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Mulan Guide

Open Rise of Kingdoms now to get Mulan for free via the event menu “Legendary Heroine”. The event is only available for 14 days.

She will be available in the Tavern Chests after 7 days from the release.

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Rise of Kingdoms mulan


Rarity: Legendary
Nation China China | Warrior Woman
integrationIntegration | Peace KeepingPeacekeeping | supportSupport


  • Legendary Commander Mulan is the representation of “Warrior Woman”, a fighter without equal and with tremendous versatility in open field.
  • Skills and talents make her an excellent commander, they will make each of her battles and performance in them effective to achieve victory.
  • Mulan is a strong commander that we can use for both PVP or PVE, she has incredible buff for her troops and allies.
  • Her role as a secondary commander in the game is excellent, she performs as a unique commander in her style. Thanks to the effectiveness she has in any situation or task that we assign her.

Advantages & Disadvantages


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  • Her skills are excellent for any type of unit and commander of Rise of Kingdoms.
  • The best experience gains for commanders in the game.
  • She is excellent for PVP (Secondary) and PVE (Primary and Secondary).
  • She has a strong AOE skill that applies a cool buff to her own troops and allies close to her.


  • She does not have a strong direct damage skill.
  • Her talents don’t make her a good primary commander for PVP.

Mulan’s Skills

Skill Description
Filial Piety Troops led by this commander and allies within the circular area of effect gain increased attack, defense, and health, and increased march speed for 2 seconds.


  • Attack, Defense, and Health Bonus: 5%/ 7% / 9%/ 12%/ 15%
  • March Speed Bonus: 5%/ 10%/ 15%/ 20% / 25%
Be a “Man” Reduces damage taken while surrounded. Counterattacks have a 20% chance to reduce the target’s rage. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.


  • Damage Reduction: 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
  • Rage Reduction: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100
Khan Slayer Both commanders in the army gain additional experience.

  • Experience Bonus: 15% / 30% / 45% / 70% / 95%
One-of-a-kind General Increases attack. When serving as the secondary commander, her using active skill causes the target to take increased damage from all sources for 3 seconds.


  • Attack Bonus: 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 20%
  • Damage Taken Increased By: 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 20%
Defender of the Empire Enhanced Skill: Filial Piety

Troops led by this commander and allies within the circular area of effect gain 20% increased attack, defense, and health, and 30% increased march speed for 3 seconds.

Mulan’s Talent Trees

Open Field Build

Important: For PVP we don’t recommend Mulan as a primary commander, she is not effective, her “Peacekeeping“, “Support” and “Integration” talents are inefficient in PVP, Mulan is a Secondary commander.

Filial Piety” (active skill) buffs all types of units under her command, it even benefits in a circular radius any companion that is within it, attack, defense, and health. They will be the main statistics that we can receive from this skill in a tremendous percentage (15% without Expertise, with Expertise 20%). It also increases March speed by 25% without expertise, with expertise 30%. One of the best skills in the game for troop support in the open-field.

As a Warrior in the open-field, “Be a” MAN “will be one of her most important skills. It increases the damage reduction she takes while surrounded by 5% and in turn the counterattack has a 20% chance of reducing the rage of Mulan’s objective. This is an essential skill for PVP combats where Mulan could be targeted by the by multiple enemies.

Talents in a possible Build such as “Hasty Departure“, “Defense Formation” or “Charge” are seen as unnecessary.

Mulan will not be a recommended commander to flee from fights, or to chase, much less use Siege units in combat and these There are some improvements that these talents offer that require developing to reach other more important ones.

Her specialty by skills is the support of any type of unit and although “Integration” has some talents that provide a strong buff to its units, it will not be a good idea to use it as a primary commander for PVP because of these same talents.

Conclusion: Thanks to her different talent specialties little used in PVP and her great skill “One-of-a-kind General“, Mulan is impressive for PVP as a Secondary commander, we should not use her as a Primary commander.

Peacekeeping Build

Mulan as a primary commander for PVE is very great, thanks to her “Peacekeepingtalents that make her an excellent fighter against Barbarians and neutral units.

“Khan Slayer” is her main PVE skill. It increases the experience gain obtained by both commanders by 95%, which is incredible.

