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Osiris League Grand Finals Event

Osiris League Grand Finals

The Osiris League may be over, but the passion for battle and competition remains.

We will be inviting the champion alliances of the four realms to compete in one more competition, a chance to show their might in a glorious contest of the elite!

Who will honor Osiris through domination on the battlefield? Only time will tell.

Competition Format

  • The champion alliances from the four realms will be invited to take part in the Grand Finals.
  • The Grand Finals will begin with a Semifinals match, placing the champion alliance of the four realms into a semi-finals match determined by random lot with the victory proceeding to the Finals round.
  • This will be a best-of-three competition. Any alliance to win to rounds will be immediately declared the Grand Finals champions!
  • All rounds will take place on Sunday. Alliances will need to choose 3 potential competition times from the following time slots and rank them in order of preference: 03:00, 09:00, 13:00, 15:00, and 19:00 UTC. Once matchmaking is complete, the system will automatically determine a competition time based on the times selected by each alliance.


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  • Governors will be unable to use their own commanders during the Grand Finals. The system will provide designated commanders for each governor to use until the end of the competition.
  • Commanders provided will include advanced, elite, epic and legendary commanders.
  • The commander levels and abilities of all provided commanders will be at the maximum level, and epic and legendary commanders will be Expertise attained.
  • Talents will have to be selected manually by governors, and can be reset unlimited times for free, but cannot be reset while a match is in progress.
  • Use of equipment will not be allowed.
  • Commanders provided can only be used in the Grand Finals, and cannot be used in any other part of the game.


  • Within the Grand Finals, technology, VIP levels, and alliance technology buffs will not take effect. Instead, all governors will receive the same set of buffs.
  • All other buffs, including those from kingdoms tittles, crystal technologies, the occupation of holy sites, and so on, will not take effect either.


  • Governors will be unable to use their own troops during the Grand Finals. The system will provide each governor with 2,000,000 Tier 5 units of each troop type from their respective civilization, as well as 500,000 Tier 1 cavalry units.
  • These troops can only be viewed and used within the Grand Finals, and will be only last until the end of the tournament.
  • Governors can heal provided troops the same way as regular troops.
  • After the Preparation Phase, governors can tap the “Troop Management” button on the Grand Finals main screen to get an early start on configuring their troops.



  • At the end of the Grand Finals, commemorative prizes will be distributed according to the competition results.
  • Only participating governors will receive commemorative rewards after each match.
  • Participating governors will also receive individual rewards based on match results, and earn additional rewards for their whole alliance.

Alliance Rewards

Crown of Divine Wings

A limited-time Alliance flag symbol for the Osiris League Grand Finals, only available to the alliance who are crowned champions. Go to the Alliance screen to see more.

Commemorative Rewards

Champion Rewards

Participants from the championship realm will receive these rewards:

Runner-up Rewards

Participants from the runner-up realm will receive these rewards:

Consolation Rewards

Participants from the third-place realm will receive these rewards:

Match Rewards

Alliance Rewards

All members of the winning alliance will receive the following rewards:

All members of the defeated alliance will receive the following rewards:

Individual Rewards

Members of the winning alliance will receive the following additional rewards based on their individual scores:

Individual Score Rewards
6001 – 10000
3000 – 6000

Members of the defeated alliance will receive the following additional rewards based on their individual scores:

Individual Score Rewards
6001 – 10000
3000 – 6000



  • After the Osiris League season is over, the champion alliances for the Realm of Anubis, Realms of Horus, Realm of Bastet and Realm of Sobek will be invited to compete in the Grand Finals.
  • Only players who are members of invited alliances when the Rest Period ends can participate.
  • Only alliance leaders and titled officers can make adjustments to preferred match time during the Preparation Phase.
  • Titled officers or the alliance leader can add or remove eligible members from the list of combatants until the Grand Finals phase, but can still assign vanguards and backups until match day. (New entrants to the alliance following the Rest Period cannot be chosen as combatants).
  • Each alliance can submit a roster of up to 30 vanguard combatants and 15 backup combatants.

Special Rules

  • Aside from the rules specified under the “Gameplay” tab, rules for the Grand Finals will be the same as for normal Ark of Osiris matches.
  • Participating alliances can conduct practice matches (From the main screen of the Grand Finals) during the Monday-Friday period before each round to familiarize themselves with the system-provided commanders and troops.
  • Once the Grand Finals have started, participating alliances that have not yet been eliminated will be unable to register for Ark of Osiris.
  • Combatants registered for each week’s Grand Finals cannot participate in Ark of Osiris with other alliances.


League Rules

  • In the event of a critical error or server instability that had impacted the fairness of competition, the League Officials reserve the right to discontinue the match at any time. Whether this event had impacted the fairness of competition is up to the sole discretion of the League Officials.
  • Critical issues may include but are not limited to: server instability, game-breaking bugs, serious abuse of loopholes or design flaws, cheating through illegal programs or side deals etc.
  • If a match was NOT discontinued, the result of that match is final, with the following exceptions:
  • If a match was Not discontinued despite the occurrence of a critical issue, the League Officials reserve the right to consider a redo, depending on the severity of the said issue. See “Redo Policy” for details
  • The alliance leader is the sole representative of the alliance, and is the liaison between the League Officials and the team. All official communication between the League Officials and the team must go through the alliance leader.
  • Issues and disputes must be reported to League Support through the alliance leader. Please provide a detailed description of the event along with supporting evidence (screenshots etc.) The contacts of League Support have been forwarded to the alliance leaders.
  • The League Organization reserves the right to, but is under no obligation, to compe4nsate players and teams for any issues that may have arisen during and between matches.
  • In the event of a critical issue, the League Organization will send the proceedings within 48 hours by in-game mail. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity among communication channels, the content of the in-game mail shall prevail.
  • Participants must adhere to the spirit of fair competition. Intentional throwing or fixing of matches for any reason will be punished according to the severity of the offense. Punishments may include reclaiming prizes/rewards received through this action, disqualification from the League, and stripping of tittles.

Redo Policy

  • For the matches that had been discontinued by League Officials or had been abandoned, the details of a redo will be sent by in-game mail, after consulting with the teams involved.
  • For the matches that had been impacted by critical issues but had NOT been discontinued, the League Officials reserve the right to decide within 24 hours on a redo, and then notify the said decision by in-game mail.
  • A redo by default will take place one week later in the same time slot, unless both parties had communicated, agreed and confirmed, and then had been notified by League Officials on changes to the schedule.
  • If the League Officials have decided on a red, the teams involved have the obligation to participate at the designated date and time. If not enough team members were able to show up, no more redos will be granted.
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