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70 Quick Tips for New Players

We have a special gift for you, the huge list of the best 56 tips for new players in Rise of Kingdoms!

Take a look at these tips, you will definitely have a superb start in the game. Everything will be a lot easier than it seems to be.

rise of kingdoms tips

Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for New Players

  1. In general, Cavalry is speed, Infantry is tanky, Archer is AoE/high damage.
  2. Do not level your legendary commanders beyond level 10 until you have its first skill maxed!
  3. Upgrade your Gathering Commanders to 3 ⭐️ then focus on upgrading only one commander at a time.
  4. Do not focus on the Economic Academy tree (Quarry, Irrigation, Handsaw, Sickle, Masonry, Handaxe) at the beginning since you can obtain them by scouting villages.
  5. Don’t attack cities at the beginning, you will lose more than you gain, your troop will die, your reputation in the server will tank, and you will gain some enemies. You will eventually burn cities, but don’t do it when you know nothing about the game.
  6.  China is the best Civilization to start with because of the building speed bonus. You can change the civilization for free for one time, down the road. Don’t argue with me about France you get Joan of Arc or Britain you get Boudica, you will get them with China, very soon too.
  7. Only upgrade buildings needed for City Hall upgrades. You don’t need to upgrade every single building in the game.
  8. Spend your Gems and get to VIP level 6 as soon as possible to unlock the second builder permanently.
  9. For your account, your first goal is to rush for City Hall lvl. 22 so you can dispatch 5 armies.
  10. Your second goal is to rush for Tier 4 Troops, that’s when you will be at the even plain field with the majority of players. I’d say after T4 is when you truly out of noob stage.
  11. Don’t spend money until you know the game. Learn what being a jumper means and be a jumper. The momentum of being a jumper will give you a lot of advantages. Being a jumper is worth about $200 of the in-game bundles you can buy.
  12. The best bundles to buy right now are the Growth Fund, King’s Coronation, Gem Supply, and Writer of History.
  13. The macro goal of this game is to be in the first alliance that gains the control of The Lost Temple in the center of the map. The alliance that first gain this temple will receive a bunch of rewards, the rewards is worth about $50 I’d say.
  14. You start from the outer area of the map (Zone 1), and you work with your alliance to gain control of the passes that scatter around the par in order to move to the center of the map (Zone 3, where the Lost Temple is).
  15. Place alliance flag/territory where there are resource nodes as it generates resources for your Alliance’s buildings.
  16. A good way to farm Individual Alliance Credits Alliance Individual Credits is to send 1 troop to build the flag slowly.
  17. Alliance members must teleport to the corner of the Alliance’s territory so that resource deposits can respawn in the Alliance’s territory. Gathering these resources give all Alliance members bonus loot.
  18. After you gain the control of the Lost Temple, the next macro goal of this game is to compete for The Lost Kingdom map next to your kingdom with 7 other kingdoms. You will receive even more rewards after that. The goals after KVK hasn’t been out yet.
  19. Find a good alliance, be loyal to your alliance and do your work. Think of it like a company you work for (in real life), a lot of the same rules applies.
  20. A kingdom is a small community (about 200-400 real players per kingdom on average). Don’t be a d*ck, don’t attack random people for no reason. Not only you might bring acts of revenge from an entire alliance or a whale, but words also get around. If your reputation sucks, you will have a hard time in this kingdom, just like real life.
  21. Don’t start an alliance, it’s a lot of work, and you are not ready yet. Think of it like trying to start a business straight out of high school, it’s hard.
  22. Free to play can have a lot of fun. You won’t dominate in battles, but you will do your part.
  23. Think of how much power you have compared to average people. Your power ratio in this game is about the same as where you are in real life. For example, I am a white-collar with income a bit above average, my power in my server is somewhat like that as well (because that’s the amount of money I am willing to spare for fun).
  24. Do not spend Gems for no reason, wait for a good event to start, like the More Than Gems event.
  25. Have a farming account, better yet, have more than one farming account. This is a game of war, and war is all about resources. Lvl 12 farming account works, lvl. 17 is luxury.
  26. Later down the road, when you healing, heal a small amount at a time so your alliance members can help you done the job immediately.
  27. Alliance center is the 2nd most important building after CH. The higher the level, the more help you can receive from your alliance, the faster you can build/research things. Also, the Academy gives research speed bonus.
  28. If you have questions about commander pairing, you can use the commander pairing tool and then test out in Expedition mode. Send different pairs to attack the same stage and see which one yields the better results.
  29. Your hospital’s level affects how many troops you can heal, if hospital capacity overflows, your troops will die.
  30. Farm in alliance territory gains 25% farming speed, also your alliance gets a portion of the resources.
  31. All Peacekeeping commanders are worth investing. You will need them for quick finishing events, quick-spending action points, and Guardians farming. They will need the bottom part of the Peacekeeping talent tree to be maxed (Thoroughbreds). Do not apply this to Minamoto.
  32. Dragon Lancer is a good secondary commander unit for picking up runes.
  33. Research/Building Runes need to be activated before you upgrade..
