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Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac

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Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac


Play Rise of Kingdoms PC to control the game much better and fully enjoy it!

If you are looking for the easiest way to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac, look no further!

Today, we are going to give you the fastest, the best way to download and play the most interesting RTS mobile game right on your computer or your laptop! All you need to do is just to click the download button and then install the file.

Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac

The wait is over, finally the new PC client for Windows and MAC has arrived, with smooth, shortcuts and high-quality performance. During its opening for all governors, we will be able to enjoy an exclusive event for everyone who participates where they will get some rewards for logging into the PC client, do not miss the opportunity to play with high performance and get rewards.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc
Log in for 7 days between 2022/4/7 and 2022/4/17 to claim rewards. Download the PC client from the official website!

PC Version Bonus

The all-new PC version of RoK provides an unparalleled game experience

Event Rules

  • This event last for 10 days. Log in to Rise of Kingdoms on PC for 7 days to gain all the rewards.
  • This event only available for players using the PC version of Rise of Kingdoms.
  • Unclaimed rewards will no longer be available once the event ends. Make sure to claim them in good time!

Features of the Windows version include:

  • Compatibility with most computer devices and customizable screen size.
  • Highly stable and playable even at low internet-no more worrying about emulator crashes.
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts.
  • Auto-update feature.

Download and Installation

  • Download URL:
  • On Windows, double-click the installation package after downloading to install.
  • On Mac, search for “Rise of Kingdoms” on the App Store and click to download and install. (You must be using a Mac with an Apple M1 chip).

Logging in

  • On Windows, double-click to run the PC version. Once the game has loaded, click “Play” to enter the game, and log in using either Facebook or Google.
  • If you encounter any problems during download or installation, please see the answers below.
  • On Mac, the login process is the same as on iOS.

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Rise of Kingdoms

We are made and run by the Rise of Kingdoms community. If you have any great guide want to share with other players, submit it here and earn the giftcards!

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Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC

Download & Play
Rise of Kingdoms PC

Avoid lags and battery-draining when doing prolonged combats!
Plus: You can farm much easier!


Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (October 2023 Update)

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