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How to Play Multiple Rise of Kingdoms Accounts

In this article, we are showing you the easiest way to play multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts at once with ease. And you can actually play them all at once simultaneously.

Playing multiple accounts in the same Kingdom is totally fine!

However, using more than 2 characters to send resources to your main one is against the game rules. We do not recommend doing this. Do it at your own risk.

play multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts

How to Play Multiple Rise of Kingdoms Accounts

The easiest way to do this at the moment is to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC using Bluestacks:

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

  • Monitor all accounts at one on one screen.
  • No battery drain.
  • Easily control everything.

Don’t be afraid of getting banned for playing the game using an emulator as Bluestacks is an official partner of Lilithgames. You will never get banned unless you use bots for auto farming and sending resources from different accounts to your main.

The game should be automatically installed after you download and install Bluestacks via the link above.

From here, you can load your game progress via Facebook either Google Play (If you are already playing the game on Android).

Normally, the first time you opening the game, it should ask whether you want to play another mini-farming account. Simply press YES to create another copy of the game to play.

In case that notification doesn’t show up, press Ctrl + Shift + 8

multi-instance manager

Or you can search for the BlueStacks multi-instance manage on your Desktop, or via the Start menu and then open it and clone your current instance.

clone bluestacks instance to play multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts
Clone BlueStacks instance to play multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts

It’s recommended the settings below so that you can play some IDs at once without getting lags:

Remember to choose the number of copies you want to create in the Instance Count section
Remember to choose the number of copies you want to create in the Instance Count section

Why should I play multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts at once?

Reduce Lags when Playing Multiple Accounts

You might want to reduce the RAM to 1GB you find it laggy and reduce the screen resolution to lower if your monitor size is not big enough.

A normal computer can handle 4-5 accounts at once without any issue. You can still be working and doing other activities while having Rise of Kingdoms accounts farming.

Remember to set the in-game settings to the lowest quality to reduce the computer resources that multiple Rise of Kingdoms accounts running take.

1. Tap on your Avatar in-game.

reduce lag Rise of Kingdoms

2. Go to the game Settings:

reduce lag Rise of Kingdoms 2

3. Open the General Settings

reduce lag Rise of Kingdoms 3

4. Reduce the graphics quality, frame rate, and turn on the Simplify Graphics mode.

  • Graphics quality and frame rate: Set to low if you are using more than 3 accounts.
  • Simplify Graphics mode: Turn this on to remove all of the beautiful animations of everything in game game. This can reduce the lag greatly if you are playing a lot of Rise of Kingdoms accounts at once.
Simplify Graphics mode Rise of Kingdoms
The comparison shows you the differences between having Simplify Graphics mode ON and OFF!

Quick Tips for Farming Multiple Accounts

Here are some quick tips for you if you are working on some more farming accounts in Rise of Kingdoms to make the most of them. For more detailed information, please check out our Ultimate Farming Guide.

france civilization

Farming Civilizations

When first starting your accounts, you can choose one from various civilizations in the game. Here are the recommended ones for your small accounts.

  • France: Offers 10% wood farming speed and healing speed, which is great for farming Barbarians. Not to mention that you also get Joan as the starting commander. She is definitely one of the best Epic Commanders available in the game.
  • Rome: Offers 10% food farming speed and faster marching speed. Excellent for farming!
  • Byzantium: Offers 10% stone farming speed. Use this if you want to farm more Stone!
  • Spain: 20% resource production buff.  Take this if you want to have set-and-forget accounts where you barely login once every few days. But you want to level up them first to a high level.

Account Setups

Here are some upgrades you want to have on your Rise of Kingdoms farming account first

  1. Upgrade City Hall to level 11.
  2. Max out resource production building. This passive income source is really great in long term.
  3. Trading Post: In case you want to send the resources to your main account (yes in most cases). Upgrade it to reduce the transaction fee.
  4. Academy Researches: Focus on Economy techs first. Only work on Military techs if there isn’t anything else for you to upgrade.
  5. Storage: You want to upgrade this as well to avoid losing everything when getting raided.
  6. Hospital: You don’t need to max this out asap. Just need to make sure you have enough hospital space for your troops.
  7. Commanders: Focus only on farming commanders. Get them to level 20 first then get all to level 36 to max out their talent trees.


To max out the potentials of your small accounts, you want to focus only on the Economy tab first.

However, remember that the first 3 rows of the Economy Academy technologies can be activated by checking villages and caves on the map.

But if you don’t have time to do that, simply just slowly upgrade them all!

Max out “Engineering” and “Mathematics” first so that you can upgrade the others much faster as well as increase the building speed!


Playing more than one account at the same time on mobile is possible but not recommended because it drains the phone battery like hell, and the phone screen is just too small for you to monitor them all.

For more tips, please check out our Rise of Kingdoms on PC page.

If you like this article or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment down below and we will do our best to help you!

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