  34. The largest Starlight gives more experience, the medium Starlight gives more luck, lucks increase your chance of getting 2x experience.
  35. Star jump all your advanced commanders. It’s possible to jump them to 4 stars.
  36. Keep extra Commander Sculptures, you can use them to exchange for valuable items in The Past Glory Event.
  37. Lohar’s Trial event is the best event for farming accounts to get resources.
  38. Maxed Skills Epic Commander is better than 5/1/1/1 Legendary Commander. 5/5/1/1 Legendary Commander is better than Maxed Skills Epic Commander
  39. Be smart in PvP, if you don’t know what you are doing, beat the person you can beat. I.e. the white number that jump up is smaller than your opponent.
  40. Teleport your city to the edge of alliance territory, so the resource tiles can spawn inside of alliance territory.
  41. Spend alliance credit on terriotoral teleport Targeted Teleport Teleports if you don’t know what to spend on, it’s the best bang for your buck and it has a lot of utilities.
  42. If you want to spend Gem Gems for Speed-up in the Mysterious shop, 80% discount is the best, it’s rare. 70% is not that rare but is okay. Longer time speed up offers more value than shorter time speed up per gem when the discount is the same.
  43. Always, always buy everything that costs resources in the VIP shop. They are all useful.
  44. Time your troop training and upgrades if you can. They have a pretty big chance to summon the mysterious merchant.
  45. Tomoe Gozen and Kusunoki (debatable) is not that good as of right now, all other commanders is useful.
  46. Focus on one pair of PvP commanders, dump everything to this pair, and research accordingly. This is your primary pair, the pair that you most confident with.
  47. Unless you are a whale, you won’t be able to focus on all three types of troops at the end of the game. The research after tier 4 is extremely expensive. I’m talking about tens of millions of resources and hundreds of days of research time expensive. Have a primary troop and a secondary troop. Forget about the 3rd type.
  48. Complete expedition to 3 ⭐, this way you get the free coins every day. You can use troop increasing buff items to beat the stage that you can’t beat (recommended at stages 60+).
  49. It’s best to spend Expedition Coins to get Aethelflaed.
  50. City hall lvl 22 and have tier 4? Congratulation! you are about 1/4 of your way to max your building and researches. The minimum power to have Tier 5 Troops is 39 million power.
  51. You need 450 normal stars on average to level up 5-star Commander to 6-star. It’s a bottleneck when you try to 6 star your commanders.
  52. Commander level is important, not because it can lead extra troops or unlock the skills, but more importantly, it will have more talent points.
  53. Make friends. In fact, make a pack, let’s say 10 friends. You move as one. Does someone fight you? They fight your whole pack. Does the alliance leader want to kick you? He has to kick all 10. This is easier than running an alliance.
  54. Keep your Tier 1 siege units, don’t upgrade it. It’s good for farming because it’s fast and it can load a lot. It also helps out in Expedition by keeping wound rate under 60% by bringing them with a random commander and put them on the side.
  55. Watch out for kill event of Mightiest Governor. You might get attacked when your farming that day.
  56. Focus your Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures only on 1 commander at a time, especially if you’re a F2P player!
  57. Spend your Universal Speedups to rush Military Technology or to reach City Hall Lvl. +22 (during Power/Speed-up Events to be more efficient).
  58. If your phone drains the battery quickly by playing, reduce the graphics quality in Settings/General Setting or play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.
  59. If you’re a F2P player, during the first stage of MGE (Mightiest Governor Event) which is Training Troops, do not use your speedups on making troops. Save your training speed ups for at least 2 weeks to have a chance on getting the top ranks in leaderboards!
  60. Save your Action Point Action Points for special events. (e.g. Strategic Reserve, Lohar’s Trials, Clarion Call etc.)
  61. Save your resource tokens in Inventory and only use them during events or wars (emergency).
  62. Do the Daily Objectives/Tasks for 100 free Gem Gems, 1 Golden Key and Magic Box which could give you Teleport, Talent Reset, Action Point Action Points, etc.)
  63. If your building queue is full (1/1 or 2/2) and you need to get the Daily Objectives done (Build a building), you can place a single road from “Decorative” section in building list. It doesn’t require a building queue and you can get the objective done easily!
  64. At the beginning of the game focus on farming and get the most resources out of the tiles! Siege units have the most capacity for resources so make sure you always have enough amount of them! Have your “Gathering Commanders” at a decent level to activate their gathering talents in and thus save yourself much time in farming!
  65. In events that require to spend a specific amount of Action Points (e.g. use 5k of Action Points), if you don’t have enough of them or want to save them up, You can try spamming on Barbarians or Forts! How it works is you launch a rally on a Fort but then you cancel the rally; it turns you back the Action point but it’s counted in the event as it’s used. same goes for Barbarians, You can attack them but call it off right after!
  66. Play Ark of Osiris whenever it is available for free 10 Universal Legendary Scultures if you win and gain good experience in war.
  67. Play Sunset Canyons. You still get rewards if you lose. It also doesn’t take too much time.
  68. Craft Materials in the Blacksmith every day. It’s free.
  69. Collect Alliance Treasures/Chests/Earnings before leaving your Alliance.

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Credits: soysssauce + Shayanonreddit

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