we are consuming. We can add AP bottles to increase our capacity, however, if it exceeds the maximum points you will not be able to regenerate your APs per second until you consume less than the maximum. Some VIP levels can increase this maximum number, we can also use gems to add more AP points in case we run out.
  10. Album: Here we can add only 6 photos and give you privacy if we want just for our friends or for the rest of the game! Get excited, maybe you can win some Likes with your images.
  11. Avatar Setting: In this tab, we can change our profile picture and manage the frame of the profile for any we have.
  12. More Info: We detail each of our statistics in a simple and safe way, any governor can see the vast majority of these statistics.
  13. Rankings: The general Rankings of the Kingdom in which we play are shown, either in individual or Alliance statistics.
  14. Commanders: A tab where we can manage our commanders benefiting them with some extra Buffs.
  15. Troops: The number of Troops we currently have inside and outside the city is shown.
  16. Achievements: Our wall of achievements, here are stored all the heroics that we have achieved throughout the game.
  17. Settings: Our settings system


Achievements: Our wall of achievements, details many of the activities and results that we have achieved since we started, each of them gives us a certain number of points in their respective link. With these points, we can redeem amazing rewards as we add each one of them, even the most delicate rewards in the game we can obtain. We can also check here to find out what achievement we are close to achieving and how we can do it, thus saving us from having to play the luck of what we do.

Commanders: This tab is essential since we will promote our Rank Commanders who will earn some bonuses, we must be smart and give the best ability to our best commanders for every job they do:

  • Ranger: Damage to Barbarians + 5%, Commanders EXP Gain + 5%
  • Tax Officer: Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Drillmaster: Troop Attack + 1%
  • Iron Guard: Troop Health + 1%
  • Supply Captain: Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%, Troop Load + 5%
  • Charge Captain: Rallied Army Attack + 1%, Rallied Army March Speed ​​+ 1%
  • Knight Head: Troop Defense + 1%, Troop Health + 1%

Rankings: The use of Rankings is a statistical thing to know who are the most powerful governors and alliances, who are the ones who have led the most deaths to the battlefield and who are the ones who have achieved the most Achievements and expedition levels. This Ranking may vary once we enter “Lost Kingdom KvK” since it makes the general calculation of all the governors who are on the same map.

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Rise of Kingdoms Settings

Settings: All our general game settings are here, we will explain each of them below because many always have doubts and others are unaware of their utilities.

Rise of Kingdoms settings menu

Notifications: Here we can point and uncheck each of the notifications of the game, from private messages to messages of the alliance, combat, etc. If you are bothered by some extra notifications within the game, you can deactivate them, it is even advisable in PVP places like “Ark of Osiris” or “Lost Kingdoms” to deactivate some of them so that they do not interfere in our Battles.

General Settings: It shows a great variety of manageable settings for the game, from the quality of graphics we use, volumes of the game, some extra options, and notifications.

In the last updates of the game, options such as: “Quick Help” and “Troop Strength Bar Display” have been added. If you have not activated it, now is the time to do it, they make it easier for us to quickly help our allies and you can observe the capacity of our troops in the battlefield.

enable quick help in Rise of Kingdoms

While we play PVP or we are in some Battle, one of our worst enemies is the LAG, this we can decrease it at least largely adjusted our graphic system to a minimum to have a more fluid panorama, it is not the definitive solution, but it will help you.

stroop strength bar display

Emojis: Our album of Emojis to do some quick teasing, do not be discouraged if they tease you with some Emoji or quick message, you can also do it by configuring yours in this tool.

Search Governor: If we want to find an in-game governor in any kingdom, we can write their name as similar as possible here. I hope you find it.

Character Management: Our multiple accounts in multiple kingdoms are here, with the single use of an action we can go to each one of them. We can only create 2 accounts for each Kingdom.

Account: The security of your account is here, you need to have your account linked to the type of device that you even play Facebook with the new options, so you ensure any problem that may occur as “Account theft” or loss of it.

Customer Service: The chat of the game developers and some of the most frequently asked questions by the community, here you can consult any questions you have about the game and patiently wait for the Developers to answer the question.

Language: Multiple languages ​​at our disposal to play in the best possible way.

Community: Here you can consult the different official communities of the game, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are among the most active. Join and enjoy with your friends and colleagues in each space.

Redeem: The gift codes we receive are exchanged in this option, do not delay in redeeming them.

Block Mail: We can block messages with this tool that we do not want to receive, whether from any person or other.

Alliance Profile

Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Profile

1- Information: The Alliance Information is displayed.

2- Banner: The Alliance Logo is displayed.

3- Name: The Alliance Name is displayed.

4- Power: The General Power of the Alliance is shown.

5- Leader: The Leader of the Alliance is shown.

6- Territory: The territories occupied by the Alliance are shown.

7- Alliance Gift: The gift level of the Alliance is displayed.

8- Members: The number of Alliance members, Current / Maximum, is displayed.

9- Calendar: The events promoted by the Leaders and R4 are shown to all the members of the Alliance.

10- Alliance Message Board: The messages of the governors sent to the Alliance are displayed.

11- Letters: Allows you to send a letter to all members of the Alliance.

12- War: It shows us in detail any Attack event that we have, either against Barbarians Forts or against Enemy Cities or structures. Also if our Flags, Fortresses or Alliance partners are being attacked or explored, it keeps us up to date with what is happening. It is our Alliance notifier

13- Holy Sites: It details each of the “Holy Sites” that our Alliance controls.

14- Territory: We can see the number of Flags we have built as well as our Resource Deposits where we can collect a% of those earnings.

15- Help: Our help and that of our colleagues will be published here as a notice. Every day we will have a maximum of 10,000 Alliance coins that we can earn by providing aid.

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16- Storehouse: The resources stored by the alliance and the information of each expense is detailed in this tab.

17- Technology: All the research technologies of our Alliance are here, we can donate resources from time to time in order to develop each of these skills of utmost importance for all members.

18- Gift: All gifts from the Alliance, whether for purchases, events or Barbarian Forts, can be exchanged in this tab.

19- Shop: Our Alliance store, where we can buy multiple aid items with Alliance coins.

20- Alliance Profile: We can consult all the tabs of the Alliance among other options.

21- Members: Shows us each of the members of the Alliance in their different classifications (Leader, R4, R3, R2, R1)

22- Settings:

  • Settings: The leaders of the Alliance will be able to manage and configure any information of the Alliance, Change of Banner, Name of the Alliance, etc.
  • Alliance List: Here you can consult all the alliances of the kingdom to which you belong.
  • Rankings: Like the Main Profile Ranking, this is the Alliance Ranking, each individual stat for each member.
  • Approval: Here will be requests for members to join the Alliance, only Leaders and R4 are authorized to accept members to the Alliances.
  • Invitation: Leaders and R4 through this option will be able to send invitations to members who do not have alliances.
  • Quit Alliance: In this option, you can leave the Alliance


The objective of this guide is to help understand many new and not so new governors, some of the most effective options that sometimes we do not know or that exists, if you spend time in the game take a look at these options both in your profile like those of your Alliance, who knows you can find some advantages that can help you at some point in the game, perhaps for future efforts as a Leader or as an expert Player.

I hope you liked this guide, you liked it, don’t forget to leave your Like and any comment is always welcome.

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