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Top 15 Most Asked Questions by New Players

most asked questions

This page contains the most asked questions by new players in Rise of Kingdoms.

Hopefully you will find the most useful answers for the questions you are having in your mind right now here.

If you can’t find the questions you want to ask here, don’t hesitate to comment below and we will do the best to help you out!

Most Asked Questions by New Players in Rise of Kingdoms

object information

How can I learn more about the game while playing?

Almost every window in Rise of Kingdoms has a small i icon that contains all of the basic information about the object you are viewing.

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How to withdraw troops from a rally?

Once your troops’ve already entered the rally attack, there isn’t any way to get them back to your base until the rally finishes.

So, If you want to recall them, do it before they enter the rally base.

Tap on the Commander Queue to quickly recall them back.

vip level 6 rise of kingdoms
Benefits of being VIP level 6 in Rise of Kingdoms

Where should I spend my Gems on?

Gem Gems is definitely the most valuable currency in Rise of Kingdoms.

Thus, understanding how to spend Gems effectively is super important If you want to grow up a lot faster and stronger!

You should spend all of your Gems to buy VIP Points until you get to VIP level 6.

This is because VIP 6 gives you significant buffs on everything, from resource production to building speed, training speed, farming speed etc. And the most important part is, at VIP level 6, you will have the second builder unlocked permanently.

After VIP 6, at the moment, the best deals for you are in VIP Store and the traveling merchant.

How should I upgrade my Commanders?

There are, for sure, tons of ways to upgrade your Commanders but there are proven working builds which are great for almost every one.

I strongly recommend you taking a look at the guide Ultimate Talent Guide For All Commanders (v2.0) to see the most effective ways to upgrade your Commanders for an easier game!

Rise of Kingdoms - [Beginner

What Do I Get From The Secondary Commanders?

This is another most asked questions by new RoK players!

Once your Primary Commander had 3 ⭐, you can bring a Secondary Commander to assist him/her when marching.

Most new players think that the secondary commanders also contribute their talents to the battle. But no, they do not.

Secondary Commanders only contribute their skills, nothing else, during the battle.

You can also check out the video above to see the best ways to enhance your Secondary Commanders.

How can I start a new City Hall in a different Kingdom/Server?

Simply tap on your Avatar located at the top left of your screen them go to

Settings → Character Management → Create New Character

and follow the instruction on your screen. Super easy!

teleport in rise of kingdoms

How to move my City Hall to a new Kingdom?

A lot of players move their maxed City Hall level 7 account to a fresh new Kingdom to have a better start than everyone in the Kingdom, thus be really dominating in that Kingdom.

To see the exact steps and requirements to move your City Hall to the new Kingdom, check out this guide: What is Jumper Account? How to move City Hall to a new Kingdom?

How to Teleport to Alliance’s Territory?

Everyone should move to their own Alliance’s Territory, where they are protected by the Alliance members and are able to participate in all Alliance activities with ease.

There are two ways for you to teleport to your Alliance’s Territory:

  1. terriotoral teleport Territorial Teleport: When your Alliance has the first Fortress, it creates the territory for your Alliance. Once your Alliance had the territory, you can use the Territorial Teleport to move to any region of your Alliance within the same Kingdom.
  2. Targeted Teleport Targeted Teleport: Similar to the Territorial Teleport but the Targeted Teleport also works when you move to any region in the Kingdom, not only your Clan’s Territory.

Otherwise you can also use the random teleport Random Teleport to move your City to a random location on the map but most of the time no one finds this item helpful.

What are the primary goals when starting a new alliance?

Most of the time, you want to build your Alliance’s Center Fortress next to an Altar or a Sanctum. Afterwards, try to take over them and get the benefits from them.

If your Kingdom is not new, try to avoid being near the huge Alliances. Being ally with small Alliances to grow together.

How to create and expand the Alliance Territory?

At first, you need to have a Alliance Fortress. This requires 20 Alliance members, 500k Alliance Power and 900,000 Alliance Credits Alliance Credits.

After that, you can build Alliance Flag to expand the Territory as long as its borders touch an existing border.

The first Flag costs you 50,000 Alliance Credits Alliance Credits.

How to attack the Alliance Fortress?

Your Alliance have to expand its territory to touch that Fortress’s territory before you can start a rally against it.

What happens when the Alliance Fortress is destroyed?

When the Alliance Fortress is removed, the affected area is no longer occupied by that Alliance.

Other Alliances can take the chance to occupy that area.

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