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Moctezuma I – Eagle of the Aztecs

Complete guide to Moctezuma I in Rise of Kingdoms. Let’s take an in-depth quick look at his skills, talent trees, and the other tips for making the most of him!

moctezuma i Rise of Kingdoms

Rarity: Legendary
Other Nations Other | Eagle of the Aztecs
LeadershipLeadership | Peace KeepingPeacekeeping | SkillSkill

Note: Moctezuma I is only available via the Mightiest Governor Event for Kingdoms which have been opened for more than 300 days.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Excellent Legendary Commander for PVE.
  • Great damage to neutral units.
  • Great reduction healing factor.
  • Excellent damage per skill and counterattack reduction.
  • Amazing Rally Capacity.


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  • Not for PVP.
  • Does not have a specialization in leading any type of unit.

Quick Summary

Moctezuma I is the perfect commander to destroy or assault any type of PVE structures in KVK or the Lost Kingdom, Camps, Crusader Fortresses, Shrines, Hieron, Pass, Circles, Ziggurat, etc.

Everything will be conquered much easier by using this commander.

Land of the Prickly” an impressive active skill that reduces your enemy’s counterattack by 15%.

Flower War” is a superb skill to face against neutral units. It increases the damage to this type of unit by 50%, in addition to taking a great XP gain and reducing the healing of the target by another 50%. This is undoubtedly an impressive ability to attack structures garrisoned by PVE units.

Moctezuma I has a very good healing factor, thanks to his skill “Jaguar Warrior“, which also increases the speed of the troops and increases their attack as well.

As a commander specialized in leading PVE Rally, “Triple Alliance” increases the capacity of troops when this commander launches a rally attack, it also causes a damage effect towards the enemies when he receives damage per skill. This skill is improved by his expertise in an absolute way.

Moctezuma I Skills

Land of the Prickly

Active Skill

Deals direct damage to the current target and reduces its counterattack damage for 4 sec.


  • Damage Factor: 600/800/1000/1200/1400
  • Counterattack Damage Reduction: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%

Flower War

Passive Skill

Troops led by this commander deal more damage to barbarians and neutral units. Both commanders gain extra experience. Attacks on barbarians have a 10% chance to reduce the target’s health for 3 seconds. The effect can only occur once every 3 seconds.


  • Damage bonus to Barbarians: 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%
  • Bonus experience:  5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
  • Target health reduction: 20% / 25% / 30% / 40% / 50%

Jaguar Warrior

Passive Skill

Troops led by Moctezuma I receive a bonus to march speed and to attack. If the target has HP reduction debuff, troops are healed when attacking with normal attacks. The effect can only occur once every 5 sec.


  • March speed bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
  • Attack damage bonus: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%
  • Healing Factor: 300/400/500/600/700

Triple Alliance

Passive Skill

When this commander starts a rally, the rally capacity is increased. When Moctezuma’s troops take damage from skills, they immediately deal direct damage to the attacker. The effect can only occur once every 5 sec.

  • Rally Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
  • Direct Damage Factor: 300/350/400/500/600

Worship the Divine

Expertise Skill
Enhanced: Triple Alliance

When this commander launches a rally attack, the capacity of the rally is increased by 10%. When Moctezuma’s troops take damage from skills, they immediately deal direct damage to the attacker (Damage Factor 800). The effect can only occur once every 4 sec.

Best Talent Trees for Moctezuma I

PVE Skill Build

Moctezuma I PVE Skill Build

Peace Keeping Peacekeeping Talents

  • Quick Study Quick Study: Increases experience obtained from defeating barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. A very useful talent for PVE if we decide to help level up another commander, “Flower War” + “Quick Study” = + 65% additional experience gain.
  • Insight Insight: Reduces action points cost to attack barbarians and other neutral units by 9%. Essential talent if we want to consume AP in any PVE activity.
  • Killer Instinct: Increases normal attack damage dealt to barbarian and other neutral units by 9%. Genius talent for more effective elimination of neutral units.
  • Domination: Increases skill damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. Excellent!
  • Mighty Force Mighty Force: When this commander launches a rally attack, all damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units is increased by 9%. This is one of the most important talents for this Build as it considerably increases the damage we inflict on neutral units through Rally, ideal for conquering “Holy Sites”.

Skill Skill Talents

  • Heraldic Shield Heraldic Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 6%. Any damage reduction we have will be good for our battles, it will make us much more resistant.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage. Excellent for the reuse of our active skill.
  • Tactical Mastery Tactical Mastery: Increases active skill damage by 3%. Talent for our damage skill increase.
  • All for One All for One: After the primary commander uses a skill, active skill damage of the secondary commander is increased by 6%. Any commander secondary to Moctezuma will have a skill damage buff. Great talent.
  • Latent Power Latent Power: Enhanced additional skill damage by 9%. “Latent Power Latent Power” + “Tactical Mastery Tactical Mastery” = +9% additional skill damage.
  • Clarity Clarity: After using an active skill, increases skill damage by 6% for the next 6 seconds. With this talent we must be smart when applying it, Moctezuma when using its active skill, during the next 6 seconds this damage per skill will be improved + 6%, to take advantage of this talent we need to quickly regenerate Rage so we will have this improvement over and over again.
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 60 rage whenever a skill is used. Excellent talent to continue taking advantage of “Clarity Clarity” during battle.
  • Feral Nature Feral Nature: Normal attacks have a 10% chance to grant an additional 100 rage. Although it is a probability, it has a lot of importance in the Moctezuma attacks, “Land of the Prickly” will be more continuous quickly causing many casualties to our enemies.

