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Best Peacekeeping Commanders

Peacekeeping Commanders are always must-have for all Rise of Kingdoms players, both F2P and P2W.

Due to their special abilities, farming Barbarians, Forts, and neutral units will be a lot easier. Not mentioning that you also want to use them to level up the other commanders faster.

peacekeeping commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Advantages of Peacekeeping Commanders

  • Provides the best damage to any type of neutral unit in Rise of Kingdoms.
  • Ideal for defeating barbarians and forts of any level in maps.
  • Save us a lot of AP with the talents.
  • Offers resource packages by defeating barbarians on the map.
  • Most of these commanders in one way or another (Skill or Talents) increase the XP commanders gained when defeating neutral units. Ideal for farming commander levels.

Best Peacekeeping Commanders



A great legendary commander that we can obtain for free via the Expedition Mode. She is definitely the best legendary commander for free players!

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Aethelflaed is characterized by leading various types of units due to her talents and skills.

She has a great damage-per-skill in fan-shaped AOE, and the damage it causes to neutral units can be further increased by talents and skill, while giving more XP earning.

Her troop capacity is enhanced whenever she starts a Rally, this is one of her most important skill for farming Barbarian Forts with ease and for other rally activities in the game.

Why choose Aethelflaed?

  • Good AoE skill damage.
  • Damage and XP earned bonus vs neutral units.
  • Great troop capacity when launching Rally vs Barbarian Forts or any other structure.
  • Excellent for making Barbarian Chains.
  • Perfect for rally or attacks on the map vs neutral units.

minamoto no yoshitsune

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

A P2W cavalry commander that can be bought via VIP packages level 0-9.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune is an extremely versatile commander with a high level of damage against any type of unit, especially neutral units.

He is great for and every fight, either in open-field or rally against neutral units, giving you the best possible performance you could get from a Peacekeeping commander.

Why choose Minamoto No Yoshitsune?

  • Excellent till KvK 1.
  • Great damage skill.
  • Damage bonus against neutral units.
  • Perfect for rally or attacks on the map vs neutral units.

cao cao

Cao Cao

Another great commander that you can obtain via Golden keys or daily bundles.

Cao Cao is a commander specialized in leading Cavalry units but has a powerful damage-per-skill. In addition, he has perfect damage towards neutral units and Peacekeeping talents that improve and increase each statistic.

Why choose Cao Cao?

  • Excellent till KvK 1 & for quickly attacking resource nodes.
  • Great damage skill.
  • Damage bonus against neutral units.
  • Good healing factor.
  • Perfect for rally or attacks on the map vs neutral units.



Best epic commander in the game for farming neutral units, super recommended for F2P players.

You can easily obtain him from the event “Lohar’s Trial” event and then slowly upgrade his skills using his sculptures specifically.

Lohar is known for the great resistance and healing when dealing with neutral units on the map. Of course, he also increases the damage and XP earned from them.

Why choose Lohar?

  • Impressive healing when defeating any type of unit, especially neutrals.
  • Best XP bonus gained from farming neutral units.
  • Great for long fights on the map.



Very special epic commander for all free players, thanks to her damage skill and damage bonus against the neutral units.

Boudica has talents and skills that are perfect for defeating neutral units, one of her best virtues is the resistance and attack, thanks to the powerful buff and debuff caused towards the enemies when attacking any unit in Rise of Kingdoms.

Her damage skill is actually great, the best of its kind.

Why choose Boudica?

  • Great damage skill.
  • Damage bonus vs neutral units.
  • Great for rally or map attacks vs neutral units.


In this guide, we gave you the Top 5 Peacekeeping commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

It is important to note that each of these can be coupled with each other. For example, one of the best commander pairings for Peacekeeping is “Minamoto-Cao Cao”, they are almost perfect for the early game, but not all players are willing to spend their money or time on these commanders only for using them in a few months.

Therefore, if you are F2P players, it is recommended to use the remaining commanders for Peacekeeping, who also perform almost perfectly.

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