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More Than Gems Guide – The Best Event To Spend Gems!

More Than Gems (MTG) event is definitely the best event for all players to spend Gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

In this guide, we will give the best tips for both F2P and P2W on the best way to spend your gems in large quantities when this event comes to our kingdom.

rise of kingdoms gems

What is More Than Gem Event?

“More Than Gems” is a Rise of Kingdoms event that consists of spending a certain amount of gems to obtain rewards, no matter how we spend it, any option is accepted.

These rewards are absolutely great! Therefore, players must always keep some Gem gems in reserve for this moment.

MTG lasts for 2 days and it restart daily so we have 2 opportunities to get the rewards. The minimum to spend is 300 gems and the maximum 25,000, then your rewards for amounts:

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Gems Items

Previous MTG Dates

8 Nov 2019 16 Jan 20 23 Feb 2020
13 June 2020 29 Aug 2020 3 Oct 2020
14 Nov 2020 11 Dec 2020 23 Jan 2021
20 Mar 2021 1 May 2021 29 May 2021

How to Spend Gems Effectively During “More Than Gems”

For Beginners

When starting in Rise of Kingdoms or creating an account in an advanced kingdom, our main objective is to reach VIP 6 asap to obtain the 2 free builders and be able to quickly develop the city.

Therefore, you must spend your Gem gems as far as we can in the VIP levels.

vip points Rise of Kingdoms

For advanced players

As players with a little more experience in Rise of Kingdoms, you will have noticed that VIP 10 is incredibly good!

Thanks to the fact that it gives us one Golden Key golden key and one Legendary Commander Sculpture golden sculpture every day, ideal to increase the power of the best commanders.

It is very important to obtain VIP 10 quickly therefore our gems will be focused on being spent until reaching VIP 10.

Daily gifts for VIP 10
Daily gifts for VIP 10

For more experienced players (VIP 10 or more)

By having VIP 10, you will be in a stage of the game that will be fundamental for the rapid advance towards T5 troops.

The Castle is one of the requirements of these units and it needs a certain amount of Book of Covenant “Book of Covenant” to be able to level up, these books are not easy to get in quantities or for free, therefore one of the options to spend our gems is buying books to improve our Castle level.

Book of Convenant

As F2P players, your second option is to spend gems until reaching VIP 12.

This is one of the most important for F2P players, thanks to the fact that it increases our VIP gift by a Legendary Commander Sculpture golden sculpture in addition to obtaining other improvements for our city and armies.

Also, upon reaching City Hall 25, you must level up buildings to level 25, which require “Master’s Blueprint” that each has a cost of 2000 gems. Taking advantage of this event we can acquire some as part of the growth benefit of our city. Master's Blueprint

For expert players (VIP 12 or more)

Upon reaching this VIP 12, you will perhaps be in the same situation as when you have VIP 10, you still don’t have T5 yet and you need to continue increasing your VIP level to 14.

This is the most important threshold of the game being F2P since the daily chest gives 3 Legendary Commander Sculpture golden sculptures, plus the multiple buffs, but you will also need to continue improving the Castle in case of not having it at its maximum level.

The T5 will be closer than you think.

Therefore the use of gems effectively is to continue investing in our VIP and Books for the Castle, however, when we reach VIP 13, the store will give you the offer to buy Golden Sculptures for Gems, 20 a week for a price of 2000 gems, it is still a good option.

For P2W Players

As P2W players, you don’t care much about the VIP through gems or Castle since all these improvements will be available through a certain amount of real money and you can have it in the blink of an eye.

The main way to spend gems being P2W is in the VIP store where you will have various offers.

Among them, the fundamental ones are the 20 golden sculptures to VIP 13, equipment chests, reserves of levels for training, and packages of resources.

Another of the most used options is the use of gems to accelerate the training of our units or empty our hospitals in case of having injured troops, it is a very P2W method.

When using our gems for this event we must be exact in the amounts we want to spend, only rewards will be obtained up to that maximum of 25,000 gems per day, therefore our planning is important, we must spend 25,000 each day if we have that amount of gems.

Should I participate in More Than Gems?

Guide by Allaboutfootball23

Many of you are probably wondering what to spend your Gems on.

Some can spend without worry and others of us need to consider if it’s really the right time to spend.

Legendary Commander Sculptures are actually the rewards that most of us are after and if you complete the event spending the 50K in gems, you will receive 26 Legendary Commander Sculpture Legendary commander sculptures.

more than gems reward
More Than Gems Event Rewards

I want to explain a mistake I see a lot of new players make.

This event doesn’t offer good value if you weren’t already planning on investing in the following items:

  • vip point VIP Level
  • Master Blueprint Master blueprints
  • Book of Covenant Books of the covenant.

If your focus is gaining Legendary Commander Sculpture Legendary heads, spinning the Wheel of Fortune has a much better return on value! Then finding a wheel commander to spend the 50K on.

This event is to supplement a gem purchase you already planned to make.

For reference, spinning a wheel 70 times would cost 50,400 Gem Gems and you could expect around 37 Legendary Commander Sculpture.

I’m not trying to convince you not to participate in More than Gems, I just want you to consider the reason why you are participating.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

But I don’t have 50K and I still want to play?

In this event, there is value even if spending a smaller quality. There are just milestones you want to reach.

  • If you have under 7K Gem do not play.
  • If you have under 14K Gem just do 7K on day 1 of the event and receive 5 Legendary Commander Sculpture
  • If you have 14KGem but, spend 7K on day 1 and 7K on day 2 and receive 10 Legendary Commander Sculpture.
  • If you have 32K Gem but, spend 25K on day 1 and 7K on day 2 for a total of 18 Legendary Commander Sculpture.

The biggest point is reaching 25K Gem on day 1 isn’t advisable if you can’t reach at least 7K on day 2.


More Than Gem is a free Rise of Kingdoms event for any type of player.

We only have to decide the number of gems we want to spend.

For F2P players, it is one of the best events in the game since it gives us the possibility of obtaining many luxury rewards for the sole expense of Gems!

Know what goals you have!

Don’t spend your gems frivolously just for the universal sculptures. No one knows when the next time the event will come so take that into consideration.

Also, make sure you are playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC to enjoy the game fully!

Spend Your Gems in This Event | Rise of Kingdoms

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