Leadership Leadership Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Leadership Leadership

This talent tree build is focused on increasing the damage of his Skill “Land of the Prickly“.

In addition to increasing the rapid regeneration of Rage at the same time, any secondary commander to this will enhance his attack in an excellent way.

Moctezuma arrives in Rise of Kingdoms with the purpose of conquering and leading PVE Rally against neutral units, both forts, and structures garrisoned in KVK by this type of units.

PVE Peacekeeping Build

Moctezuma I PVE Peacekeeping Build

Peace Keeping Peacekeeping Talents

  • Thoroughbreds Thoroughbreds: Increases march speed of all troops by 9%. A great talent to increase the march speed of troops.
  • Double-Edged Sword: Increases damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%, but also increases damage taken from these units by 15%. Enhanced healing effects received by troops by 15%. Like its name Double-Edged, although it increases the damage we cause to neutral units and that we receive, we will practically not suffer a scratch. Increases the healing effects of our troops by 15% that can be provided by any secondary commander, even Moctezuma himself with his latest talent ” Curning Chant Curing Chant”.
  • Curning Chant Curing Chant: Heals a portion of slightly wounded units (healing factor 500) after defeating barbarians or other neutral units. We gained a new ability that will provide excellent healing to our troops after defeating neutral units, it will even be improved by “ Dobule-Edged Sword”.

To seek greater damage to neutral units and get more resistance, you can use this build.

It is highly recommended to increase the healing factor of the army in addition to empowering him in these talents for defeating neutral or barbarian units much easier.

Best Commanders Pairing for Moctezuma I

As a commander without a specialty in a specific unit type, Moctezuma distributes his pairing depending on his task, example: If we want to rally a Pass in KVK, these are defended by archer units and these are weak against cavalry units, so we counterattack and hit a lot stronger these neutral units.

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minamoto no yoshitsune Best Cavalry Commander for Moctezuma I.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune is the best cavalry pairing for Moctezuma, thanks to his great damage per skill that perfectly combines with “Land of the Prickly”.

In addition to having impressive damage to neutral units in 50% + 50% of “Flower War” = 100% damage to Barbarians and neutral units, amazing!

Guan Yu Best Infantry Commander for Moctezuma I.

Guan Yu does not have bonus damage to neutral units, but he is an excellent commander, thanks to his impressive AOE damage skill.

He also has an impressive buff that empowers each infantry unit under his command.

Has a healing factor like Moctezuma I and both combine perfectly in each upgrade to his units and great damage to his enemies.

Yi Seong-Gye Best Archer Commander for Moctezuma I.

YSG, one of the most versatile commanders in Rise of Kingdoms for his effectiveness in any task, both PVP and PVE.

If we make Moctezuma lead a Rally of archers, the best secon commander for this will be YSG , thanks to the impressive bonus Damage Skill, in addition to the buffs and improvements it grants to its archer troops, boosting them with a strong attack.


Cao Cao Cao Cao is a great cavalry commander specialized in causing a lot of damage specifically to neutral units.

He has a skill of the same type of damage to neutral units in 50% and also has an important healing factor and another permanent buff for cavalry units.

Together with Moctezuma, they are an excellent pairing for PVE.

diaochan Diaochan is a good Epic commander for PVE!

She has a skill of 25% damage and XP Bonus vs neutral units, excellent for conquering some barbarian forts or defeating barbarians on the map.

She also has a good healing factor that will help the troops of both to stay longer in battle.

Recommended Equipment for Moctezuma

This is general equipment setup for all types of units led by Moctezuma. However, we can add according to the specific unit of the army that we use the necessary equipment to improve these troops.

For example, if upi use cavalry, you can equip Moctezuma with equipment for cavalry.

Equipment Delay Time Stats
Abyssal Visage 40 days Cavalry Attack +8%Infantry Attack +3%

Archer Attack +3%

Heart of the Saint 72 days Cavalry Defense +13%Archer Health +6%

Infantry Health +4%

Dark Lord Blessing 48 days Cavalry Defense +8%Archer Attack +5%
32 days Archer Attack +4.5%Infantry Attack +3%

Cavalry Attack +3%

Revival Greaves 48 days Archer Defense +8%Cavalry Defense + 5%
Flame Treads 32 days Archer Health +5.5%Cavalry Attack +3%
Total 272 days Cavalry Attack + 22%Cavalry Defense + 21%

Cavalry Health +0%


Archer Attack + 15.5%

Archer Defense + 7.5%

Archer Health +11.5%


Infantry Attack + 9%

Infantry Defense + 0%

Infantry Health +4%

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