Peacekeeping Talents

  • Quick Study Quick Study: Increases experience obtained from defeating barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. A very useful talent for PVE if we decide to help level up another commander, “Khan Slayer” + “Quick Study” = +110% additional experience gain.
  • Insight Insight: Reduces action points cost to attack barbarians and other neutral units by 9%. Essential talent if we want to consume AP in any PVE activity.
  • Thoroughbreds Thoroughbreds: Increases march speed of all troops by 9%. A great talent to increase the march speed of troops.
  • Killer Instinct: Increases normal attack damage dealt to barbarian and other neutral units by 9%. Genius talent for more effective elimination of neutral units.
  • Domination: Increases skill damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. Mulan doesn’t have a damage skill but this talent benefits any secondary commander who has this type of damage.
  • Double-Edged Sword: Increases damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%, but also increases damage taken from these units by 15%. Enhanced healing effects received by troops by 15%. Like its name Double-Edged, although it increases the damage we cause to neutral units and that we receive, Mulan will not be much affected by the debuff of this talent thanks to its great resistance of troops and defense, we will practically not suffer a scratch. Increases the healing effects of our troops by 15% that can be provided by any secondary commander, even Mulan herself with her latest talent “Curing Chant”.
  • Curning Chant Curing Chant: Heals a portion of slightly wounded units (healing factor 500) after defeating barbarians or other neutral units. We gained a new ability that will provide excellent healing to our troops after defeating neutral units, it will even be improved by “Dobule-Edged Sword”.

Support Talents

  • loose formation Loose Formation: Reduces skill damage taken by 9%. Excellent talent for PVP as well as for PVE, we will reduce the damage suffered by any skill that affects us.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Each attack of Mulan will increase the regeneration of Rage by 9, which will facilitate the launch of his skill during battles.
  • Hasty Departure Hasty Departure: When troops led by this commander depart from a structure. Increases march speed by 60% for the next 10 seconds. It’s not a fundamental talent, however, it is necessary to develop it to achieve “Rejuvenate”, if we apply it in this build to reach specific points quickly, we can benefit from it.
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 150 rage whenever a skill is used. A great talent in “Support” gives us a rapid Rage regeneration when using our skill, if we take advantage of “Burning Blood” effectively we will reuse “Filial Piety” in any battle and our troops will be constantly improved, in turn we benefit our allies around the effect.
  • Elixir Elixir: Enhanced healing effects received by troops by 9%. “Double-Edged Sword” + “Elixir” = + 24% Healing effects of “Curing Chant
  • Counterattack Counterattack: When healed, troops led by this commander will have their attack increased by 9% for the next 3 seconds. By defeating any neutral unit, we will be healed by “Curing Chant” and at the same time increase the damage of all Mulan troops by 9% for 3 seconds.

Integration Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Integration

Mulan is an excellent warrior against neutral units.

If we decide to use her as the primary commander, this will be her main Build with which we can quickly defeat barbarians and other units, the resistance and durability of her troops are incredible and none of these enemies will make her back down.

Best Commanders Pairings for Mulan

Alexander as a primary commander with Mulan is excellent. His damage and resistance capacity are perfectly combined and they will be a fearsome pair in open-field. The troops under the command of these commanders will have all kinds of forces in battle and both benefit with their skills to their close allies.
richard Another great infantry commander who turns his resistance into his main strength. Together with Mulan, both apply strong buff and debuff to his troops at all times of the battle. They will be a very resistant pair and of great impact against any enemy.
Saladin Saladin one of the great cavalry commanders who applies many debuffs to his opponents such as skill damage reduction, counterattack, and healing effect reduction. Together with Mulan, he gains great resistance and damage from his units in long battles. A fearsome duo for open -field.
Constantine I Extremely Tank, the resistance of both in open field will depend a lot on the support they provide and this is Excellent. Your troops will combine one of the best infantry options for long battles.
Charles Martel Infantry commander par excellence with great resistance and defense, Martel is a great pairing with Mulan who will provide incredible improvements to the infantry under his command.

All these Rise of Kingdoms commanders together with Mulan will occupy the position of Primary.

Many others will also be effective! Thanks to the support skills of Mulan, Archer or Cavalry commanders of greater damage such as Genghis Khan, Yi Seong-Gye, Edward of Woodstock, Guan Yu, William I, etc. will be also very great when coupling with her.

However, we don’t include them because the ones above works much better than commanders of the same type and abilities.

These commanders that we recommend are the ones that apply the greatest buff and debuff in battles as well as resistance, so together with Mulan, they will be very effective for the open field.

Recommended Equipment for Mulan

Equipment Delay Time Stats
Abyssal Visage 40 days Cavalry Attack +8%

Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Attack +3%

Heart of the Saint 72 days Cavalry Defense +13%

Archer Health +6%

Infantry Health +4%

Dark Lord Blessing 48 days Cavalry Defense +8%

Archer Attack +5%

32 days Archer Attack +4.5%

Infantry Attack +3%

Cavalry Attack +3%

Revival Greaves 48 days Archer Defense +8%

Cavalry Defense + 5%

Flame Treads 32 days Archer Health +5.5%

Cavalry Attack +3%

Total 272 days Cavalry Attack + 22%

Cavalry Defense + 21%

Cavalry Health +0%


Archer Attack + 15.5%

Archer Defense + 7.5%

Archer Health +11.5%


Infantry Attack + 9%

Infantry Defense + 0%

Infantry Health +4%

By not using Mulan as a primary for PVP, the equipment will be unnecessary. However, we leave the recommended equipment for any PVE task even with the use of mixed troops.

Mulan How to Properly Use Her in War | Rise of Kingdoms

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